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    Going to activate 63 unactivated accounts

    Currently there are 63 users who have not activated their accounts. This happens because their email provider is marking the Ute Hub activation email as spam and they don’t receive it.

    I’ve been using my personal gmail account to send messages to those who have this problem and help get them activated. I’ll be taking on sending out messages to these 63, one at a time, from my gmail, so they can start using the site.

    The email issue is a real pain. I hope to change the IP address of the server in the next day or two in hopes it resolves the issue.

  • execUTEioner

    I haven’t looked at the email headers since the other day, so pardon me if you have made adjustments. But there was an issue with the mx records not matching the box that emails are being sent from. The mx record for utehub lists mail.utehub.com while they are being sent from hosting.tkserver.com This will cause many email providers to mark the email as spam, even though they are on the same ip address. You can probably fix this with your smtp server config or create a spf entry to authorize hosting.tkserver.com to send mail for utehub.com. Setting up a reverse dns entry will also help email providers to see that the messages aren’t spoofed and are coming from the authorized server.

    • Hockeybeard

    • AZswayze

      Whoops, s**t, think I wandered into nerd world again. I’ll quietly step out and let you two get back to it.

  • Tony

    I have all sorts of DNS issues with my server and I’m not super well educated on it. Sounds like you are @executeioner. Can we talk about that, even on the phone? My IP is also on one blacklist, thinking of changing the site IP tonight, but it won’t fix the DNS/MX issues.

    • execUTEioner

      @admin I’m glad to help, check your BM. I’m no expert but I know those things will help with being marked as spam. After you fix those you should be able to request being un-blacklisted.

  • Tony

    Hats off to @executeioner for some help with the email issues. We’ve made some changes which we will wait and see how they work. Step in the right direction hopefully.

    Frosty beverage waiting for you at the next tailgate!

  • Ute Bc

    The Drive – not making me feel great about our offensive coaching

    I know it was a quick shot but A-Rod didn’t instill confidence in me. He sure wasn’t really confident in Travis.

    Which brings me to my question: Why isn’t Dennis Erickson running the O?

  • GadValleyUte

    He doesn’t want to. I think he loves recruiting and coaching studs at thge most instinctive position and then being a sounding board for the younger guys. Coaching Coaches. Lots of the fun of a coordinator or head coach. None of the BS/pressure. Great job for an old guy with his resume. I’ll take that over not having him.

  • The offense already looks better this season. I am not worried really at all.

    • CawCawUte

      The Utes are not better offensively. 108th in total offense through 3 games. Terrible.

      • Duhwayne

        I hear you. Efficiency however is excellent. If we get to the redzone it goes in. 70% pass completions. We need better run blocking and pass pro and the receivers will get open more. The long ball is as shaky as last year though.

  • Ute Bc

    I’ve heard that said before (he didn’t want to be OC),however, when he was made RB coach he said he was surprised by Whitts decision. I’m very concerned that we still don’t have “the guy” to coach the offense.

  • UteStuckInSeattle

    I believe that shot was from early in camp when there we some big concerns about the offense and all reports indicate that Travis WAS struggling a lot more than a senior should.

    About a week later I believe that reports indicated that Travis’ performance improved dramatically.

    Perhaps A-Rod knows what Travis needs to hear to get him motivated? After all, he did recruit him.

    • Hockeybeard

      Agreed – all the reports out of the first 2 weeks of camp were that the QBs were terrible. The last week in Fall camp, something switched on for TW and he went gangbusters and started dealing aces. From what we’ve seen the first 115 minutes he’s played, I would bet the discussions in the staff room are significantly different now then they were then.

      • radioUte

        Unfortunately as 3 games have borne out so far, what switched on halfway through camp wasn’t TW or the other quarterbacks, it was the spin machine. I haven’t seen any demonstrable difference in the offense so far. Actually, without Clay this year, the offense is worse.

        • Hockeybeard

          Go watch the first quarter and a half of the USU game and tell me that that offense is worse than last years.

          USU is not dog meat, they have 2 legit NFL players on their defense and a quality defensive coordinator. You can even add in the factor that it was a rivalry game and they were hyped to play and beat Utah. WE RAN ALL OVER THEM AND THEY COULDN’T STOP US. The only thing that gave them a breath of fresh air was our starting QB dinged his shoulder on a 40 yd run.

          If Travis is back, our offense is leaps and bounds better than last year. If its Kendall, then its comparable to last years.

  • CawCawUte

    The offense looks better. Then again they are ranked 108th statistically. So not really any better are they!?

    • Clemsonute

      I think it’s that low because of Michigan’s D was damn good. Then Wilson being hurt for most of the Utah State game and then Fresno. We all know how Thurm (KT) performed in that game. I would hold out judgment on the Offense for a few games more.

  • jrj84105

    In the last few years we’ve typically had one or two playmakers who could make things happen even when the rest of the offense was a mess, which it was due to poor QB play, poor pass blocking, poor WR route-running, and inability of WRs to hold onto the ball.

    This year, we really lack any playmakers outside of Booker (maybe Covey can be that guy) which has meant that we are reliant on actually executing our offense across the board at all positions. With the exception of terrible WR blocking and a few inopportune holding calls, we’ve largely done that with TW at QB. The offensive production hasn’t caught up to the overall improvement, but for once we just need incremental improvement across the board rather than outright heroics at a few positions in order to have a semi-effective offense. I’m hoping TW is back and that those improvements start happening this week.

