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      Pace Manyung
      Ute Fan

      Coach K gets ripped a new on every day and the utehup crowed cheers like wild jackals…. and somehow kwitt gets a pass?

      Coach K got to the sweet 16 in 2015 and kwhitt got the team ranked 16 in the same year.  Since then both have had very marginal FINAL results.

      What’s up with defending kwhit like your Kellyanne Conway?  Why not the same critical pressure on kwhitt?

      HIS team shat the bead tonight. HIS team fell behind and completley lost composure. Fitz found a mental  weakness and completley prison raped the Utes…both offense and defense – yet kwhitt has a pass.

      What I’m seeing on Utehub is that it was a “humid” cold/rain that made the difference. SHM.

      I pray Halran watched the game..not sure if he’s into sports… Dr. Chris Hill would demand changes.



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      Ute Fan

      Here’s the big differences in my mind:

      Whit is a Utah man – He made our D great then turned down BYU to take over for Urban, didn’t leave for Tennessee or Washington when he was rumored to have the chance, and he has just built up so much good will over the last 25 years. Oh, and he did lead us to an undefeated Sugar Bowl season.

      Krystko is not Majerus err I mean a Utah man – He turned down our job a few years before taking it but seriously, he isn’t Majerus. I don’t think any basketball coach will survive here longterm without having similar success to Majerus.

      Funny enough, they both have a similar fatal flaw. Whit can’t go more than two years without replacing his OC and he refuses to change his philosophy in that regard so we seem to be in a state of constantly rebuilding on offense. Krystko can’t go a single year without several players transferring out and he refuses to change whatever it is about his way of coaching that is causing this, so we seem to be in a state of constantly rebuilding. 

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        Whitt just won the Pac-12 south and had the team one fluke play away from going to the Rose Bowl. What has K done even close to that?  One sweet 16 maybe. 

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      Ute Fan

      Whit is a business man. He was playing Utah with the BYU job offer drama and the Tennessee hop scotch. Don’t kid yourself, KW wants to live in Utah and will play his hand to keep his job. It ain’t about winning, it’s about manipulating everybody to believe KW is bigger than Utah football so he keeps his job.

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      Ute Fan

      Coach K is not a good coach. Quit trolling.

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      Ute Fan

      Between the misspelling and grammar in your post, I simply was unable to keep reading. 

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      Ute Fan

      Whitt has more sustained success than Larry. Larry is, in essence, McBride.

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      Another thing: Have you watched Utah Basketball in the last 7 years? The players do not improve under Larry K. Look at Kuzma, Jayce… I could go on.  Whitt improves players.  Look at his history of low or no star players who turn out fantastic.  Look at K teams and their inability to do the most basic things like rebound, play defense, screen, or get the damn ball inbounds.  This is basic s**t, yet year after year K’s teams can’t do it.  Look at K’s clock management at the end of games.  It’s horrible.  Players don’t even know they need to shoot a 3 pointer when they’re down 3 with 3 seconds left.  Larry can’t get players to stay. Can’t get to the big dance, which should be easy, right?  Best 64 teams?  Utah football makes a bowl every freaking year since forever, at least the equivalent of making the big dance.

      Comparing Whitt and Kristo is dumb.  Not even the same planet.

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        Ute Fan

        Stanford squeaked past Pitt. Oregon squeaked past MSU. Wazzu barely hung on to beat the Cyclones. ASU embarrassed by Fresno. USC not even bowl eligible. Being down 20-0 to Brigham. What game was impressive for Whitt this year exactly? 

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          You’re right.  No games Utah played were impressive for Whitt.  Ass whooping Stanford on the road when they were highly ranked, not impressive.  Beating Oregon with a freshman backup QB, not impressive.  Dropping 42 on Arizona, not impressive.  Dropping 41 on USC, not impressive.  Dropping 41 on UCLA on the road, not impressive.  Scoring 28 unanswered against the zoo with a freshman backup QB, when the zoo looked to be in control of the game, not impressive.  Holding Washington’s offense to 3 points in the championship game, not impressive.  

          I guess unless we are Alabama, some fans are not impressed. 

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            Ute Fan

            Your a bit dramatic. Point was the Pac12 was extremely bad this year. All of those W’s are against mediocre teams based on national perception of the Pac12.

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        Ute Fan

        I think Whitt is the better coach, but let’s make the comparisons fair. Over 60% of FBS teams make a bowl game (129 teams, 40 bowls/80 teams.) A little under 20% of Division 1 basketball teams make the big dance (347 teams, 68 spots.) A .500 team making a crappy bowl is no different than making the NIT in my opinion. Because there are no divisions in basketball it’s hard to make a straight across comparison, though earning a top 4 seed and 1st round bye is close. We’ve done that the last four years. Narrow the requirement to top 2 seed and we’ve done it once. Both coaches have been to one conference championship game; both lost. Kuzma improved every year while he was here – I mean he only had Jason Washburn a year and he’s still playing overseas. Even Jayce Johnson has shown SOME improvement, even if it’s minimal at best. How that guy was ever a 4 star recruit I have no idea.

        All that being said, I’ve been underwhelmed with basketball this year. The amount of transfers every year is VERY concerning. I think the building blocks are there to have a solid team next year with the freshmen we have this year and the incoming recruiting class. But that’s assuming they all stay and unfortunately there is no guarantee of that. I certainly didn’t like the fact that we seemingly had no answer when Nevada went Iso/Pick and Roll on every single freaking possession at the end of the game last Saturday. I’ll just say I wouldn’t be crushed if we went a different direction with our basketball coach; I would be crushed if we did the same in football.


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