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      Ute Fan

      First of all, I understand that everyone has their own opinion about the Scalley incident.  I respect everyone’s opinion and I am not trashing how anyone else feels.  We have all walked in different shoes and had different life experiences that mold us.

      As for me – I think the punishment was too punitive.  I understand that there had to be punishment, but half of his salary?

      I might have said that for one or two years, we will take $250,000 of your salary and donate it to the NAACP.  At least the money would have gone to a good cause.

      I agree with the decision on ‘coach in waiting.’  That had to be done.

      I am personally disappointed with the punishment, but life goes on.

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      Ute Fan

      Agreed!  I get that the University had to do SOMETHING, but a 52.3% paycut?  Too extreme.  I wonder if this is Harlan’s doing?  Harlan’s done a good job with securing Home-&-Home agreements with top-tier SEC teams, but a poor job at removing our ankle-biting little brother from our annual schedules.  We shouldn’t play the tdS more than 5-times per decade TOPS, and no less than 3 of those games should be in SLC.  He also seemed to roll over for the tdS in basketball, where Mark Pope was actively recruiting a signed Utah althlete — an NCAA violation.

      If Scalley’s enormous paycut was Harlan’s doing, Harlan will soon need to start acting more like an advocate of the University of Utah, and less like a spineless politician.

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        Ute Fan


        I understood it to be a 50% pay cut as well but I learned today that the amount mentioned – $500,000+ is how much he’ll be paid the rest of this year. What that means is he returns to the 820K number from last season. This was the first year of the $1.2 million salary.

        So it’s not as brutal. I know that the one-year contract is troubling to him and the staff. Besides opponents using the racial argument they can now plant doubt in a recruits mind that he may not stay at the U – leave for another job or be released.

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          Ute Fan

          I hope you’re right, because THAT would make a lot more sense.

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          Ute Fan

          This makes way more sense. But…

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      Ute Fan

      I’m glad it’s over. The whole thing sounds like every other bandaid citizens put on this culture to make it feel ok. These kids know they live in a racist system, we all do. I’m sure most are not surprised at all by things like this, just part of living in the US.

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