• I think some don’t realize how hard it is to get to the top of a P5 conference, particularly when you are new to that level. I think the list of schools that moved to that level and win it all is short? I think there are many P5 teams that would very much like to be in Utah’s position. Sure there is more to go but there is no reason be…[Read more]

  • What is needed is to finish as a one loss team and the conference needs to have another top 12 team. A one loss team will almost always make it unless there are no other good teams in the league. The ACC can pull that off but not the Pac. It is not easy but doable to win the CCG after a season with only 1 loss. When it happens, the team will…[Read more]

  • Charlie replied to the topic football week 1 in the forum Football 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    Huntley, Moss and Covey will be fine, all the rehab news is good. The OL is the only difference we will notice but they will be up to BYU. The RBs behind Moss will provide better depth than enjoyed last year. The LBs will be more physical than last year but not as football savvy, but the line play in front of them will be even more dominating…[Read more]

  • My thoughts as well. If he could not take the starting position at Marshall, it is not likely he can stand up to Pac DL guys. Nice to have him in the depth at OL and likely the best option out there but Harding is required to do magic, and maybe he can, to assume he can help keep our QB standing. This is a nice thing but not an exciting thing.

  • Two years ago we did not know Johnston would not work out and did not have a backup plan. This year we do know Johnston will not work out and have a chance for a backup plan. We got lucky two years ago, this time around we have more time to form a backup plan. I don’t expect to be as lucky, kicking may not be a team strength, but I do expect…[Read more]

  • Charlie replied to the topic NFL U in the forum Football 3 months, 3 weeks ago

    We are the only Pac 12 school and only school west of Oklahoma. At some point that must turn into a recruiting advantage for the best linemen in the country that want to go to school out west. I think this is just now turning into critical mass that moves it from a recent blip to a meaningful expectation. Hope we can capitalize.

  • You need to consider the year for the RBs, don’t compare Fr to Sr when looking at the future. Brumfield compares well to spring Moss before his So year. Often spring plays are called to look at what players are working on including new things. The focus may even be working the OL with things they are not getting right or downfield blocking…[Read more]

  • Charlie replied to the topic Jazz game last night. in the forum byu/tds 4 months, 3 weeks ago

    Jimmer should keep his dreams to himself. No one should need to help him and his fans with his dream. This is not Make a Wish, what about all the other people that are simply involved with the Jazz season and have to sit thru the event. I would suggest a game in Provo with local players where Jimmer scores most the points for both teams, as a…[Read more]

  • Down but not crap. I think the three will not go away as fast as you expect. We need the tournament wins to begin to turn around our perception.

  • Washington will decline, I think they and WSU will be at a similar level with Utah. For now the lines seem thin.

    ASU will be the strongest competition for Utah. They do skip Stanford and Washington, Utah skips Stanford and Oregon.

  • charlie started the topic Barefield in the Basketball (Men) forum. 5 months, 1 week ago

    Awsome to be ahead without Barefield playing.  Hopefully his return will be noticed.

  • Charlie replied to the topic Oregon tonight in the forum Basketball (Men) 5 months, 1 week ago

    WSU gave Oregon, or anyone in the tournament, the easiest game to be had. Likely, Oregon needs to pace themselves so as to have hope on Friday if they win tonight. If Utah attacks the extended Oregon defense instead of playing defensive, I think it will work out better. Both teams are playing better than when they first met. I don’t expect…[Read more]

  • Strange year to be sure. I have watched a lot of Pac, WCC and MWC games. If they were all lumped into a super conference, I think the top 10 would be heavily Pac teams. I would fear several Pac teams in a tournament more than the top WCC or MWC teams. I would feel more confident with a rematch with Nevada than with Washington or ASU. As a…[Read more]

  • Goodness, we start the year with the goal to win every game. If a young team isn’t winning games in the preseason, it is only smart to adjust goals. There are lots of deficiencies teams may have but lofty enough goals is not often a problem. Execution is more the issue. But realize, like a famous general once stated, the other guys have plans…[Read more]

  • Charlie replied to the topic Donovan Thompson in the forum Football 5 months, 2 weeks ago

    Guessing it is playing time. Thompson could easily be behind Bowen, Bernard and Lund – maybe he is looking for more time on the field. It sounds like he is in good standing with Utah and they very much want him to push the others and be there if someone gets hurt. Utah also goes to 3 LBs sometimes, that makes the #3 important but they don’t see…[Read more]

  • Actually, lagging defense is what I would expect starting 3 freshmen and trying to work in a lower level Sr transfer and a JC transfer. It took Parker most of his career to be able to play defense, has taken Johnson some time as well. Next year throws in several new guys that hopefully will get minutes. But I hear you, at some point we need to…[Read more]

  • I don’t think they are immune. I went to grad school in the Pac 10 and was familiar with their FB and BB. When we joined, I wanted to compete for championships right up front. However, I am also realistic enough to realize it is a long road for schools moving up in the ranks. FSU was an exception everyone else would like to repeat, but most w…[Read more]

  • Utah has clearly gotten better. PVD and Johnson are clearly better than last year and first of the year. Allen and Gach have progressed better than could be expected. Batten has also gotten better. The only disappointment has been Jones, I expected him to get going midseason like other JC guys. Acid test: could TDS beat us now?
    Hard to tell…[Read more]

  • Tony, simply trying to return to the main screen. No idea how that happened, not at all intended…

  • I expect others will for sure throw it at us.  However, almost no one does it as well as Washington. I don’t expect to see a zone this good until we play them again. Hopefully, by the tournament we get better at attacking it.

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