Utes go from #11 to #19 in Coaches Poll

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      Still in the top 25.  Fine. Good for marketing and recruiting I guess. But I’m sorry to say I don’t think we deserve the ranking as of yet. 

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        I agree with you.  I love Ute football, but someone convince me that we deserve to be ranked with such a weak pass defense. 

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        I think we’re ranked right about where we should be.  The loss sucked and exposed some deficiencies, but we still have a lot going for us.  I’m just not feeling quite as pessimistic as many seem be.  I still think we can be a Rose Bowl team.  We just have to hope that we can learn from the game.  

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          To be honest with you – I just don’t know right now.  We did not look like a ranked team on Friday.  I suspect that we are better than we looked, but I really haven’t seen it yet this year. 


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            We did not look like a ranked team on Friday.

            Yes we did. We looked like a team that lost by 7 points to another top-25 team, a perennial powerhouse, on their home field. Also, you’re never as bad as your worst game, and Friday was definitely our worst game.

            Losing a game does not automatically make you an unranked team any more than winning a game automatically makes you a ranked team.


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