The dumbest part of the current CFB, and the loss Saturday

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        Ute Fan

        Is how badly I want Florida to do well now. We need them to do well. Im legitimately nervous about their game this week. I cant remember feeling this way about a non Utah team ever.

        Totally out of our control, but it matters in the resume narrative and the CFP secret royal votey poley society era

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        Ute Fan

        I don’t care, and I won’t care. I only have enough emotion left to worry about the Utes. Crush the T-Birds baby!

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        Ute Fan

        To me, this is why it is great. It creates a web of excitement. You always have any and cheer for the win that will benefit your team. Yet if you are let down, you remember these young men did their best that day. With mistakes made that our coaches will help them grow.

        And overall it is just a game! #22Forever

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        Ute Fan

        I don’t know, man.  The chance of this team getting through the conference slate unblemished is pretty thin (as in “so you’re saying there’s a chance” type of odds).  I did a good job of tempering my expectations until I saw the results of the first game.  I think we have a really strong team that is going to do some damage still, but I think the playoffs are off the table at this point.  Too many things would have to happen, mainly not losing another game.  It’s not that the rest of the teams on our schedule aren’t beatable, it’s getting up for each and every game in order to win them all.  Remember, we have a giant target on our back right now (maybe not from Oregon St or SDSU).  We have a great team this year, but I don’t think we’re playoff quality.  Conference championship and Rose Bowl?  Absolutely.

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