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      Ute Fan

      USC has started their last 3 games fairly hot in the first half:

      Fresno State – 17 points (14;3)

      Stanford – 24 points (3;21)

      BYU – 17 points (7;10)

      compare to Utah:

      BYU – 9 points (3;6)

      NIU – 21 points (0;21)

      ISU – 24 points (17;7)

      We obviously did well against ISU, and NIU wasn’t too bad in the 2nd quarter, but my worry is if the offense doesn’t get going until the 2nd half like they did vs BYU will the defense be able hold on. But I feel like once we reach the 2nd half we will be good.

      That’s what I would like to see most this week as far as improvement against a quality opponent on the road – a TD in the first quarter from the offense, and no big plays allowed by the defense all game. Friday can’t get here soon enough!

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      Part of our “slow” starts is that we wear down the defense. It takes some game time to do that

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        Ute Fan

        Right I agree, I’ve noticed the same. I’m sure it’ll be fine, I’m just glad the meat of the schedule is here, was trying to identify any weaknesses we might have for this matchup.

        I would like to see the execution on offense improve to where even just one of the first quarter drives turns into a slow methodical march down the field that chews 10 minutes off the clock – same play calling, no need to go up tempo or change anything, still wear down the defense but be just a little more efficient while doing it. 

        Just for reference I looked up our first quarter drives against BYU & NIU, here they are:


        9 plays, 37 yards, 3 points

        4 plays, 7 yards, turnover on downs


        3 plays, 8 yards, punt

        4 plays, 21 yards, punt

        (3rd drive was 7 plays for 70 yards and a TD that went from the end of the 1st into the beginning of the 2nd quarter so there was improvement there)

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        Ute Fan

        Another part of slow start is time of possesion. Utah kicked off to start the first two games. Combine that with pick 6 and you end up with lop sided O stats 1st halfs.

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