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        Ute Fan

        See if you can answer these without using google.

        1. Which three coaches coached undefeated seasons at Utah?

        2. Which coach left Utah to coach at Stanford?

        3. Who had the most wins?

        4. Who coached a super bowl team?

        5. Which coach later became the athletic director at Hawaii?

        6. Which coach coached at Kansas State and SMU before coaching at Utah?

        7. Which coach had only 5 wins in three years at Utah?

        8. How many coaches has Utah had since 1925?

        9. Which coach had the nickname “Cactus”?

        10. Which coach turned the program around to winning team within 2 years after Utah only winning 5 games the three previous seasons.

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        Ute Fan

        I’ll give it a go:

        1 – Meyer, Whittingham, Ike Armstrong

        2 – Jack Curtice

        3 – Armstrong but Whitt has to be getting close

        4 – Jim Fassel

        5 – Don’t know.

        6 – Bill Meek

        7 – The one and only Tom Lovat

        8 – Not sure. 18?

        9 – Curtice

        10 – Wayne Howard

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          Ute Fan

          Very good.  8 out of 10.  You must be old like me.  🙂

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          Ute Fan

          5. Ray Nagle. Right after Cactus Jack.
          I’ve only been watching Ute football and basketball for um years. Going back to Ike Armstrong and Vadel (sp) Peterson.

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