Practice report part 1

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    Got to see the scrimmage today – wasn’t fully live except for the 3’s so just went to bump and then backed off.  As mentioned below it sounds like Shyne went down Wednesday with a broken bone (arm).  Out for a little.  Moss looked very good and had taken over the 1 spot previous to the injury but when it really matters in the PAC12 we’ll get a fresh RB back.

    Williams is our QB…very composed and throws a pretty good ball.  Threw some great balls on time and I saw only 1 “dropped” pick while he was on the field. Huntley is still a little antsy but can extend plays a ton.  Just not a very pretty thrower yet…hoping a year with Coach Taylor will clean a lot of that up.  He can play and win some now but has a lot of polishing to do but clear No. 2 IMO.  Troy is going to have a good year!  Solid.  Bateman was ok but a clear No. 3.  Picked on Kenric Yong on 3 straight completions that ended with a TD but other than that was just ok.  KY made some nice plays later though.  Actually I would say that Lisk might be better suited to run this “quick release, quick decision” offense over Bateman but he wasn’t going against the 1’s or 2’s to be fair.  Lisk drove them right down the field to score to end the scrimmage.  He was pretty impressive as the 5th guy they ran out – on target and a strong arm.  Shelley looked ok but threw a pick pretty quickly and was replaced.

    WR’s caught my eye immediately.  We have NEVER had the depth and talent we have there now.  Carrington is unguardable…he’s worth at least 1 win this year where he’ll just go make a play. God company but he might be the best guy we’ve ever run out in a game (Gordon was never eligible). Simpkins and Raelon look fantastic as well and will both be very productive for us. Wilson and Nacua, Dana, Fulks, Hampton, McCormick…just plenty of options. Wait until you see Bronson Boyd next year…transfer from Texas Tech…ESPN 4 star kid.  He’s VERY good!! I’d put him in the top 4 right now.  Throw in Covey, Raelon, Simpkins, Hampton, Thompson, etc next year and WOW!

    We will use the tight ends this year.  Was surprised to see some of the formations we were in today but they worked on everything.  Short yardage, goal line, Hail Mary, you name it.

    I’ll also say that I’m gonna jump on the bandwagon with our DB’s.  Not a huge worry after what I saw.  Talented man…they’ll get beat here and there but man we’re athletic back there.  Blackmon, Hughes and Johnson and then guys like Kenric Young and Ty Smith…plenty of skill and ability there.

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    Thanks a ton. Usually I’m the really optimistic one, but I’m sweating it this year. 

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      No problem.  Saw plenty of mistakes but the good outweighed the bad for sure…had a punt bounce off of a face mask and mis-handled another one.  Had some nice returns too.  Disappointed to see a couple of better players in the pit as well…need them back soon.  O-line needs to improve a lot but missing two starters so hard to gauge honestly especially against our D-line.  

      Good vibe though…these guys love to play together.  They’ll have to stay healthy because almost all of the depth is young but the future is pretty bright I think.  Somehow get to 8 or 9 wins and another ranking and recruiting keeps on keeping on.


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      First thsnks for the report, and I’m high on Carrington as well but I’m. Not convinced he’s better than Steve Smith Senior

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        Agreed…maybe a stretch but it’s close.  Still has to validate it on the field but he’s really good.  Carrington is just a level above what we have out there.  Runs the best curl route I’ve ever seen…he’s so fast that they have to give it to him because if they don’t he’s over the top in a blink.  So dangerous!!

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    Fantastic report. Thanks very much.

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    Ute porn. Love it. Thank you.


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