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        I went to a couple random games where I saw huge fanbases outside what Utah does. I went to the Orange bowl USC vs Iowa. Impressed by the Iowa fans. They travel.

        Another was Wisconsin vs Utah in the Copper Bowl in like 1996. S**tty bowl. Maafala got hurt and Ron Dane rolled us up, but I’ll never forget the s**tload of Wisconsin fans there for that s**tty bowl. 

        We need to represent in San Antonio. Even if you’re an Air Force fan, or a UTEP fan, wear RED!!!!

        Bottom line, message boards mean nothing. Utah brings the heard. So, maybe we’re not geeks??

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        Ute Fan

        Wisconsin indeed travels well.   One time they played a non-conference game at UNLV (where the home fans can’t ever come close to filling their stadium.)   But with the visiting Wisconsin fans, it was a rare sellout and with both teams having red as their colors, they used the overhead shots in the subsequent media guides for UNLV football.



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          Ute Fan

          Yea, Wisy fans are great.  They’re self-deprecating and fun to be around.  They love to gather and party no matter the location.  A big reason Wisconsin nation is so strong is that UofW is really the only college football program in the state – they have no rival dividing the fanbase.  

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            Ute Fan

            True its all about the Packers and Badgers throughout the state for football.   In basketball there are more divided loyalties, Marquette Warriors, er uh, Golden Eagles and Badgers, then UW-Green Bay to a lesser extent.

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