Someone help solve this equation.

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      Larry B
      Ute Fan

      Oregon beats Utah but loses to OSU – 7-2 record with tiebreaker over UCLA and Utah.

      UCLA wins out – 7-2 record with tiebreaker over Washington, Utah and USC.

      Washington wins out – 7-2 record with tiebreaker over Oregon.

      Utah – 7-2 record with tiebreaker over USC.

      USC – 7-2 record with no tiebreaker.

      CCG = ? vs ?

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      Tony (admin)

      Whoever has the biggest TV draw? LOL

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      Ute Fan

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      Ute Fan

      I’m pretty sure we get left out in this scenario. 2 teams (UCLA, UO) owning head-to-head against us versus us owning only 1 head-to-head (USC) doesn’t bode well for us.  For better odds with 2 conf losses, we need UCLA to lose one more (likely), UO to lose against OSU (toss up).

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      Ute Fan

      It would be a mess. Multiple team tiebreak rules:

      rule#1– “Head-to-head (best cumulative win percentage in games among the tied teams). If not every tied team has played each other, go to step 2.”

      -Not every team has played each other so skip.

      rule#2 – “Win percentage against all common conference opponents (must be common among all teams involved in the tie)” 

      If I looked correctly, there are only 3 common opponents for these 5 teams – Arizona, Stanford, and Colorado. UCLA would be 2-1, the other 4 would be 3-0. I think this means we just skip to rule#3 but maybe UCLA would be eliminated here? 

      rule#3 – “Record against the next highest placed common opponent in the standings (based on record in all games played within the conference), proceeding through the standings.”

      – In a 5 way tie this is too complicated for me to figure out, but because Utah and USC would have perfect records vs. the next tier of teams (OSU,WSU,AZ,ASU) maybe they get chosen at this step – at the very least I doubt Utah and USC would be eliminated here.

      If it has to keep going at this point: 

      rule #4 – “Combined win percentage in conference games of conference opponents (ie, strength of conference schedule)”

      – I think UCLA needs to get this far to get in. They seem to have played the toughest conf. schedule. UCLA missed WSU,OSU. I think they would be #1 here and Utah probably #2, but that’s just a guess. UU missed UW,Cal; USC missed UW,UO; UO missed USC, ASU; UW missed USC, UU.  

      rule #5 – “Highest ranking by SportSource Analytics (team Rating Score metric) following the last weekend of regular-season games.” 

      – I assume it would end here if it goes this far. Could be good or bad for Utah. The respect we’re getting in the rating systems may help but the late loss to Oregon and UCLA’s win over USC would make me nervous. 

      rule #6 – “Coin toss” 

      – This would suck – unless it didn’t


      Please find my mistakes.

      Just gotta beat the Ducks! 


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      Central Coast Ute
      Ute Fan

      Apparently tie breakers won’t matter in this scenario and it goes to common opponents. You’d have to look at all of those

      Head to head won’t matter.

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      I’m a long-time lurker and signed up just to comment here.

      I went through the tiebreakers based on this hypothetical scenario and, outside of the matchups that have to go a certain way to make this scenario possible, assumed the favorites of the other PAC-12 games would win (since it would influence some of the tiebreakers). I was actually typing all of this out on the app and it refreshed when I went out of the app when I was almost done, and I just don’t have the patience to type it all out again. Anyways, Utah wins the tiebreaker among all 5 teams and then with the other 4 teams, USC wins.

      So Utah would be the “home” team (1 seed) in the PAC-12 championship and would play USC.

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