What do you think your expectations are for this season ??

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      Ute Fan

      I think of this so I won’t be disappointed. I feel for this season I don’t want any losses to teams Utah should beat. So that narrows it down to Washington, Stanford and USC. Personally those are the big three most likely losses for the season.
      Toss up games of Wazzu(who scare me sort of) and fUCLA Jim Mora seems to be losing this team.
      Last season Cal and Oregon should have been wins. Colorado and Washington beat Utah well enough but obviously Utah had their chance. To see progress I think personally I would be fine with losses to USC and Washington two very good teams.  Stanford I feel like Utah matches up well enough to win.
      Does that seem crazy??? That is a WAY high expectation so most likely I will still be disappointed. That is how I see it, if Utah stays healthy I really think two losses is possible maybe better with some luck. Hell who am I kidding two losses would be a HUGE amount of luck to get even that.

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      Ute Fan

      Normally I would say Utah will always lose to a team they shouldn’t, and steal a game they shouldn’t. But this year I’m not sure, because I think Troy Taylor maybe changes the character of the team somewhat.

      I’m trying to take one game at a time. I think my expectation is that Utah *should* pile about 30+ points on ND, and also defense should surrender no more than about 10. I’ll see how that goes, and set further expectation from there.

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        Matthew Thomas Castleton
        Ute Fan

        I don’t know if I’d call it an expectation, but my prediction is that Utah goes at least 10-2 this season.

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      Ute Fan

      As we continue to improve and upgrade, so do other teams. We are inexperienced, but athletic. I think it takes both experience and athleticism for a special season. 

      For some reason, I just don’t see 10-2, even though I would love that. I’ll be the first to eat that delicious crow and I’ll like it. 

      Still cautiously optimistic at 8-4. 

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      Given the players we’ve lost, new offense, new starters, and a brutal schedule I think 7-5 is a decent year.  8-4 is a good year.

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      Wilson’s Mustache
      Ute Fan

      My expectations are in the 7-5 (decent season), 8-4 (good), 9-3 (great season) range. Like Tony said, given how much we lost last year and the inexperience, especially at QB, I think it a given that some mistakes will be made. I think we drop some games to WSU/Oregon caliber teams. I also, think we may be able to get an upset of a team like USC/Washington/Stanford. Stanford being the most likely if for no other reason than that we are at home.

      If Huntley plays well this year and improves over the season then all bets are off next year. Yes, we will still lose a lot of talent (Lotulelei, Hansen, Fitts, Carrington), but we will also be returning a ton of talent and theoretically all of our young players will be more experienced and better.

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      Ute Fan

      Here’s my expectation:

      1. Some Ute fans will be so disappointed we didn’t do better.
      2. Some Ute fans will be just fine with how we did.
      3. Some Ute fans will be ecstatic with our season.
      4. All BYU fans will rage that they lost yet again and will grumble about getting tired of the Vegas Bowl.

      That’s about it for me.

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      Riot West
      Ute Fan

      My expectation, win it all. I don’t expect to lose.

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