Pro Day Cancelled?

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      Assuming Pro Day is cancelled, seems like this most adversely impacts Zack Moss (given he was going to re-run his 40).  Anyone who this benefis or hurts? It seems like both Javalin Guidry’s and Burgess’s stock could only go down, so good for them. 


      Seems like some NFL team will get a STEAL in Moss whereever he ends up getting drafted.  Any thoughts on how far he slips?

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      Isn’t the Pro-Day a convenience for the teams and the players?  The teams can separately have the player(s) work out for them at their facilities.   So I don’t think that a team seriously interesting in a Ute player will necessarily miss out on meeting and evaluating him.  That is assuming all air travel is not banned soon.   We live in strange times…

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        It’s a convenience for the scouts and a huge benefit for the players. There are many players who would never get an invite to an NFL training camp, let alone to 32 NFL training camps. With pro day, all of our players with NFL dreams get the chance to workout for scouts from nearly every team in the NFL. If pro day gets cancelled, there will be several players who never get that last shot to impress an NFL scout.

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