Oregon will not be an easy game

They lead the Pac 12 in rushing yards per game (~250). I know most of you remember what USC and UW did to us on the ground.. Their young QB is developing and looking better by the week. And this is a team that probably wants to beat us more than any other on the schedule (outside of UW)

  • Tony

    My thoughts exactly. I get more and more worried about this game.

    • SalUteopia


      I prefer games where we are the underdogs.

  • UteFanatic

    Utah could win, or lose, against any team in the P12. No win is guaranteed. Anyone who thinks otherwise hasn’t been paying attention the last six years.

  • It’s good to want.

  • Utahute72

    I don’t know why anyone thinks any of these games left will be easy. None are in the PAC 12, but we have always had a tough time in Tempe and Oregon is always dangerous. Colorado seems to be a different animal this year.

  • Extra Medium

    yes it will, we own the ducks!

  • Tony

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  • leftyjace

    That’s rockin’. And the active improvement continues…

  • Tacoma Ute

    When do the first playoff committee rankings come out?

    Isn’t that sometime this week?

  • UteBacker

    Tomorrow night at 5:00 on ESPN if I remember right…

    • 2

      ESPN’s most boring event ever. 

  • rbmw263

    Look for us to make the top 15. The committee was watching our game VERY closely and saw us punch no. 4 in the mouth a few times

  • Torg

    Cant believe Washington got kicked out of the top 4. Then again, I can believe it because of the SEC love affair.

  • noneyadb

    Like that the playoff rankings differ from the AP, and coaches polls, teams get a lot of love based on preseason hype and it carries on throughout the season. However I think if Utah would have beat Cal and Washington they would likely be #3 and Michigan #4 based on SOS… With ASU, Oregon, and Colorado left on their schedule.

  • uteman12

    Colorado Schedule

    Looking at Colorado’s schedule I wouldn’t be suprised if they lost 3 out of the last 4 games of their season. They have UCLA, ARIZONA, WAZZU, and then us. What games are guaranteed wins at this point? I think they drop UCLA and WAZZU for sure which would make us win the South if we can take care of business. 


    they will beat UCLA and Arizona

    • noneyadb

      Colorado needed +4 turnovers to pull out a 10-5 Win over Stanford, and +3 turnovers to loose at USC. Colorado has been good at home, but UCLA has been on a bye week and should be prepared for Colorado.

  • Tony

    There are no guaranteed wins in the Pac-12. Hell, I’m worried about us beating Oregon.


      WHich games are at home for Colorasdo besides Utah?

      • Warrior Ute

        Arizona is their only away game.  They get UCLA, WSU, and Utah at home.

  • Tacoma Ute

    They will likely clobber UCLA. Arizona would have to step up and play like they did against UW to beat them.

  • leftyjace

    I’m not so sure. UCLA has been improving. Losing to us by just a touchdown in such a high scoring game is no shame. And they were very close at Washington State, barely lost at Arizona State, and clobbered Washington. I’m not saying UCLA WILL win, but I’m saying that UCLA has a better chance against Colorado than Arizona does.

  • uteman12

    I think Colorado loses to UCLA and WAZZU.

    • Tony

      I think Colorado loses to UCLA and WAZZU.

      I approve this message.

      • If that happens then I think Utah loses to Oregon for some reason.  It will be drama in Boulder it always is it seems like.  


  • SkinyUte

    While I’d love for CU to lose to UCLA, I don’t really see it happening. The Bruins kinda seem like they’ve given up on the season, especially with the news that Chosen Rosen is done.

  • Tacoma Ute

    I’m surprised 42% in the Pick Em chose UCLA. I hope they’re right but I don’t think it’s very likely.

  • AlohaUte

    I want CU to win all but the Utah game. Make that game for all the marbles. Would be fun.

  • Larry B

    Maybe this has already been discussed here, but

    Why did we not have someone in the backfield on the Browning pooch punt? There was NO WAY Washington was going for it on 4th and 8 at midfield. Even if you don’t have Boobie back there, at least have a safety there.


    That IMO was the worst coaching decision of the game and was the reason we lost. Even if we had started at the 10 yard line we could have run clock and got into scoring range. Shoulda woulda coulda, I guess.

  • voxnihili

    IIRC, the returner ran up to cover an uncovered receiver. If he doesn’t do that, Browning options out to a pass for an easy first down opportunity. That’s the reason Washington runs that QB punt.

  • UtahUteGuy

    Nonsense.  The reason we lost is because Washington is a slightly better team.  One moment in a game can’t be “the reason we lost”.  Our fans are unbelievable sometimes.

    • Larry B



      I agree that Washington is the better team. But having a 90 yard field with over 3 minutes in the game and one of the best field goal kickers in the country? I’ll take that all day. But instead we had a 99 yard field which gave our punter no room to get off a good kick.

  • GameForAnyFuss

    @Larry B

    I disagree about the punt – he got off a great punt. The problem was it was too great. When I saw it leave his foot I said to my neighbor “uh oh, he just outkicked his coverage.” Sure enough…

  • Utahute72

    There were actually two guys down in time to cover the punt, but one was taken out by a block in the back.

  • dleto

    Also, one thing that people are forgetting is that we’re lucky we didn’t get called for too many men on the field on that play.  There was someone relatively deep.  I couldn’t tell if he was set to receive the ball or not.  But when the camera panned with the ball, there was a Utah player RUNNING OFF THE FIELD!  And there was a D lineman who was really late getting on the field.  So we either had too many men or only 10 on the field.  Something was botched.  Coaches definitely should have called a timeout and we were lucky to not get hit with a penalty.

  • Utahute72

    I don’t think Washington looked like a clearly better team (and I think the voters who watched the game agreed). That game was really close and each team had some good plays and some bad ones. A classic college football game. I bet that if those teams played 10 times the split would be 5-5 or 6-4 either way.

  • Dhisatake

    So 9 out of 10 times even with the pooch kick Utah ends up with better field position. And 40 percent of the time Utah ends up with a touch back and starts on the 20.

    You might be able to argue why didn’t Utah take a time out at that point and get a better plan like go with a Cover 1 and have the safety drop back if it is a pooch kick but otherwise Washington completes a pass and coverts fourth down.