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Vernon is obviously no Mariota

How much success will he find against our secondary? I didn’t see the Mich St. game but I watched him against EWU, and he looked pretty good. I think I remember the secondary getting beat more often than I’d like against fresno, and that aint gonna cut it against OU

  • THEeyepatch

    But Vernon is the type of QB that has given Utah ‘fits’ the last few seasons. I did watch the Oregon/Mich St. game and he played well, made some nice passes. He also made some mistakes and tried to force some throws. The Ute secondary will be tested and tested quickly.

    If you think the secondary was bad against Fresno State, then you weren’t paying much attention. The Ute secondary owned them. Remember, Utah was up 24-10 when Fresno even began showing any signs of life and I think that was only because it appeared the route was on.

    I will say that the Utes need to play all 60 minutes for Utah to win this game. It should be entertaining.

    GO UTES!

    • TorontoUte

      I was somewhat preoccupied while the game was on. I just remember 21 2nd half pts which is A LOT! Hopefully it’s because some younger guys were getting reps? I think our boys can get the dubya at Oregon, but as you said, they have to be all in for 60 minutes

  • Uterider

    Kenneth Scott has got it all

    He’s got the size. He’s got the speed. He’s got the experience. He’s got the attitude and the work ethic. He’s got the opportunity.

    He’s got everything except the production. And the results. And the catches and the yards and the big plays.

  • Wilson's Mustache

    I actually don’t think he has speed and that’s his biggest problem. He gets no separation from his defender down the field where his size would be utilized the best.

    • Hockeybeard

      3 passes against Fresno St show otherwise – where he had enough steps on the defender to cause them to panic and commit a penalty.

  • utejeph

    I have been waiting for years for K. Scott to really break out. He has great hands and really excels at the jump balls. I just think that our offense just doesn’t fit his style of play.

  • Uterider

    We throw his way plenty. He almost makes the play most of the time. I think Iowa is right he isn’t fast enough to get open.

    • Tacoma Ute

      I tend to agree. On top of that he seems to have awful luck. He seems to get overthrown, underthrown or interfered with a lot.

      • Uterider

        That’s what I mean. He almost makes a lot of big plays. He almost converts a lot of first downs. He’s unlucky an awful lot, lo these two years now. Or it could be he’s not that good and is a metaphor for the Ute’s receiving corps overall.

        DeVonte Booker led all Ute receivers at half time last week with 12 yards.

        That ain’t gonna beat no ducks in Autzen.

        • GiantUte

          Wasn’t aware of that final stat. That is shocking and must improve. I’m in the TW camp and believe it will when he is back behind center.

          Maybe I’m overly pessimistic re: KScott, but I seem to remember some missed blocks on screen passes, too.

          • Wilson's Mustache

            Missed blocks by the receiving corp is my biggest knock on them right now. They have been awful at blocking on screen passes & on run plays this year.

            Say what you want about the receiving corp last year, but they were, overall, good at blocking.

  • THEeyepatch

    In a little over 24 hours…

    The Drive on Pac-12 Networks starts. I can’t wait!

    GO UTES!

  • TorontoUte

    The promo they put out looks awesome! Can’t wait

  • GiantUte

    Can’t wait. At only two teams per season I was afraid we be waiting around for a few more years until our turn in the limelight. Really looking forward to it!

  • Category for ticket sales?

    I have several times scored some sweet seats on UFN from members who have had something come up late and wanted the seats to go to a Ute fan. Over on the other site, a post about tickets would often get buried fairly quickly. I saw this idea suggested a dozen times, but y’know things over there don’t seem to change much…

  • GiantUte

    Sounds good to me! I posted on both boards today looking for tickets to the ASU game.

  • Tony

    I’ll consider that. Sounds like two votes yes on that so far. Won’t be hard to setup.

    • SouthJordanUte

      Make it another YES from me. I’d love that!

  • Texasute

    Make it 3 votes. For those of us out of town, a feature like that is very helpful when I get a chance to pop back to SLC and need a ticket or two….

  • UTAuley

    You can put me down as a yes vote too. I generally have a couple of extra tickets that I sell to friends/family and then list the remaining games on KSL or StubHub. But I’d rather keep it “in house” so to speak, if possible.

  • Tony

    So is this a general ticket sales or Ute ticket sales?

  • SouthJordanUte

    IMO general ticket sales would be fine. Knowing this is 99.9% Ute fan message board I would assume most would be Utah tickets anyway.

  • Tony

    Nate Orchard on the radio today

    Driving home from the day job I heard a nice interview on 700 with Nate Orchard. That dude is grounded, and pretty smart.

  • I find that is the case with many of the Utes who go onto the NFL. It amazes me how some of these kids behave at the next level. Did they teach them anything in college is what I ask myself.

  • GiantUte

    Unfortunately Sean Smith and Derrick Shelby got into some trouble.

    I agree with Beehive though. The majority of former Utes seem to be stand-up guys and excellent representatives of our university.

    • Badbadute

      Didnt Sean Smith go to Pasadena?
      He hasn’t claimed to have attended Utah in years.