Sorry if I missed, did JQJ get hurt? I thought he looked great and was running

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      very hard in his attempts. 

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      I don’t think so. Ludwig tends to fall in love with a couple of ideas regardless of other things are working. When Utah had the ball with 6 mins left there was no reason for Cam to be throwing every down when TT was getting 6 yards a carry and JJ was the better running back but didn’t get many touches. 

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      I’m ready to move on from the Tavion train. Let’s give Jackson, Glover, and Bernard the touches moving forward

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        Thomas is a good back but let’s be clear; he’s no Booker, White or Moss. If there’s a hole, Thomas can run straight into it hard and carry a defender for a couple of yards. But the next time he slips a tackler in the backfield and turns it into something positive will be the first.

        Utah was able to make up for having one do-it-all back in 2021 with Thomas, Pledger, Bernard and playing some really bad rushing defenses. 2022 was when Ty Jordan was really needed. The 2021 RB room would seemingly break off a couple of 30+ yard runs a game. The 2022 version was lucky to have a single double-digit run a week and it wasn’t all on the blocking.

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          What seems to make Tavion a special running back is his vision. He seems to almost always make the right cut, which leads to a lot of arm tackles that he is able to run through. This is his big advantage over JJ in my mind. I think JJ is a better athlete, and if he can develop TT-style vision, will be incredible.

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