What would the ceiling be for Boise if they were in a P5 conference?

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      I know most of you local Ute fans hate Boise but I’ve always like the program.  Infact, I would argue Boise is more recognized program than either Utah or Bypoo on the East coast.  When you think of Boise you think, fun underdog dragon slayer.

      What would they look like with P5 money and recruiting….  

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      Ute Fan

      I fully realize that Boise owns us, but I refuse to answer this question or take them seriously until they get rid of the blue field.

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        Ute Fan

        Besides all that small time blue field crap.  I respect that they can keep a program going in a ridiculously small market and several coaching changes over the years.  Everything says this program should fade away.. but they don’t.  It’s bizarre.

        And without question, Boise is televised on the east coast (at a normal time) 3 times as much Utah and Bypoo. I grew up in Utah in left in the late 80’s and I didn’t even know Boise State was University. The Atheltic directors have done a great job of making a program know around the country.



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          Ute Fan

          In all seriousness, they’re a great program.  They’ve remained consistent year after year, although I think they’ve taken a step back the past few years.  There was a time they were in the national picture a few times but really haven’t sniffed it in a few years.  They seem to get super-solid coaches (makes you wonder what would have happened if they had USC’s last several coaches and vice versa).  I don’t like them basically because I developed a need to see them lose when we were competing with them for king of the small guys.  

          I DO respect them.  They’re the Gonzaga of college football.

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            Ute Fan

            They in certain positions have legit players. Some of their offensive skill players would be starting at Utah.

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              Ute Fan

              I’ve watched their recruiting over the years. Typically rank in the 40’s

              A lot of Cali kids but can also pull from just about anywhere in the US.

              What they get are “chip on the shoulder” guys. But then grab two or three sought after players.. typically at the QB LB or RB position.


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          Tacoma Ute
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          I have no idea how they do it. Every time a coach leaves I think they’ll fade into Oblivion but they proove me wrong every time. Dammit!

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            Ute Fan

            They have a system and stick with the system. This is a big reason I am a Scalley advocate.

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          “…without question, Boise is televised on the east coast 3 times as much Utah and Bypoo.”

          …but only if you count all their games that were broadcast on ESPNU and ESPNNews.  The truth is, thanks to the Pac-12 Network, ALL of Utah’s games have been broadcast.  And when ALL of your games ARE being broadcast, one cannot conclude that Boise St is getting more aired games.

          Now if your point is that the Pac-12 Network doesn’t reach as many homes as the ESPN networks, your point will again be invalidated by the fact that neither does CBSSN — the “Pac-12 Network” of the MWC.

          Since you argue like a zoob — aka, posting “opinions” as though they’re “facts” and failing to substantiate them in any fashion — allow me to do the “Ute” thing of “pointing out the FACTS”!

          If we’d filtered out all the games since 2014 that were broadcast on the Pac-12 Network, CBSSN, Al-Jazoobie, “Ocho”, et al, but INCLUDED ESPNU and ESPNNews, Boise St appeared in 47 broadcast games.  ybU-p appeared in 45, and Utah in 43.  But the Nielsen Ratings — which more accurately measures “national exposure” flips the script.  Utah appeared in over 68 million homes. ybU-p appeared in over 54 million, and Boise St in nearly 50.7 million.

          And for what it’s worth, you might wanna leave all the “what folks on the east coast think/say/see” up to those who actually live on the east coast.  You’ll look less stupid.

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      Ute Fan

      College level comes down to coaching, difficult to say depending on how long have they been in a major conference. Imagine a mid tier program scattered with a few years of fielding a pretty competitive team. About the same reality for Wazzu, OSU, Utah, Colorado, etc..

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      The sky is the limit if they were a P-5. With the right investment from the schoo and right coach I think any P-5 can reach the pinnacle. It doesn’t mean it will happen but the opportunity is there.

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      I think they have peaked. No reason they would do better than Utah or TCU. They are a very good team however.


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