Slocum leaving?

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    Ute Fan

    So I hear Slocum is leaving to Vegas? Time to maybe seriously consider Larry’s future and promote Conner before we lose him too.

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    Pace Manyung
    Ute Fan

    Funny how you don’t feel the same way when kwhitt looses OC’s every 12 months…

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      Ute Fan

      Whit’s the 4th winningest coach in the conf.  K, not so much.  

      Whit has a winning % of 66.3.  K  58.3

      Whit has only missed the post season twice and has been a key part of TWO undefeated seasons (not many around that can say that) out of 15 years.   K, has onlyk made the tourny twice in 8.  

      Furthermore you’re comparing apples and oranges.  Everyone one of Whit’s changes at OC was in an attempt to improve things.  Those leaving (players and coaches) Larry’s program often on their own volition.  

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    Ute Fan

    I’m confused as to why this matters. What has Slocum done to help this program succeed?

    Honestly it’s remarkable that we have held onto our assistants as long as we have.

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    Puget Ute
    Ute Fan

    Fuuuuuuddddgggggeeeee no. Love me some TC, but this is too big of a job for a rookie HC. Westminster doesn’t count.

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    Ute Fan

    Slocum is going for reasons unrelated to basketball, or Larry. They get along great, he has family matters to help with. He is a great guy and we love having him around, but he needs to go there. 

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      Ute Fan

      @utemanx … I think perhaps you may be to Utah hoops as @OnlyU is to Utah football. Glad to have you around. 

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      Puget Ute
      Ute Fan

      Demarlo Slocum is a special kind of guy and is important to the program.  We will definitely miss him. 

      I hope everything works out well for him and wish him nothing but success going forward.


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