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      BYU to the Big 12 should be viewed as a welcomed development for University of Utah sports.  The biggest thing is that all of the problems that have come with the “in-state game” since 2011 are over.  Our “A” game in the years we are scheduled to play the TDS is now a A5 game meaning the strength of schedule perception argument is alleviated.  If the Utes lose (May it never happen again) it is a non-conference loss to another A5 school.  The State gets to keep one of the great rivalries in College Football which was teetering on the brink of becoming like CSU/CU.  Most important of all local kids have more access than ever to play college football as BYU’s recruiting base elevates and expands it will create scholarship openings at Utah State and the FCS schools.

      I would argue that Utah may be getting more out of this than the Big12.  And lets face it, their fans were going to continue to be insufferable anyway so it really makes no difference on that front.


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      Ute Fan

      Good for byu.  I’ve always been of the opinion they’d be invited to the Big 12 eventually.  I thought it would have happened sooner.

      The other side of your local kids statement is also true.  When Utah went to the Pac 12 it really opened the door for high school athletes in this state.  Schools that hardly ever sniffed this state started making a regular presence here.  With a Big 12 school now down the road this will futher increase the state’s recruiting profile.  I would love to see Utah keep the best in-state kids, but we (as well as byu) already lose too many local recruits to schools on the west coast.  Now we’re going to have the Texas Big 12 schools coming after our local kids too.

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      Well said Hellhound, totally agree

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      I will always remember the Independence and WCC days. Being the Notre Dame of the West was just so difficult for them. Like Icarus they fall back to earth…
      Greatest moments have to be losing to Utah so consistently. The Memphis brawl also a classic Cougar moment.

      If I had more time to waste a nice Sarah McClachlan montage video of all the high points would be a good send off.

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