MIsc. thought on Utah football

I am proud with the way our Utes played last Saturday and we were in that game until the end.  But, here are a few of my concerns.

– On the three drives where UW scored TDs, we looked horrible on defense.  They were making 10 – 12 yards a play.  I think this had a lot to do with UW’s innovateive play calling.  One play – they put all of their wide outs to the right (wide side of the field).  Utah only had a defensive end on the left to defend any run to that side.  UW pulled a lineman and double the D-end.  The next thing you know – they gained 20 yards.  I was very impressed with UW’s play calling.  They switched things up and kept us on our toes.

– Troy Williams lacks consistency.  He made a few beautiful throws in the second half.  But, he made some horrible throws in that game which stopped drives.  I would say it was a matter of being too hyped for the UW game, but we have seen this virtually all season.  So, my question is – Is Troy Williams good enough or consistent enough to get us to the PAC 12 Championship?

– Once we got inside the 30 at the end of the game, there were some questionable play calls.  KW hinted that was the case in the press conferfence and then backed off because I’m sure he didn’t want to call out his offensive coordinators.  The third down sack was the killer.  I don’t blame that on play calling, but likely poor execution on our players.

I am optimistic that we can and should beat ASU next week.  But, we have been in the South race on 3 of our 5 years in the conference and we have lost games we should have won.  Most notable was year one.  We beat a CU team which hadnt won on the road in three years and we are the South champions.  I blame that loss on poor preparation by our coaching staff.  I think we had 2 first downs at half time agains a poor CU defense.  We need to treat ASU like USC or UW.  We should win, but cannot take the game lightly.

We should also beat Oregon.  But, they have some skill players on offense that make it possible for them to score in just seconds.  We need to put them away early like we did last year.

Colorado is not an easy game.  We will have to be at our best to win this game.  I hope we are healthier by that game than we were for the UW game.

Go Utes!!!

  • svatos40p

    I get what you are saying about Troy but I think the biggest issue with the pass game are the drops. There were at least 5 drops in the Washington game that would have been first downs or big plays. On third down from our 1 or whatever it was if Simpkins catches that 15 yard pass the punt return never happens but he dropped an easy catch and an easy first down. I also think that Tim Patrick needs to have the ball in his hands more. I saw numerous occasions where he was open but wasn’t the first or even the second read. He should be the first option as much as possible.

    I hate to say it but the Linebackers are not good at all. Washington was able to run the ball easily because the LB’s would get caught chasing and not doing their job. Chase has basically become and linebacker to try and help out in the box.

    Utah should beat ASU and Oregon, especially if they get Marcus Williams, Falemaka back at center, Tevi should be fine, Handley will be back, Troy and Zack should be healthy as well to take the load off of Joe Williams in the run game. Considering all the injuries Utah should have been destroyed by Washington but they are a good team with depth in the right positions.

    Honestly once again the play calling seems to be the downfall of the team on the offensive side of the ball. On the last drive they took a lot of time off the clock for no reason making it impossible to get the ball back after the failed 4th down. Running the trick play with Simpkins was dumb and the 4th down play was a joke. All they needed was 15 yards and they call a hail mary? Why???? Along with calling the same plays too many times in a row, making it easy for teams to stop them. I think Whitt should go looking for a legit offensive play caller and let Harding and Roderick be position coaches.

  • I counted the drops against UW and there were 4. The Simpkins one was crucial. There was a 5th which was a screen pass that went off the outstretched fingertips of the receiver, but I put that on Troy Williams as the placement needs to be far better than that on such a short pass.

    Reality is that the claimed dropped passes are grossly exaggerated. Troy Williams has simply been really inaccurate. Witness the final pass in the UW game. That ball sailed over the reach of leaping players who were already several yards out of bounds. Translation: NOT EVEN CLOSE TO A CATCHABLE BALL. There was another short pass where 6’5″ Tim Patrick grabbed the ball at his ankles while in stride. Tim’s a pretty big target and that pass was not even 10 yards, or 30′. His target should be from the waist up to slightly extended hands, which on Tim is probably a 5′ expanse. Yet he completely missed that target and forced Tim to grab it around his ankles in stride from just 30′ away. SMH.

  • St George Ute

    Personal musings on the CFP rankings

    Some of my thoughts on the first CFP rankings of 2016:

    1) Bama #1, no problem there.
    2) Clemson #2, I’m surprised. They’ve struggled the last couple weeks and if not for some questionable calls in the closing minutes, FSU would probably have won.
    3) Michigan #3, should be #2.
    4) Texas A&M #4, honestly, impressive record against some pretty good teams. One loss to Bama, so not bad.
    5) Washington #5, weak OOC schedule and all the conference teams they played before Utah are down this year. First tough competition was Utah, and we were in it until the end (2-3 missed block in the back calls).
    6) After that, it’s a crap shoot.

    If Washington wins out, including a win in the PAC12 championship, they’ll deserve to jump A&M and likely will.

    If Ohio St and Michigan win out but tOSU beats Michigan and wins the B1G title game, then I could see both being in consideration for the CFP.

