• Even with NIL, I expect there is a point where being the headliner at a good, next tier P5 may be better than being number 8 or 9 at Alabama. The nature of the teams best player is special and even Alabama will have just 1 best player. Even Jimmer showed the value of being the headliner at a very average team starved for a star gets great…[Read more]

  • Also keep in mind the LB spot was a point of need this for this cycle. We have several very good athletes coming in but they have yet to take their spots. In the future I do see two Calvert LBs playing together. Hopefully next year we can rotate LBs in sooner that we do typical 2s which keeps the group a bit more healthy. Also Scalley can look…[Read more]

  • Exactly, as a WO he is an awesome get. With so many developing LBs we should have very good special teams and the scout team should be able to challenge the offense much better each week. Lot’s of competition for playing time down the line. Very good news.

  • Charlie replied to the topic Interesting departure in the forum Football 4 weeks, 1 day ago

    I was thinking the scholarships were year to year. Possible he may be using one that went unused in the spring. My guess is after 4 years coaches know if he has a chance to play in a league game. The business side of football.

  • If it was up to me… take the P5 teams and form 4 16 team conferences in a separate subdivision. Sadly, one of the 65 including ND is out. Make the focus wining your division, 7 games. Play 4 other subdivision games, two in the other division scheduled by the conference and 2 OOC scheduled by the schools. With the conference championship…[Read more]

  • Trouble is as long as a win against Weber State is better than a close loss to a P5 for getting into the playoffs the vast options for games will look more like Weber State than Florida. I love the OOC games that are other P5. Vast options need to eliminate FCS and ration G5 games to very few.

  • Very sad for college football. If reducing the quality of games to increase the odds of fewest possible losses becomes a trend, where will it end? A more practical solution would be a separate subdivision for the P5 with a limit of 1 G5 preseason game. No FCS games. Any other entertainment option would be driven to improve the quality of their…[Read more]

  • Charlie replied to the topic Orlando Umana is transferring. in the forum Football 1 month ago

    He may prefer to be at center. He was pretty good in 2019, if he was not slated to be a starter then 1) He could be still working thru his injury or 2) 3 inside OL have passed him. Ford moved into his spot when injured and that appears to be bad luck for him. I would guess he would stay if he was a starter. If he is not a starter, the OL has…[Read more]

  • Charlie replied to the topic I support Gwen Berry. in the forum Politics 1 month ago

    She has the right to do what she wants in that situation. Everyone else has the right to approve or disapprove. In today’s world I think you can find many that would approve even ridiculous and offensive things. The wonderful thing about freedom is the right to express what you respect and what you do not. Just realize that most feel you…[Read more]

  • Did you notice how the Y bumped up when they played half G5 and half FCS? I think they think their team improved in 2020. If that team came back and played this years schedule or last years original schedule they would need to get some 50/50 games to be bowl eligible. The RB would be very good in the FCS, and maybe of note playing in the G5.…[Read more]

  • Brains and eggs, never had them but did see others have them. Is this even done anymore outside of Asia?

  • As it relates to the CCG, I know there will be upsets but I expect the better team wins this game most often. If the better team is not the highest ranked team, I struggle with getting rid of the game for that reason. Often in the past the CCG has added another game with about the highest ranked conference foe possible. If they simply made an…[Read more]

  • Clearly we need to see it next fall. However, over the years, I don’t recall Whitt ever telling us a position group has very good potential when it was not the case. Rather, he is slow to sing the praises for a group that has a way to go. 2020 is not an indicator having us play the first game without practicing as a group. Individual workouts…[Read more]

  • I remember Jack, an awesome receiver. Let’s hope they are similar.

  • Charlie replied to the topic Thoughts on Scalley in the forum Football 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    They were correct in making Scalley the ‘HC in waiting’. The incident was made bigger than it was by the culture of the moment in time. Scalley has and is paying more than necessary for the mistake. Sitake is much down the line given how much the defense improved going from Sitake to Scalley. Hill is a good coach with the next step being…[Read more]

  • No doubt, Checketts has some talent and great connections to bring to his show. But when he brings a guest, he talks too much living little time for the guest and often takes the guest to a spot to make them awkwardly agree to his point of view. When he has a point, he needlessly and emotionally repeats it. He could improve by letting his guest…[Read more]

  • I was under the impression that Spence Checketts was go to be replaced. Until then, welcome to his many interests that are not sports related with a side of ‘how could you disagree with me’.

  • I agree all conference champs should go to the playoffs. However, the way to do that is to have a playoff for the P5 and one for the mid majors separately. The mid majors might not think so at first but they would enjoy it more and make more money. For the P5, to make it to the conference championship is pretty much making the playoffs so all…[Read more]

  • It sounds likely that he made a mistake if he was on, as an example, the USC meal plan. However, kids like all of us make mistakes, should pay a penalty and be allowed back. It would be better if he had never made a mistake but it happens. Whitt though, has a very good record of taking a player that has had trouble, giving them a list of things…[Read more]

  • Not my first choice. However, as it relates to travel, UNLV would be the closest school for a road trip and with lots of options to stay over. But, you can play the game, here is a bunch of schools but which one is not like the others…

    If there was realignment, a clean thing for playoffs would be to reduce the P5 to P4, That would make more sense.

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