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    Two weeks before the early signing day, hardly anyone knew who Zach Wilson was. Now, there are some who foolishly believe he’s the best QB in the state (he’s fourth, at best). 

    Zach Wilson-type QB’s are a dime a dozen. We will be fine. If we get JD, great. If not, we will find someone else. 

    We will be ok. 

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    I like this Shelley kid out of Texas, he might be good?  And I don’t think he’s a mission kid 🙂

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    Well said.  Wilson is indeed a diamond dozen.  He turned out to be better then I expected but still, his type are common.  I really think we are in a win/win situation – Daniels doesn’t commit..fine.  Shelly can be developed as a down throw threat.  We get another 1 or 2 incoming class to get that 4 star.

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    So what if people talk about this or that or Wilson. Let people talk. As long as it isn’t religion or politics who cares. Let people talk about what ever sources they may have or theories. I personally like the QB situation next year.

    If Wilson switched I wouldn’t mind that either.  Some of throws Wilson has made have looked better than the QBs on our Roster currently. I like Huntley personally as the best in the state. Doesn’t mean you don’t look to improve. I still think our wideouts have problems more so than the QB.

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      If our wideouts could hang on to the ball we’d be going to the Rose Bowl.

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    Next year there is clear potential to repeat as South Division champs, and with it, another opportunity for a New Year’s day bowl. I expect both the offensive line and Shelly will improve, perhaps over the next three weeks. If not? When (if) Huntley goes down next season, the Utes are in trouble.


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