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      Ute Fan

      Some random thoughts of mine…..
      -Is Ludwig speaking in code when he says he was KW first OC and his goal is to be his last OC?
      -Will KW retire after his contract extension?
      -Will Ludwig take over as HC?
      -Was that apart of the recruitment to bring in Ludwig?
      -Stadium expansion will happen about the same time as the end of KWs contract.

      Disclaimer- I admit to having Utah Football withdrawals and I’m not currently getting any professional help. Why, Do you ask? Because the Stallions are presently 1 and 3.

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      I don’t know what Ludwig’s aspirations are but perhaps he does want to get a head coaching gig. Maybe he figures Kyle will retire in a few years and the gig will be his.

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      Ute Fan

      I think Ludwig’s comments are more in regards to the yearly OC turnover we’ve had and that he plans to be here for a long time. Also, I think he is done moving around the country and is happy to be back in Utah. I’m sure he and Kyle have had conversations about how much longer Kyle is going to coach, but I don’t think Andy is trying to let the cat out of the bag so to speak.

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