UCLA at Colorado (Pick Em closes in ONE hour)

I’m anxious to watch UCLA at Colorado.  Haven’t seen CO play yet.  And that reminds me to remind you that this week’s pick em game closes in exactly one hour.

  • sweetgrass

    #98 should be kicked out

    • utahpunk

      I thought it was weak.

  • ironman1315

    Announcer seizure

    So, Milton or someone can you get a video up of the announcer from the Washington game having a seizure on air when he tried to pronounce Luaftasaga, TIA.

  • Milton Vanderslice

    I wish I could.  I’m out of the country right now and wasn’t able to record the game.  If Bob posts his torrent then I’ll be able to do it.

    • St George Ute

      Out of the country? Sounds like you’re escaping before the election. Something many of us wish we could do. I’ve recently had a strong desire to move to New Zealand. 🙂

  • LuafataSONGA

  • Woodutail

    ASU tailgate location???

    I am preparing my tailgating activities for the game in Tempe next Thursday.
    Its been many years since my last voyage to the land of Sparky.
    Where is the best place to park and tailgate down there?
    I heard the golf course maybe?
    There are 16 of us going in our group.
    Any thoughts or prayers are welcome.

  • Gusquatch

    The local alumni associating and many other Utes will be at the parking lot north (accross Rio Salado Parkway) of the Karstens Golf Course.  We’ll have a food truck, tents and many other fellow Utes.  The lot is first come, first serve.  Spread the word.

  • Woodutail

    Thanks and will see U next Thursday.
    Is the parking on the golf course general parking?

  • Gusquatch


  • ProudUte

    Things like this make me so sad. Please teach your kids not to bully.

  • 1

    I was bullied as a kid. It was the two big satellite dishes on the side of my head. It really bothered me and I was pretty self conscious about it until High School. Now that my kids are going into school I notice that my kid gets bullied about the dumbest things. The shirt he is wearing. I know now but didn’t know then but some people are just such dicks they can’t go a day without putting someone else down to make themselves feel better. Kind of a sad reality.
    I was much nicer about it when I was a kid and just ignored it at the time. Once in Junior High a kid flipped my ears multiple times so I turned around and got in a fight. My kid in the first grade just smacks the ones that are teasing him. Then he gets in trouble for retaliating because just like the refs in games Teachers only see the second offense.

    Bullying does need to end and I always punish my kid for teasing or making fun of people.

  • Tony


    FYI I fixed the link for you. To post a link, copy the URL. Then click the link button and paste the link inside.

  • coriander-seed

    We’re all Ducks and Bruins supporters this weekend, huh?

  • colbyutahman3

    UCLA has been in every single game this year. I really want to pick em this week but CO at home I just can’t seem to do it, although I wouldn’t be surprised if it happened.

  • Reality is, a UCLA win does not change the race for the South. Utah would still be tied with Colorado with 2 PAC 12 losses and thus would have to win against Colorado. In fact, Colorado could lose two more games and still finish ahead of Utah by winning the head-to-head match-up as both would have 3 PAC 12 losses, but Colorado would own the tie breaker. Then USC would come into play, but they have to beat UW. If they don’t, they would have 3 PAC 12 losses as well, but Utah owns the tiebreaker over USC while USC owns the tie breaker over Colorado.

    Bottom line, Utah needs to win out. No other scenario result in Utah winning the South.

  • popbirch

    Utah wins in a 3way tie at 6-3 also with USC and Colorado. 

    Everyone in that group would be 1-1 against each other or  if something weird happens and Colorado loses 1 game and Utah beats Colorado for their 3rd loss then we would be 2-0 and win the tie but more than likely all 3 teams would be 1-1.

    Next is south record.  Colorado would be 3-2 no matter what or 2-3 depending on who they lost to so they are elimatinated. Then it goes back to head to head and Utah beat USC so we are the south champs in a 6-3 tie between USC Utah and Colorado. 

    Colorado losing twice means we can lose to them only if USC loses a third game and not any more than that. 

    So if we drop a third conference game it’s best to lose to Oregon and beat asu/Colorado and then hope that Colorado also lost another along the way. 

    If we are 5-3 going to the Colorado game and Colorado is 6-2 then a win will give us the south unless USC wins out which they could. 

    • Colorado’s got 1 loss. If they lose two more, the most likely would be WSU (North) and Utah (South). That would leave them with 2 losses in the South. If Utah loses to Colorado, Utah would have 3 losses with 2 in the South, but Colorado still owns the tie breaker. USC’s likely remaining loss is at UW which would place USC with 3 losses, 2 in the north and 1 in the South, but Utah owns that head to head tie breaker. USC owns the tiebreaker over Colorado as they would just have 1 loss in the South and they own the head to head tiebreaker over Colorado. Utah cannot win in a 3-way tie with a loss to Colorado because USC would have the better South record.

      • St George Ute

        Correction: In that scenario, Utah would have 2 losses in the north (WA & Cal) and 1 in the south (CO).

      • popbirch

        If Colorado loses two more and beats utah for utahs 3rd loss and USC loses one more we would win that 3 way tie. The tie breakers go as follows: 1. head to head against the teams in the tie. If USC loses any of their remaining games and finishes 6-3 they would be 1-1 against the other tied teams. The best colorado can do is be 1-1 with a utah win or if we beat them they are 0-2. Lets say they beat utah and are 1-1. Utah would then also be 1-1 or in the situation where utah beats colorado for colorados 3rd loss then we would be 2-0 and win the south. If the utes remain at 1-1 then it goes to the next level which is 2. division record. Utes would 4-1 (loss to colorado), USC 4-1 (loss to utes), colorado best they can get to is 3-2 if they end up at 6-3, even if they lose to WSU they would also have to lose to either UCLA/UA or us in any event if they lose any finish at 6-3 they would be eliminated in this second tier tiebreaker. it then resets and we have head to head win against USC and we win the south.

        Any 3 way tie with USC/COlorado/Utah Utah would win the south. If its a two way tie at 6-3 with colorado then we have to beat colorado to win the south.

        Reality is that a UCLA win helps us only if colorado loses again and USC loses one more game only. If USC loses two more and we go head to head tied with colorado then either colorado needs to lose 3 games (which is very unlikely) or we need to beat colorado.

        Anyway we want Colorado to lose so that in the event we don’t beat them there is still a possibility of a three way tie which we would win. We also probably want USC to win and then lose the UW game so that in the event we make it to the pac12 champ game we would be facing them again and a win or loss would probably get us to the rose bowl.

  • Tony

    Go Bruins!

  • St George Ute

    My daughter’s top two universities on her list are UCLA and Utah. First is UCLA as she really wants to go to school in SoCal. So, she and I will be watching the UCLA vs Colorado game together and rooting for the Bruins. She for her preferred school, me for my Utes. Bonding…