The elusive HS LB recruit

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      Is it possible Utah “might” have a chance at a couple of HS LB’s from Hawaii?  Let’s hope o’l kwhitt doesn’t screw it up again


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      The fact that a blatant Troll doesn’t get banned makes the Admins just as culpable in his behavior.

      This isn’t just about blocking someone you disagree with.

      Pace brings nothing to the table and is just here to start fires.

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        Pace is knowledgeable and informative. Your take on Pace’s delivery is your problem.

        Don’t we all get enough fluffy, sticky candy on Sundays to satisfy our sweet tooth throughout the week?

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        @admin Let me know what rules Pace is violating and I’ll ban him. Otherwise, use the ignore feature.

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      Agree. IMHO, Pace’s banter and “Eddy Haskel” (sp) internet persona is a bit more entertaining than a three page thread on Ute fans and their love-hate relationship with BYU.

      Thanks Tony for putting together a solid-entertaining message board for us wild Ute fans :)!
      Go Utes!

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      Both of them seem like they would be solid additions.

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      Francis Bernard, Devin Lloyd, Chase Hansen, Cody Barton, Kavika Luafatasaga, Gionni Paul, Sunia Tauteoli, Jared Norris, Stevenson Sylvester, Spencer Toone, Trevor Reilly, Pita Taumoepenu, Koa Misi.

      How many more screw-ups can we take!!! Why hasn’t kwhit been fired??!!

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        Can we just get elite LB’s from HS… is that too much to ask.

        Why does it always need to be smoke and mirros/slight of hand.  When was the last time Utah went to the government cheese for a DL?

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