The delusion is off the charts.

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      Ute Fan

      Go ahead and shred this up please.

      Newsflash: We wouldn’t be in this mess if BYU was in the Pac-12. BYU would have saved everything. Needless to say, the Zoobs will be eating this like it is the best Wagyu beef steak – probably for years to come.

      Furness says “Get over yourselves” in regards to research in the Pac-12.

      I am not familiar with the research efforts at Utah or around the Pac-12, so please offer facts to enhance the discussion or correct any bad assumptions. Research isn’t something that we should just casually dismiss, it appears to me. And the Pac-12 has definitely enhanced Utah’s research efforts. Yes, any concerns over research efforts being hurt due to a possible breakup of the Pac-12, or denial of BYU or other universities into the league because they are not research-oriented, isn’t out of arrogance, for crying out loud. No, we shouldn’t “get over ourselves” because of this. Sorry Furness.

      “Randall still hopes to propel research discoveries and advancements even further. In 2021, approximately 3,000 university research projects generated just over $640 million in external grant funding. To elevate research funding to $1 billion a year within the next seven years, Randall committed $100 million in university funding to help U researchers innovate to create new discoveries.”

      Taylor Randall inaugurated as 17th president of the University of Utah

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      Ute Fan

      Ha! BYU is not that big of a brand. If they were, they would have been in the BigXII years ago, or possibly even in the B1G. Mr. Furness goes on to claim we should have added SDSU years ago? And now we should add the rest of the MWC?

      He’s a bitter WSU fan who is upset because his school is facing the very real possibility of being relegated to the G5.

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      Ute Fan

      The truth is: Had USC and UCLA done this at the same time as Oklahoma and Texas left the Big 12, BYU would not be in.

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      Ute Fan

      BYU brings the highly sought after Kolob market.

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