USC a trap game?

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      Nah! Utes are 3-0 without breaking a sweat. Also Andy L. is holding back the playbook for PAC 12 play. Utah could have humiliated BYpoo poo but chose not to. USC struggled against the turds; Utah will be 4-0 next week and ranked 8th or better.

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      Without breaking a sweat, huh?

      Personally, I’m nervous as hell about this game. Their freshman QB has plenty of talent but he lacks experience. Usually guys like that are world-beaters at home and struggle on the road. And that’s what we’ve seen with Stovis so far. Unfortunately he’s back at home this week, and the whole USC team will be p**sed about being embarrassed in Provakistan. I think Utah will need to score 30 points to win this game.


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