• I volunteered at the 1993 NBA All Star game in SLC. Was lucky to meet a young Shaquille Oneal. Thought it was a big deal. Maybe because I’m 30 years older, doesn’t seem a big deal at all these days, the All Star games.

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    Here I’m sitting after the game I just watched that had a Ute at MLB(SEA), now another where yet another Ute as starting MLB for JAX. I’m so lucky to be a Utes alumni and fan. Go Utes!

    BTW: many of us spent time in Jacksonville to start the football season. Beautiful city, however, Salt Lake City is so much more badass. Nothing close.

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    Go to YouTube and subscribe to University of Utah Athletics. All the player interviews. Thomas Yassmin probably the best.

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    Coach Prime definitely bringing not only marketing power to the PAC, but he’s going to bring bigger recruits than Utah can.
    I grew up with dreams of going to Southern Cal, but our allegiances change. If they stayed, I think the PAC could’ve had a much larger negotiating position. 
    The 60s through the 80s, it was all about the PAC8-PAC10 and the…[Read more]

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    He’s going to change the dynamics of western football recruiting as we we know it. And I’m enamored. USC fucked up. 

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    For all of us who flew and jumped through hoops to get to the Swamp to start the season, cheers to you. 
    That game set the tone for the season. I know The Utes had a bunch of newbies on defense to start, but I could see the vibe wasn’t right at the QB and RB position. 
    I hope these next couple games we see a different vibe. I have huge trust in…[Read more]

  • If there is any restructuring, the deadwood needs to be carved out. There are too many schools getting big money in not only weak markets, but garbage contributions to their leagues. 
    Hate to say it, but BYU has contributed more than half the bottom feeders of the B1G and SEC. I felt bad they were forced to independence. There are way too many…[Read more]

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    If you’re going to post anything Utah footy. Please, for God’s sake share a link. Please stop this garbage like you’re the source. Share the god-damned source, please!!!!
    One For Example

  • One of my favorite Ute QBs. 
    BJ the QB coach for The Philly Eagles

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    We need better posts here than fake Twitter crap. Oh my.

  • He’s still all in. Representing The U
    Weddle Reppin

  • Called Weddle the best safety and teammate he’s ever played with. I’ve tried to listen in on the weekly segments with Weddle and Riley. I would highly recommend going back and listening. Weddle probably one of my favorite Utes. And I would bet he loves the University of Utah more than me.
    Ramsey love for Weddle

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    If you’re going to the Rose Bowl, pack like you’re going to be in Utah. Gonna be chilly after the game is over looks like. Be ready for the 4 seasons.

  • I’ll take it, but the PAC12 was soft this year. Reason being, the bullshit season last season. 5 games after no spring or fall camp in 2020 hurt the PAC12 bad. Worse than any league had to deal with. 
    But, credit to the Utes. They dealt with way more adversity than any team in the PAC12 and they made it happen. Not surprised by the guys coming…[Read more]

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    Maybe the Bahamas bowl with hopes they’d show more footage outside the stadium than the game itself. I might tune in because I had no idea there was a stadium in the Bahamas.

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    Even if you buy a $1.49 XL white throwaway t-shirt. It must be done. I have neutral friends going to the game who hate Ohio State. They will refuse to wear red. Wear the white. Like the team. Bottom line, let’s crush them.

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    I think the Utes will win 27-24. But it will be physical. Ohio State hasn’t felt the Utah pain. They are very very good though. 
    Ohio State definitely the best team the Utes have faced since maybe 2010 TCU. They are scary good. 
    I’m standing by my prediction, until about 9 days from now. When the bender ends, my prediction will stand. Hold me to…[Read more]

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    I love, Michigan. My birthplace, Taylor. Close to Detroit. 
    I’m going to tell you now, no one from Ohio State can claim anyone from Michigan will root for OSU against Utah. 
    However, I would say 99.9% people in Michigan will be rooting for Michigan. I fucking love Michigan!!!

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    I had friends in California tell me Rattler from Oklahoma was going to UCLA. I looked it up, yes it said he was committed. Then I just saw on ESPN he’s going to South Carolina. What a bunch of clowns.
    Looking forward to just watching football and not caring about these young guys who might be so misdirected it’s like, careful where you step. We…[Read more]

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    I very much appreciate the expectations within the Utah football program. We have no idea the realm of what every individual thinks of the last 18 months. 
    I’m a combat vet, and I’ll tell you right now these fellas have faced more PTSD than I’ve experienced. Freaky weird stuff. 
    When all said and done, those 18-24 year olds in the program the…[Read more]

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