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    Ute Fan

    This week Utah brings in a team with a talent deficit at almost every position to play at RES a week before our championship run.  Is this not exactly what the SEC does every year?  No one can complain about SEC scheduling and then complain about scheduling BYU this week.

    Much better to be playing BYU this week than being Washington or Washington State in their game to determine the north champion.

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    Ute Fan

    yeah… BYU is not the same as The Citadel. Yes, Utah is significantly more talenting at nearly every position, but BYU’s biggest game of the year, the only one that means anything really, is the Utah game. This gives them extra motivation.

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      Ute Fan

      I remember all those years when the tables were reversed. We were the ones saying beating TDS would make our year. Then Mac came and it started to become relevant again. Do I think we should play them?  No. But it is there and we have to play them so let’s just go and have some fun. They barely beat a bad AZ team and lost to CAL at home. We out man them at every position so let’s just go take care of business. 

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        Ute Fan

        One thing for certain, beating Utah would certainly make BYU’s year and they will consider it far more important than whatever bowl game they wind up in.  Their desire and motivation will be sky high for this one.   But Whitt will have our team motivated as well.  After his family was assualted by fans in Provo almost a decade ago, he will never let our team take the game lightly.




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          Ute Fan

          Let’s not allow them to App St. us. Take BYU seriously, just like we did Colorado. Frankly, I think BYU is at about Colorado’s level, not quite as talented, but good enough to beat you if you don’t take them seriously. We should win, and if we prep well, I think we will by 2+ TDs. Beating them badly in a year where we clearly have bigger fish to fry just adds more evidence that BYU and Utah are in two very different places.

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    Ute Fan

    When the pac12 starts scheduling trend:

    pac12 game


    pac12 game

    saint Mary’s school for the blind 

    pac12 game


    and so on


    then it’ll be like the SEC garbage that they can schedule 


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