Pretty clear why Jayden Daniels picked ASU… the chance to play immediately

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        Between him and Wilson we really dropped the ball with our handling of QB recruiting.  Glad we were able to get Rising out of the portal, but we should have at least one, if not both Daniels and Wilson.  We put too many eggs in the Tuttle basket.  

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          Wilson’s Mustache
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          I’m not sure how the Tuttle fiasco had any bearing on Jayden Daniels. Sounds like ASU just out pitched us at the end.


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          Utah landed Tuttle. Wilson was an afterthought. The TDS also would have taken Tuttle over Wilson if given the chance at the time. Where do you get this Utah mishandled Wilson nonsense?

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            I’m not sure Utah missed Wilson at all. Guy had a mediocre half-season against mediocre/disinterested opponents. Other than Utah, he played against Hawaii, NIU (lost), Boise (lost) Umass, New Mexico State, and Western Michigan. Do we honestly think he would be starting at Utah any time soon barring massive and unforeseen improvement? There is a reason we passed on him and it wasn’t just Jack. At best he may develop into an imitation Taysom Hill, who let’s be honest didn’t exactly preside over the best years of byu football. 

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              I wasn’t talking about him starting.  Having as many talented QBs on the team should be the goal every year.  We have had plenty of QB injuries over the years and having some good young QBs in the system is always a plus.  It would have also kept him off of BYU and they would be in a much worse QB situation.  

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              Wilson would be a safety at Utah and playing in the nfl in a few years. 

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          I’m fine with it all because 🎶I see a bad moon Rising!🎶

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        See, that’s not really a concern this year. If these guys wanted to play immediately, they weren’t going to find it here. That being said, next year is wide open. I wouldn’t sell this year for next.

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          Next year WILL be an interesting QB battle.  The undersized Shelley would go into that battle with the “speed”, “leadership”, and “experience” advantages, whereas Rising would most likely enter it with the advantages of (1) Height, (2) Weight, (3) natural talent, and (4) as a pro-style QB, most likely a better fit for how Ludwig likes to run things.

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        This was pretty obvious to some.  Others, of course, were desperate to find some pretext such as how he did not want to live in Utah or be around a certain religion. I believe that may happen sometimes, but there are some on this board that desperately want to blame the “culture” in Utah for everything. When, in reality, there are many factors that go into where a kid may want to sign his LOI that have nothing to do with religion.

        Utah had a returning starting QB and a backup QB with significant starting experience. ASU had no returning starter. No brainer for a star high school recruit that wants to play asap.

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