The stadium was electric last night!

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        Larry B
        Ute Fan

        Shout out to the fans that were in their seats before kickoff. This needs to be a common occurrence. There really isn’t a reason, especially this year, that the players shouldn’t run out of the tunnel to a full house. I’ve seen some people compare it to the 2008 TCU game. I wouldn’t go that far, because the TCU crowd was absolutely insane, but it was still rockin.

        ASU did a good job marching down the field on their first possession. That took a lot of the energy out of the stands and it made it seem like it was going to be a LONG night. Kudos to Rising for coming out and hitting them right back. The dude is a leader. You just get the feeling that the rest of the offense feeds off of him. Something they didn’t do with Brewer.

        The end of the first half, you could sense the energy of the crowd was running on fumes. It just seemed like there was nothing we could do to match what ASU was doing. But again, Rising proved that he’s the leader of this team. He wasn’t rattled by his 2 interceptions and came out in the second half absolutely calm and collected. A lot of credit to the coaches, too. Typically after 2 INT’s you’d see nothing but running plays. The play calling was great, just like it was against USC.

        The future of this team looks bright. Even if we don’t win the South this year, I’d pick us to win it the next couple. The O Line has done enough in the last two weeks to prove me wrong. Massive improvement from what we saw through the first few weeks. We’ve got weapons in the throw game that we just haven’t had in the past. Vele is looking like he might be great. That one handed bobbled catch was incredible. Kuithe is a stud. Kincaid seems to catch everything thrown his way. Covey is… well, Covey. A ton to be excited about going forward.

        The defense is starting to look like a typical Whittingham defense. We’re finally seeing them get pressure on the QB. There’s a lot of Freshmen that look like they’re going to be REALLY good. Too many missed tackles, but ASU has some freak athletes on O.

        Overall this team just looks night and day better than they did early in the season. Winning the South is still going to be a challenge but right now I’d say they have a better shot than anyone.

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