so much talk about how everything has aligned perfectly this year for us

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        Ute Fan

        Going back to a few years ago, the talk began in our fan base how 2018 could be good but 2019 was really the year… and as time went on those talks manifested. The schedule followed suit. Now I cant tell you how many national media articles ive read that all say how “perfect” this season has set up for us to have a special year. They arent wrong. but heres the thing

        The Bowen departure is a good reminder that it was never going to be perfect. It wont be perfect. It will be ugly at times. We will lose a player we feel like we cant afford to lose to injury at a terrible time. We will find ourselves in a 2 score hole on the road after a couple of fluke plays. But if this season was ever going to end up actually being “perfect” its because we are good enough to overcome these things. Sure the margin of error is not uniform and obviously the Clemson/bama tier teams can afford more injuries than pretty much everybody else, but I have caught myself thinking how we need perfect luck with injuries to win 10+ games and spend new years in pasadena. But if we are actually top 10-15/rose bowl level good, we really dont. If we have injuries on a 2015/13 then it will suck and the universe will suck and it will keep a special team from being special, but thats the unlikely scenario here.

        anyways, my point ultimately is that there was/is almost no chance that this season aligned perfectly with a nice red carpet to a rose bowl actually ended up that way. Things are going to go wrong. We will encounter misfortune and it wont look so pretty anymore. Like in that moment we couldnt have been more unlucky. If we are actually that good we can still get there despite it, if we arent then we arent. Im at peace with that and im riding with them up or down no matter the outcome im there until the final snap of the season, hopefully when that snap is here theres a MF rose in my god damn mouth

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        Ute Fan

        I agree. We will not be perfect. Crap happens and we will lose some players along the way.  Some say if we lose Moss, it’s season over. (I don’t believe that.)  it is hard to go undefeated. Urban won three national championships, but lost a game in each of those seasons.

        The hard part about this season is the expectations. We all expect so much that it hurts seemingly worse when we don’t play at the level we expect.  I am going to try to enjoy the ride. 

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          Ute Fan

          I see Huntley as the only “game over” kind of loss.  We could still have a shot at big hear if we lost Moss. I think talent is there that could step up with DHC and Green.  

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        We will come back to reality I’m game 1. We don’t often start seasons clicking.

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