New look for offense?

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      Recent Posts about the OL,  short yardage run offense and Rising’s accuracy/decision making as possible concerns going forward……all these scenarios have played a role, but what team doesn’t go through these at these positions early in season. 

      What I am interested in is the WRs and Yassmin going forward. Losing Kuithe hurts really bad. 
      Seeing him get injured in second quarter gave us a brief glimpse of what adjustments are going to be made. 
      The Wrs got more play….had the dropsies early, but then settled down and made plays. 
      How many of us were asking for WR production?
      It will probably be our next move as an offense. I am excited to see where this takes us as not being as predictable. Plus, who emerges will be exciting. 
      On to Yassmin’s potential……OnlyU can help us here, but, what I saw rewatching the game and watching all his plays he’s got potential. Yes bonehead plays will happen here and there but, the guy is a Gronk beast! 
      The Dixon TD run sweep had Kincaid, Yassmin and Vele bulldozing ASUs defense easily to let Dixon waltz into the end zone. Is  Kuithe considered a better blocker compared to Yazz? I don’t know. But what I saw was encouraging. 
      His post up the middle on play action catch and run was smooth(rewatched it several times) and man did he act like the bully Gronk was up the sidelines. 
      Point is that yes we have had deficiencies early on and it’s easy to point them out. I was concerned at Risings accuracy going into ASU game and he responded. Now that Kuithe is done what will be our pivot as an offense?
      I have a good feeling we will make some changes to the offense and open things up and become that force we were mid to end of last season. 

      OnlyU what’s your take?

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      I love this write up. Amen.

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      That Dixon run was great, wondered why they didn’t go back to it, or do something similar with a direct snap to JJ or someone.

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        I’d like to see more JD. Fastest player on offense. Attacks the edges. Gets open, vertical threat. Great complement to power run and TE heavy scheme. 

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