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Dear Utah OCs, take a look at these.

I like the GT running on the FG team, and throwing to Demerius Thomas.

I also like the #1 play, but that is a bit trickier and I’m not sure it would work against a Pac-12 defense.

The puntrooski is also pretty good, do we have a big guy who could run that?


Blood Moon

From chateau Ute Hub this evening…

  • Brettski

    That’s cool. We saw it from our parking lot and my poor wife came across teenagers having sex in their car while she was snapping some pics of the blood moon

  • Tony

    Pics of the car action?

  • YodaUte

    Every Big Play — The punt return makes me laugh every time

    Hal Evans

    Travis Wilson

    I have said it for four years and I will say it again….Travis Wilson would have been the type of quarterback we say in Las Vegas last December and in Eugene last night if we hadn’t had the annual revolving door of offensive coordinators and the weekly threat that he was going to be replaced by a clearly inferior KT…..

  • rbmw263


    • rbmw263

      and yes, I agree. OC instability has obviously affected Travis. As well as some injuries to throwing extremeties. When he is healthy, and he has OC stability, he is pretty damn good

  • THEeyepatch

    Some thoughts on the offense…

    I guess A-Rod and Whittingham figured they should save the playbook for Oregon last night. They must’ve felt that if they could beat Michigan, Utah State, and Fresno State with about a quarter/half the PB, why not?! The play calling last night was superb, Oregon looked completely baffled.

    I did like that misdirection play Oregon ran for a TD where I believe the running back ran right then looped back left and was wide open. I think we should ‘steal’ that one, it was a nice play and I think it would fit perfect into Utah’s scheme? haha

    What a beautiful Sunday, Utah ranked 10/12 and getting the national publicity it deserves. Next up… #24 California and who knows what they’ll be ranked in two weeks.

    GO UTES!

  • rbmw263

    Whit was clearly planning for this well before the season started. Planned on holding back until the Oregon game, throwing everything we had at them, and then having the bye week to decompress after a potential huge win. Really seems thats how it was set up. If we can keep executing that type of offense, the best of Booker is yet to come. Will really open it up for him. Oregons safeties were no more than 10 yards off the ball the entire first half last night.

    We all knew a win @ Autzen would set the tone for a season on a different level when the schedule came out, Whitt agreed.

  • oops

  • 89ute

    Our offense is incredibly efficient. Comparing among Pac 12 teams only, we are:

    #1 in sacks given up (1)
    #1 in red zone offense
    #1 in 4th down conversions (8 of 9)
    #1 in turnover margin (+7)
    #2 in 3rd down conversions (47.5)
    #2 in time of possession (34:18)

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