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High Uintas

All right, who were the 15?

Who were the 15 out of 474 who voted “Utah wins convincingly?”

Come get your praise. I certainly wasn’t one of them.

  • Tony

    Not me. I did pick the Utes to win but thought I was being a homer.

  • Hockeybeard

    I did it as a joke – honestly didn’t expect to have it happen!

  • Astute Ute

    I was one. Thinking by 14 to 17 but last night was incredible.

  • GadValleyUte

    Remember the talk of Corey Butler-Byrd playing WR last night

    there was that under thrown long ball to him early on and then I don’t remember anything else his direction and his name was never called on defense. As a corner it’s probably good to never have your name said unless you get an INT.
    Anyone keep track of how much time he spent on the field and in what capacity?
    Since we Bly looked his way once does it mean we have a little or lot left in the playbook that folks haven’t seen? Any thoughts?


    I just had an odd thought, about Arizona and Oregon last year.

    Arizona beat Oregon when they were #2 in Autzen, 31-24.

    (I’m not saying we’ll play Oregon in the Pac-12 championship, hoping yes)

    Then Oregon beat Arizona in the P12 Championship game 51-13.

    I guess the point I’m making is while it was a GREAT win, there is still a ton of season left and I’m not confident in predicting either Utah or Oregon in the P12 championship game. Just tempering my expectations. But HOPING Utah makes the P12 championship game and possibly more but UCLA and USC are looking pretty good this year as well.

  • Tony

    We haven’t even played a game in the south yet. Long way to go.

  • jamarcus24

    I think the North runs through Stanford this year. Still not sold on Cal. They’ve run through some pretty terrible defenses so far and Washington found a way to hang around. Cal’s real first test is at Rice-Eccles in two weeks.

    As for us, we sent a statement to the conference last night and now we’re going to get everyone’s best shot.

    • Homer Crimson

      Yup, the Utes just put a big target on their backs and I wouldn’t have it any other way. If we lose, it wasn’t our year.

  • “No let up!”

  • Woodutail


    Mark May on ESPN today said the Utes are one of the top 4 teams based on their body of work. Mark never has given Utah that much respect. Time for me to start drinking the koolaid. ☺

  • Tony

    That’s nice. Not sure I agree, but that’s nice.

    • RedLine

      Nice post from the Michigan fan board:

      Utah beat: Michigan (currently #22), Utah State, Fresno State, Oregon
      MSU beat: Air Force, Central Michigan, Western Michigan, Oregon
      Utah 62-20 Oregon at Oregon
      Oregon 28-31 MSU at MSU
      Unless we are evaluating best team/talent vs best performance/records, there’s no explanation of #2 vs #10 rankings in the AP poll this week.

      MSU deserves to be ranked somewhere in the top 10-20 range


      • Don’t forget that we beat Michigan 24-17 and arguably we gave Michigan at least 7 points with Gionni Paul’s penalty. Then Michigan curb stomped the Zoobs 31-0. Same Zoobs that lost to UCLA 24-23 on a last minute INT. I will acknowledge that Rosen’s 3 INTs and poor play in the first half made that game closer than it should have been. Still, an indirect win over the Zoobs via Michigan helps big time. Seal clubbing of Oregon really helped, but probably need to downgrade Michigan St.

  • palos_verdes_ute

    Actually, Mark May has always given the Utes respect and speaks highly of (Along with ….ahum – Trev). It’s Danny Kannel that doesn’t respect the Utes.

  • Tacoma Ute

    I’m surprised. Usually he seems to dis us because we always beat his Pitt boys.

  • EutawStreet

    Mark May will only say something positive about Utah if it supports his agenda. In this case his belief that we should vote based on body of work. He is too busy listening to himself talk to notice anything about Utah.
    Over the weekend he mocked Mack Brown for saying that Ohio State was playing well. Something Mack Brown did not say! Again Mark didn’t listen to what he said. It was nice to see the coach correct him afterwards. Mark didn’t seem to enjoy it!

  • UtahUteGuy

    Road Warriors

    We are now 7-1 in our last eight road games, and the only loss was in OT. That comprises last season and this one thus far. Impressive!

  • Tony

    That’s what good defense and good coaching will do for you. So much different than the “old days” eh?

  • How do you score 62 points in Autzen?

    Why, you just need a little fairy dust!

  • Jake

    Ha! That’s exactly what my brother said. Pixie Dust.

  • MauchDawgUte

    Players always do the “feed me more” gesture. So many people were eating last night, I think Travis was sprinkling some salt so everyone enjoyed the taste. 🙂


  • Tony

    Whatever it is, keep doing it.