Utah’s place inside the PAC12

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      Ute Fan

      Utah has to go undefeated to get invited to CFP. Even then other factors outside of Utah’s control could still stop them from being invited. This whole “all for one one for all” crap for the conference is BS. Utah needs to do whatever it takes to protect them first before other conference opponents. 

      Ignoring the whole stupidity of thinking cheering for Washington alters the outcome what does Utah gain for wanting Washington to win? So that they get more prestige to outrecruit Utah for local guys? So that they get more money? More boosters more overall hype around the program?  The only benefit is when Utah actually beats Washington do they gain anything. Utah needs to do whatever it takes to win out and control what it can control. That is why back the PAC is silly. I don’t care about the rest of the conference. If anything USC is the only one we should want to win every game but one. Even then we need to them to lose a few more because undefeated in the PAC isn’t happening anytime soon. Maybe with a 8 game schedule. 


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      Ute Fan

      Because if we are undefeated and the PAC-12 doesn’t have respect through many team’s efforts, we are left out of the CFP anyway with only up to 4 conferences being represented.

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        Ute Fan

        Two things:
        1) It is practically impossible for 5 P5 teams to go undefeated in the same season
        2) If a P5 goes undefeated, a playoff spot is virtually guaranteed

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          Ute Fan

          See GreatNorthenUte below. More likely that no PAC-12 team goes undefeated. A 1-loss team might end up CFP, but unlikely for PAC-12 right now untill the whole conference is percieved as better, hence cheering for other teams to win. 2-loss, non conference champ = maybe not even NY6.

          Bowl games are a good litmus test against other conferences. 1 win last year, 3-4 this year.

          It’s only going to be an occassional year that any PAC-12 team is undefeated (13-0). Hasn’t happened yet. A 1 loss team can make the playoffs, but the other teams in the conference have to have been decent.

          2014 (no BIG12) –> 2Oregon 12-1 W over 3FSU 13-0 (lost in championship game to Ohio St. 13-1)

          2015 (no PAC12) –> NONE

          2016 (no BIG12) –> 4Washington 12-1 L to 1Alabama 13-0

          2017 (no PAC12, BIG10) –> NONE

          2018 (no PAC12, BIG10) –> NONE

          These are the teams that have made the playoff (multiple times): 

          PAC12: Oregon, Washington

          ACC: FSU, Clemson (4)

          BIG12: Oklahoma (3)

          BIG10: Ohio State (2), Mich State

          SEC: Alabama (5 – every year), Georgia

          IND: Notre Dame

          Sure, Utah should go undefeated then we don’t have to care what any other PAC-12 team does. A more likely scenario is we need our whole conference to be good and not beat each other up with 1 or 2 teams with only 1 loss going into the championship game.

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            Ute Fan

            Yep, fully agree with you and GNU on the 1 or 2 loss scenario. My take only applies to an undefeated season.

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      Ute Fan

      Because without the rest of the conference being perceived strongly, a 1-loss Pac 12 champ Utah gets stuck with the Rose Bowl a la Ohio State. Or a 2-loss Utah Pac 12 runner up gets WSUd into the Alamo instead of the Fiesta – perception of Pac 12 weakness is absolutely why this happened to WSU. The Fiesta would have been thrilled to have WSU, but the committee thought the Pac 12 was weak.

      I dont agree that a 1-loss Pac 12 champ Utah doesnt ever make the playoff. I do agree it is unlikely. But unlikely things have a strange tendency to still happen sometimes.

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      Ute Fan

      If there were an 8-team football playoff with each P5 school getting an auto-bid, I really would not care that much about the success of fellow conference teams (might cheer for some and against others). But until that time, the perception of the conference is critical for Utah’s success.

      It is unfortunate, but a reality. I thought we could leave that mindset behind with the Mountain West, but I don’t think we can (for now). 

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      Ute Fan

      The PAC 12 is our family. It’s our job. It’s our business. If the business succeeds, we all win. Look at Vanderbilt. They are going to receive a $30 million payout this year. You think they are cheering for Oklahoma to beat the SEC team?

      A rising tide lifts all ships. If the PAC tide rises, Utah wins.

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        Ute Fan

        It is pointless because it won’t affect anything.

        Equally as pointless cheering for Washington to lose. Utterly pointless won’t change anything.

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          Ute Fan

          We lost a football recruit to Kentucky. I’m guessing the conference affiliation had something to do with it. There are concrete ways that the perception of the P12 effects the realities of Utah athletics.

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            Ute Fan

            Which you have no control over that is the only point I am trying to make. If it makes me feel better when Washington loses so be it. 

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      Ute Fan

      What do I care if the conference gets more money when Utah under funds their football program as it is relative to others. Did you know we dont even have an assistant in the top 100 in college football? Commitment in this “for profit” entity of NCAA football starts at the top.


      See Utah coaches at 117 in ranking


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