    If Bama and A&M win out, Bama is in at #1 and A&M will likely be considered.

    If the PAC12 doesn’t have an undefeated team by season’s end, then they may be left out. I can see that happening. Honestly, I don’t see Washington being undefeated (USC, Wazzu, championship)

    If a conference gets two teams in the CFP (most likely are Bama and A&M or Michigan and tOSU), then talk of an 8 team playoff gets more traction.

    What I’d like to see:

    Undefeated Washington v Utah in the PAC12 championship game, Utah wins and takes the Rose Bowl spot and WA gets left out of the playoffs.

    CFP final four are either Bama, Ohio St, Clemson, Michigan OR Bama, Michigan, Clemson, A&M. CFP leaves out the Big XII and PAC12 and pundits start talking 8 team playoff.

    Final result is an 8 team playoff. Playoff includes each of the P5 conference champions, the top ranked G5 team, and the final 2 spots go to the two highest ranked teams who are not conference champions. New Years Six bowls (Peach, Fiesta, Sugar, Orange, Cotton, and Rose) get the first 2 rounds (4 in the 1st, other 2 in the 2nd) rotating who gets 1st and 2nd round games. CFP National Championship game played at one of the 1st round venues, rotating each year.

    There you go

  • Utah

    I disagree when you ding Washington for their OOC record. A&M has only played New Mexico State, Prarie View and will play Texas San Antonio later this year. 

    You can’t ding Washington for playing a P5 school and then a 9 conference game schedule and then give Texas A&M a pass for an 8 game conference schedule and NMSU, PVA&M and UTSA. 

    If you count UCLA as Texas A&M’s 9th conference game, then A&M has zero OOC P5 games. Washington had one, and when the game was scheduled, Rutgers was a good team. 

    Washington should be #4. 

    • St George Ute

      At this point in the season, A&M has done more than Washington, even with one loss.

      Washington’s schedule to-date:
      Rutgers 2-6
      Idaho 4-4
      Portland St 2-6
      Arizona 2-6
      Stanford 5-3
      Oregon 3-5
      Oregon St 2-6
      Utah 7-2

      Texas A&M
      UCLA 3-5
      Prairie View 5-3
      Auburn 6-2 (lost close to Clemson, lost to A&M, Wins against Arkansas St, Arkansas, and Ole Miss)
      Arkansas 5-3 (losses to A&M, Bama, Auburn, wins against TCU, Ole Miss)
      South Carolina 4-4 (best win vs Tennessee)
      Tennessee 5-3 (losses to A&M, Bama, South Carolina, wins against Georgia, Florida, Virginia Tech)
      Loss to Alabama 8-0 (wins against USC, Ole Miss, Arkansas, Tennessee, & A&M)
      New Mexico St 2-6

      Comparing resumes at this point in the season (and that’s what the CFP rankings are based on), I give Texas A&M the edge over Washington. Washington has played their 3 OOC games (Sun Belt, FCS, B1G). A&M has played 3 of their 4 (PAC12, C-USA, Sun Belt) with one left.

      To-date, both teams have played 6 P5 teams, 1 mid-major, and 1 FCS team. So, at this point, they are identical. But, I would argue that A&M’s conference games to-date have been more difficult than Washington’s and that A&M has beaten tougher competition. Their one loss is to the #1 team in the country.

      Another comparison:
      Opponents record
      Washington’s opponents 27-38 (P5 opponents are 21-28)
      A&M’s opponents 38-26 (P5 opponents are 31-17)

      • St George Ute

        Also, I do believe that if both Washington and A&M win out, and Washington wins the PAC12 title game, that Washington will deserve to jump A&M.

        I’m just arguing that right now, with their resumes, A&M’s is more impressive.

        • Utah

          I disagree. It’s so tough to compare schedules for a lot of reasons, some of the being that the SEC’s will always be artificially inflated due to playing only 8 conference games. 

          I do agree that if Washington wins out, they are in. But, Washington will end up the most screwed team in sports this year, because they will be undefeated in the regular season, lose to Utah in the PAC-12 title game, Utah will go to the Rose Bowl and Washington will have to go play SDSU in the Cotton Bowl. ha ha. 

          • St George Ute

            I agree it is hard to compare schedules at this point in the season. It’s a bit easier at the end, and it’s obvious the SEC pads their schedule with easy OOC wins.

            However, most of the SEC teams haven’t yet played their final patsy game (if I’m allowed to say that word), so right now their schedules are similar to the PAC12 in the number of P5 vs G5/FCS teams. In that respect, the schedules are comparable, and unfortunately, A&M’s opponents have a better record than Washington’s. Hence, the higher ranking.

            Let’s call A&M 4a and Washington 4b. They are pretty close as far as I’m concerned. But, we both agree that if Washington wins out then they are in.

            But, like you said. Utah will beat WA in the title game, so it doesn’t matter anyway. 🙂

  • Tacoma Ute

    I wouldn’t give the G5 an autobid in an 8 team playoff. I’d give them access on a year by year basis if there was a deserving team. If the playoff went to 16 I’d give them an autobid.

