What I would do tonight if I was Ludwig

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      Ute Fan

      I know I am not a coach and these guys have a ton more information than I do.

      But, I would start by passing.  Pass defense is UCLA’s weakness.  If we are successful in passing early, they will have to worry about covering our receivers.  Then, when the box opens up – I would run Moss and mix in some play-action passes.  UCLA has a decent rushing defense.  If we try to establish the run early without much passing, we may be playing into their strength.  UCLA knows we are a running team and I believe their focus will be on stopping the run.

      Again, Ludwig and Whitt know much more than me.  This is just my two cents based off what I have seen.

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      Ute Fan

      Ludwig very much is a rush to set up the pass guy. Which is easy to do when you have Moss. Because every linebacker in pregame is like WRAP UP WRAP UP MOSS!  Ludwig will test the edges and interior then play action POP with Huntley. 

      I imagine fUCLA is going to test Huntley’s mobility. A whole lot like Washington did. Pin your ears back defense. But again this offense is fairly balanced so there isn’t much you can do to take away what Ludwig wants to do.

      Turnovers being the exception Utah just needs to hold onto the rock. Avoid the big mistakes by no means is it essential that they stay perfect. That is the defenses job and they have been essentially perfect since USC.  This game is like asu though four turnovers didn’t kill Utah. 

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      Ute Fan

      Ludwig is going to protect Huntley. That starts with running the ball with Moss and co. Expect to start with that.

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        Ute Fan

        Exactly, Ludwig knows a 3 yard run in the first half becomes an 8 yard run in the second half. Play it that way, you have a solid defense.

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