Moving chat to a page instead of a tab/bubble (DONE)

I’m in the process of moving done moving the chat room to the page https://www.utehub.com/chat instead of having it be a tab on each page (computers) or a chat bubble on mobile devices.  The overlaying chat window has been cool on my machine, but too many complaints about layout and stuff. 

It may take a day or two to get it moved.  From the chat page you can break it out into its own window if you want.  It will keep the chat from interfering with the home page, plus it may help the home page load a little faster.

  • utahpunk

    Do what you gotta do. I was used to having it on the side, but I like the idea of having a dedicated page for it that gives me an option to pop it out in a seperate window.

    • Tony

      You could pop it out before.

  • leftyjace

    I think moving it to its own page is a smart move.

  • crazyute7

    I think that will make a big difference.  Scrolling the website and the chat window didn’t work too well before and the website worked better when I wasn’t logged in, probably because chat was gone.

    Love that this is getting changed!

  • Once again, the chat froze on me. Unable to fix even after a reboot. Not a big deal as the season is over for me.

  • FormerUteSax

    Oh man check out this block

  • Tony

    That’s great.

  • CyclingUte

    Love me some pancakes!

  • quagmire

    Wishful thinking my friend. Kyle doesn’t like to the word air raid or innovative when it comes to his oh fense. Two words: throw game. 

    • rbmw263

      Guy emphasizes the run far more than his air raid compadres

  • rbmw263

    Oregon will not be an easy game

    They lead the Pac 12 in rushing yards per game (~250). I know most of you remember what USC and UW did to us on the ground.. Their young QB is developing and looking better by the week. And this is a team that probably wants to beat us more than any other on the schedule (outside of UW)

  • Tony

    My thoughts exactly. I get more and more worried about this game.

    • SalUteopia


      I prefer games where we are the underdogs.

  • UteFanatic

    Utah could win, or lose, against any team in the P12. No win is guaranteed. Anyone who thinks otherwise hasn’t been paying attention the last six years.

  • It’s good to want.

  • Utahute72

    I don’t know why anyone thinks any of these games left will be easy. None are in the PAC 12, but we have always had a tough time in Tempe and Oregon is always dangerous. Colorado seems to be a different animal this year.

  • Extra Medium

    yes it will, we own the ducks!