Not trying to be a Debbie Downer….

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      This has been the biggest concern for me over the last 2 weeks – that either us or OSU is going to have the Wu Flu run through either team and reduce the eligible players below the minimum.  I am one that always regretted not going to the Suger Bowl so I am all set and ready to go down to the RB.  Disappointment would be the understatement of the year in the UTEUSMC household if this is cancelled or diminished for any reason.  

      Hawaii is 2nd team to pull out

      Canes delaying travel to Sun Bowl

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      Ute Fan

      I’d love to see Ohio State pull out.

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        I want Utah to raise the Leishman Trophy. I just don’t think we do it against Ohio State.

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          I would much rather see Utah face a full strength Ohio State team and give them all they handle and lose a close hard fought game than have the Buckeyes pull out and we end up playing and blowing out a 5-7 team (as is the case with Wake Forest facing Rutgers).   And I do give Utah a good chance of winning in Pasadena.



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            Ute Fan

            I want to see Utah in the record books as Rose Bowl champion.

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      I share the same concerns. And I’m not worried about Pasadena pulling the plug on the game (the city sounds determined to host both the parade and the game) but mostly concerned about players from either side missing and this having a major outcome on the result of the game or the game being postponed or canceled.

      One of the biggest threats is the day at Disneyland. If both teams show up to Disney on Dec 27th, we could be in trouble. 

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      It certainly is a worry.  OSU sent their kids home for Christmas on Wednesday.  I believe Utah sent them home after practice yesterday.  Christmas parties with family and friends during the Omicron outbreak does not bode well for both teams being healthy enough to play.

      I wonder if the 4 teams involved in the NC are allowing their kids to leave campus for Christmas or anything else.  I would have them all in quarantine in a hotel.


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      It looks like injuries/transfers also factored into UH’s decision…..I haven’t heard anything like that being an issue w/either of our two teams.

      The Omicron variant’s spreading quickly, but evidently is mild in effect…..Hopefully, it doesn’t water down our game…..That would be a major letdown.

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        It’s too bad there isn’t a policy in place that allows players to play if they are vaccinated and boosted regardless if they test positive. There should be no reason why they shouldn’t be able to play if they are fully protected.

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