    • St George Ute

      I can get behind that.

    • Took only six years for us to turn into us vs them?

      • leftyjace

        Took me one day…

        • Haha 

  • Nittany Ute

    Cannot wait for game 7 tonight

    I currently reside in Cleveland and there is a lot of nervous energy here leading up to the game. I realize the Cubs are probably the sentimental favorites for everyone outside of Ohio, but man this place would go nuts if the Indians can pull it off. Maybe even more than when the Cavs won. Especially given the number of injuries they fought through. Sure, 108 years is a long time, but 68 years is nothing to sneeze at either. Both teams are playing awesome baseball and it is a shame one has to go home empty handed. Much respect to the Cubs, win or lose. Go Tribe!

  • All that talk the Cavs did about the Warriors losing a 3-1 lead jinxed the hell out of the Indians. Sorry but I see the Cubs throwing that back into Clevelands face soon.

    • Nittany Ute

      As much as I hope you are wrong, I think you are probably right. 

  • St George Ute

    I’m not a baseball fan, but even I’ll be watching tonight. 🙂

  • leftyjace

    You know who wins tonight?


    AMERICA wins.

  • GameForAnyFuss

    Now that game 7 has come and gone (congrats, Cubs!) in such a dramatic fashion, baseball fans have got to be dreading the offseason. But have no fear – I think pitchers and catchers report next week. 😉

    Sorry baseball fans…just having a little fun with ya. But seriously, what a game last night!

  • CincyUte

    Fun with cfbtrivia, pt. 6

    Here’s a cool bit of trivia:

    Nine different Pac-12 teams have been ranked in a major poll at some point this year. This includes everyone but Oregon State, Cal and Arizona.

    The last time I could find Oregon State ranked was the 2013 preseason poll. They lost their first game that year (to Eastern Washington) and promptly dropped out of the polls.  And they haven’t been back since.

    But every other team besides the Beavers has been ranked at least once in the past two seasons.

    That’s not too bad.

  • CincyUte

    Just a little follow up for context: every other P5 conference has teams that haven’t been ranked for a long, long time–

    In the Big XII, Kansas hasn’t been ranked since 2009. Iowa State was ranked #25 in one poll for a single week in 2012; before that, they hadn’t been ranked since 2005.

    In the SEC, Kentucky hasn’t been ranked since 2007. Vanderbilt hasn’t been ranked since 2008.

    In the ACC, Syracuse hasn’t been ranked since 2001 (when they were members of the old Big East). Boston College and Wake Forest haven’t been ranked since 2008.

    Finally in the Big Ten, Maryland was ranked #25 in one poll for a single week in 2013; before that, they hadn’t been ranked since 2008. Purdue hasn’t been ranked since 2007. But the biggest loser is Indiana, which hasn’t been ranked since….wait for it….1994! They were #24 in the coaches poll in late September of 1994, and haven’t been back since. Incidentally, Utah appeared at #15 in the coaches poll that week; it was the week Utah went on the road to play #11 Colorado State in an epic.

  • Utah

    I still like that Utah has never not been ranked in the CFP. 

  • Tony

    Home Page Updates – Please Clear Your Cache and Refresh

    Ok it is fairly quiet right now with the loss and the bye week, so good time to implement the “user experience” tweaks I’ve been working about 3 weeks on.  I’m working to clean up the look but not add or take away features necessarily.  Just make things a little better, cleaner, improved on mobile… and fix that firefox like button bug.

    You should see a very slightly different layout in the home page:

    • Eliminate button borders and reduce text footprint at bottom of posts and replies.  Take focus off of them to make it more on the content.
    • Move like buttons to header of each topic/reply, upper right
    • Change date of post from the super long format to a Twitter style, like 3h  (this shortens it, simplifies it, and makes it take up less space on mobile)
    • Make user avatar bigger, because there’s plenty of space for that to happen without increasing the content size.  More like Twitter.
    • Move category and post time from the bottom buttons to the header, and make the text smaller and less obtrusive. The time is, after all, not a button.
    • Move user name to top of post.  Format:  avatar – user – category – time

    Thanks for your patience. Things may not be perfect, but hopefully close. If stuff looks really whacked make sure you clear your browsing data (cache, cookies, history etc). I’m looking on my phone and it looks GREAT. Hoping for the same on your devices.

    GO UTES!

  • UtahUteGuy

    I’m on an iPad, and this looks great.  Nicely done, Tony.

  • 96GradAlum

    Love love love the changes – makes each post and the entire page much more readable!!!

    • Tony

      That’s the idea. A better flow. Less chaotic. More smooth and easy to read.  Better on mobile.  I lokoed on my android phone, my tablet and my wife’s iPhone 6 and I LOVE the look.

  • AdamTheUte

    Looks great.  Love it.  

  • utahpunk

    This looks amazing. I love this format. Thanks Tony.

  • Milton Vanderslice

    Nice.  I can confirm that home page thumbs up votes now work in Firefox.

  • Daedalus

    Definitely flows better visually. Thanks for going through the trouble!