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      Random thoughts here. How bad do you hate the song “Hang on sloopy”?  I hated that song before the game, always thought it was corny and lame.  And then to see how much OSU loves it even makes me hate it more.  I’m not sure if it was just our section or the whole stadium, but Utah fans started chanting U…..T…….A……H and it seemed to overpower the O….H…..I…..O.  Anyways, I thought that was funny.

      Loved how we were so ready for the Moment of loudness, that we did preemptively (though at it’s correct time in between quarters).  I was hoping we would have the ball so we could pull off another miracle “22” play for a touchdown after that moment.  Hats off to the OSU fans that joined our fans for that tribute.  

      Also, just wanted to speculate that Coach Ryan Day uses Just for men black Beard dye on his luscious black beard. Not a gray hair in that business.



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      I hated it more before we all started yelling U-T-A-H in the stadium. That was fun.  It was convenient that Ohio and Utah are both four letter states.

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      OSU fans are good at spelling ‘O-H-I-O,’ so they needed something that would help them showcase that talent.

      However, on the list of songs that other schools have turned into a “tradition,” it’s still not nearly as bad as Sweet Caroline.

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      I lived in Ohio for 4 years and the whole state loves that song. I agree that it is annoying but also has a weird nostalgia for me. Hi jacking it with the U T A H chant is awesome.

      We did the same thing at the Pitt game in Heinz field back around 2011. They say “let’s go Pitt” during the Du-du-du part of Sweet Caroline. I hate that song above all other sports songs and makes me crazy that Rice Eccles is trying to force that one on us. IF we continue to do Sweet Caroline, we should make it ours with something “Let’s go Utes” or some such.

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