Why we should be ranked 7th

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        Ute Fan

        We are the number two one-loss team IMO and that could be debated.  Florida has only one loss to maybe the best team in the country, LSU. So, I give them the nod.

        Georgia lost to a very average South Carolina team and has looked vulnerable against a number of teams including ND and Kentucky.  ND is just not that good IMO.

        We have looked much better than Oregon against similar if not the same opponents.

        No team in the country except for Ohio State has looked as good defensively.

        The ranking should be in part an indicator of how a team is playing today and since Sep 20th, we have played lights out.

        My top ten:

        Ohio State




        Penn State






        The rankings will likely not turn out this way because of number of things including that most voters have not seen Utah play.  I think they deserve to be 7th, but I predict 9th or 10th.

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        Ute Fan

        In some ways, I would prefer Utah’s ranking today to reflect massive level of disrespect for the team. Why, you ask? So that when Utah plays in Seattle on Saturday, they are p**sed off. They want to deliver a statement. And the week after too, and so on.

        When the experts begin to focus on metrics. When they start crunching numbers on Utah’s offensive efficiency and defensive domination. When the pro scouts begin to salivate over a host of Utah players in a more public way. And all of this occurs as Utah goes undefeated for its remaining games, I believe Utah will finally and probably grundingly get the respect the team deseves.

        Until then, I want a massive chip to reside on their shoulders.

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          Ute Fan

          Makes some sense.

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        Tacoma Ute
        Ute Fan

        Half of the ballots were probably cast before they even knew we won, much less knew we held them to 6 first downs and 83 yards.

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        Ute Fan

        I would flip OSU & LSU because I think LSU has by far the best resume in the country to this point, but otherwise I think your order is pretty spot on. I think somebody watching all the games would put us #7, but I think we’ll end up #10…

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          Ute Fan

          And there it is. #10 in the Coaches Poll. I just had a feeling voters would screw us with Okla…

          Well, time to go prove them wrong in Seattle…

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