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The best story in sports right now is Joe Williams




We could easily be on a 2 game losing streak without him, and we definitely dont win today


  • UTE98

    Yeah, from retired to increasing his NFL stock in just two weeks. It would make a great movie. I’d watch it.

  • UTE98

    Who wanted big plays???? We got'em today!!!!!

    6 plays of 40 yards or more.
    4 plays of 20 yards or more.

    No plays for 30-39 yards.

    That is absolutely crazy. Don’t even care how many big plays we gave up, we WON!!!!!!

    Milton, maybe you could splice those together, may be even prettier than the sweaters. Aw who am I kidding, the sweaters were nice, VERY NICE!!!!!

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    For the year: McCaffrey with 612. Williams with 586.




  • Win in the coliseum then we do. 

    • bopahull

      You can only play the games where they are scheduled

      • Yep. UCLA also used to play games in the Coliseum. They moved to the Rose Bowl in 1982.

  • UTE98

    College Game Day next week????? I'd say we're in the top 4 logical sites.

    #15 Florida-Georgia???? Probably not, Georgia is unranked.
    #9 Baylor-Texas???? Probably not, but don’t underestimate ESPN/Texas as bedfellows.
    #5 Washington-#19 Utah Possibly, but I’d say there may be two other likely locations, unless they’ve already been there this year.
    #8 Nebraska- #10 Wisconsin, weren’t they already there this year? For the Michigan game?
    #4 Clemson – #13 FSU, FSU isn’t that good, they have two losses.

    Added analysis: If Washington and Washington St win out, WSU may finally get the College Gameday experience. But I’m hoping we ruin that next week. Though if both win out after next week it is a possibility.

  • pancakes

    I hope not. We might get stomped. 

  • UteFanatic

    Email Notifications

    Hey Tony, how come Ute Hub doesn’t notify me via email when someone replies to to my post? I have the option checked to do so in settings.

  • Tony

    “It’s complicated.”  

    The front page is programmed by me, to take some of the positive aspects of a UFN/CB threaded layout.  The front page functions separate from the “standard” forum areas of the site, found in the forum menu or by clicking the “open” button on a post from the front page.  I didn’t program in email notifications for the front page, because I haven’t gotten around to it.

    IF someone responds in the non-home page area and you have email notifications checked, you should get notified.  

    Now, if you are not getting ANY email from the site, it is more likely that the mail is getting spammed or blocked by your service provider before it gets to you.