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      Ute Fan

      Primarily, beat UCLA and we are the 3 seed. Easy peasy don’t need anybody else to do anything. But if we lose how far can we fall?

      Colorado, Oregon, Oregon State, and UCLA can all tie us at 10-8. Head-head tie-breaker we lose to both Oregon schools, tie w/ Colorado and UCLA (assuming a loss tomorrow).

      Record vs Washington doesn’t resolve Colorado/UCLA tie.

      Record vs ASU UCLA out 0-1, Colorado still tied 1-1.

      Next tiebreaker gets murky on who wins tomorrow but out losses to Oregon could hurt as Colorado beat them.

      So it looks like if we lose and any of the above 4 win we would lose the tie-breakers and fall behind all but UCLA. 

      If we lose we drop a spot for each of Colorado, Oregon, and OSU that win (unlikely), the floor being 6th. Bottom line – just win and we are fine. 

      *Disclaimer* I have no idea what I am doing. 

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      Ute Fan

      Pretty sad day for the Conference of Champions when the 3rd place team has only a slim shot at the NIT.

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