What does everyone hope to see from this game?

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        I want to see everyone other than Kincaid and Thomas getting the ball… especially the WRs. I want receiving touchdowns from multiple WRs.

        I want to see success in short yardage situations. Against a team like SUU we should be easily winning these battles.

        If this game is the Kuithe, Rising and Thomas show all game we are in trouble this year.

        I want to see push on the defensive line, and assignment sound defending… NO RUNNING RIGHT BY THE QB!

        I want to see SUU ball carriers brought down the first time they get touched. If we can’t do that vs SUU we are screwed.

        Most importantly, I want to see the backups and the backups to the backups by midpoint of the third quarter at the latest.

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        W, no injuries

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        Agreed about the WRs getting more involved

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        clean execution in all 3 phases of the game. this is a matchup that doesn’t require anything more than your base schemes. show that you can run the basics properly, get up by 4 TD’s at the half, and then watch the backups play at a similar level.

        in a game that’s the equivalent of an all-league HS kid dunking on his 8 year old brother don’t do anything fancy. just do it extremely well because there is nothing else to learn from this matchup.

        Oh, and no injuries.

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        I would honestly be totally fine if Kuithe just didn’t play at all this game. Just sit him out. We know what he can do. I want to see what we can do when he isn’t there to comfort Rising.

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        No injuries. I hope some young guys a lot of reps. Knowing KW, Rising stays in up 30 late in the game.

        Calvert and Medlock reps at LB in place of Reid

        WR continue to work on blocking and distraction routes. WR catching pass catching is meaningless in this game for P12 plan. Give young guys reps.

        Few starters by 2nd half

        Focus on Dline assignements

        Limited time for Rising, Kuthie, Kincaid, and Thomas. 

        Hopefully this game is over by half. 

        This game should be a scrimmage.


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        Lots of back up reps, especially for QB2

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          I agree, we need to see what the Utes have at QB2 and QB3.

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