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    Ute Fan

    Personally wish him the best. On the field dude was a headcase and no i’m not just talking about the UW game. Wanted the limelight but was no where to be found in the big moments. Was basically replaced by Enis. Not surprised he’s leaving. 

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    Ute Fan

    what is the point of this comment

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    Ute Fan

    Was never a Mariner fan – heard from some he was bad in the lockeroom. I’m not surprised he’s transfering. Maybe the people I heard this from are wrong I wasnt there. But I’m not surprised he’s transfering. Like I said personally wish him nothing but the best.

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      Matthew Thomas Castleton
      Ute Fan

      Mariner was a redshirt junior this year, so he will be a grad transfer. He can play next year without having to sit out.


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