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Super league projections based of data

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      Super League

      Utah comes in at a solid 15th ahead of Oregon, Texas, USC, etc. These forty teams will not be in a Super League because the list includes Boise and AFA. But, otherwise I like it.

      Fans on the CB are discrediting the list like Trump discredits the 2020 election. “It cannot be true, because we are not on the list.”

      Honestly, I don’t care if BYU is included in a Super Conference as long as Utah is in it. It’s just the response on CB that is funny.

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      I love the Utes, but any ‘conference inclusion’ list that puts Utah ahead of Oregon, Texas, USC, and Texas A&M is incredibly unrealistic.

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        Central Coast Ute

        This is all based on the way this publication scored it. Not based on eyeballs, so Utah would come out ahead of those schools based on that metric. I agree, though. Those schools get in way before Utah ever does.

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      CB discrediting the list because it doesn’t include them, and I am perfectly FINE with that! But Trump will win by a landslide in 2024! The 2020 elections were rigged and stolen by the fake president (Biden). Trump is setting up all the treason traitors (Democrat and Republican Party politicians) through this sham trial with comprised jurors and a Democrat Biden supporter donor judge. Once Trump is sentenced (and maybe even arrested) the flood gates will open and it will be GLORIOUS!!! Wait and see!!! The BEST IS YET TO COME, TRUMP 2024!!!

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        Red Son

        Wow! Russian trolls even infiltrate small college athletics fan site

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      Proud, I moved this to the politics category. It had the potential to go downhill quickly. Thanks for posting!

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        Good call. I almost responded with something juvenile

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      It’s going to be a long 5 months. 😉

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