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    4. Rebuilding year, rebuilding year, rebuilding year. (Yeah, I know. Sucks when it comes at a time of general lethargy throughout the entire conference.)

    QB’s Graduating:
    QB’s probably leaving via draft:
    Browning, Darnold, Rosen

    Arguable if the Darnold leaves after how disastrous this season is turning out. I think next year is a down year…[Read more]

  • Ups 7-1 in the top of the 3rd.  I know UTSA isn’t exactly world beaters, but the bats on this team are just red hot right now.  It start with Simmons, dude is hitting like .500 this year and is 2-2 on the day already.  Double header today.  They head home next weekend.

  • So the season was supposed to start today, but the game got rained out in Bakersfield.  I don’t think it is a huge stretch to say that this team surprise EVERYONE last year in Pac-12 play.  The question is how will this team perform this year when there are expectations?  The Pac-12 wont have another down year and OSU, AZ, and Washington are…[Read more]

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