  • NorthEZUte

    I agree with the sentiment that the A-Rod criticizing TW was taken out of context and cleverly edited to make it seem like Utah was more worried about the situation than they really were as the Michigan game approached.

  • High Uintas

    Anyone left who prefers Gary Anderson over Whittingham?

    After watching week one of The Drive, I came away with an elevated opinion of Kyle Whittingham but shocked at the way Gary Anderson runs Oregon State. Anderson’s wife giving candy bars to the players reminded me of my kid’s soccer team and the bit about “we’re given 12 games” or some other weird motivation just escaped me. I’m sure Gary has strengths in game planning and stuff we didn’t see but Kyle looks like the master motivator and Anderson looked like Dr. Phil.

  • Gary Anderson apologists are the same people who think Kendall Thompson can play Quarterback at a D1 level.

    All of the facts are in front of them but they see it the way they want.

  • Badbadute

    I still love G.A, always will respect the hell out out him.

    But yea, Whitt is the superior coach imho.

    I don’t know many coaches that can do as much with as little as KW does, we all love the Utes for sure, but fact are The STate of Utah is a Damn hard sell to 18 year old athlete’s

  • SouthJordanUte

    Gary Andersen seemed very relaxed and in control. I’ve heard he can be quite the opposite. My wife cheered at Utah while he was there and she once saw him grab his son by the throat in front of a lot of people. She’s never liked him because of that. From what I hear he’s a pretty intense guy.

  • Tony

    Maybe he’s better suited as an assistant coach.

  • UteStuckInSeattle

    Hell no. Andersen couldn’t cut it at Wisconsin where the pressure to win is very high.

    At Oregon State I think the overall expectation is quite lower. I mean, look at how many years Mike Reilly was at OSU and his typical seasons were mediocre to just “okay”.

  • Damage U

    I believe that Kyle’s wife hands out candy bars as well or at least she used to.

  • Ex'dUte

    As far as I know, the wife handing candy bars out to the players started at Utah during the Urban Meyer administration. I know that Shelly Meyer and the other wives of coaches (which included Whit’s and Andersen’s wives) would come by one night per week during the season and give the players candy bars in 2004. Funny how traditions like that get started and then branch out to other places.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the wife-bringing-treats deal is done at places like Missippi State and Texas — since both Dan Mullins and Charlie Strong are Urban Meyer disciples too.

  • oc_ute

    there’s only one dude i would want over kyle. that would be the urb monster

    • AZswayze

      I love me some Whitt, but you would turn away Saban?

      • His price tag alone is reason enough

        • AZswayze

          You don’t think he’d be worth it?

      • oc_ute

        for sure. i was just giving my myopic version….. i’m sure there’s a handful of others i’d put on the list too.

        bottom line is we have a very very good coach and the list of dudes that are better is a list of dudes that are untouchable.

  • radioUte

    Gary Anderson runs a carbon copy of Utah’s program, which borrows just about everything from Urban Meyer, who got his from….

    • GadValleyUte

      Granny Holtz!!! Are you telling me Granny Holtz has something to do with our program? Sthatsczz Unbelievsvable! Or maybe That’s and Earle Bruce thing?

  • 5150

    Big Fan of Gary Anderson. I’d love to have him back.
    That said, Whitt’s the man. Staying with Kyle, for sure.

  • 5150

    Besides — Gary Anderson hates Chris Hill more than Kalani Sitake & Kyle Whittingham. Don’t think he’s ever wandering back.

    • 3UteDad

      Care to elaborate?

    • Ute Bc

      “Gary Anderson hates Chris Hill more than Kalani Sitake & Kyle Whittingham”

      This is utter nonsense in both instances.

  • Tomasina

    I didn’t realize anyone was advocating Anderson over Whit. He was a great DC for us, and I wished him well at Utah State and Wisconsin. I would not want him as a HC over Whit… and do not really wish him well at Oregon State.

  • Tony

    Predict the Score – Utes at Oregon

    Let’s have a little prediction contest to go along with the first ever poll here at Ute Hub. Most users apparently think the Utes will win a close battle.

    Post your score prediction in this thread.

  • Ntwrk

    31-28 Utes

  • 36-31 Utes by five.

  • Wilson's Mustache

    Oregon- 41
    Utah – 31

  • Jumpmasterute

    35-24 Ducks.
    I hope I’m wrong.

  • TheJuggernaut

    Utah 34 Oregon 30

  • ragtownute

    42-27 Utah

  • Tony

    My head says
    Oregon 38
    Utah 24

    My heart says
    Oregon 21
    Utah 28

    • Homer Crimson

      Same- head = Ducks 35
      Utes 28

      heart = Utes 34
      Ducks 31

  • bigmanUTE

    27-24 utah

  • SouthJordanUte

    38 – 35 Andy Phillips wins the game with a 42 yard field goal. How’s that for specific?

  • High Uintas

    Sigh. I just think post injury Travis is going to be tentative. (We’ve seen it before) It will produce a slow start that Utah will never dig itself out from. There’s no way to play it safe with Wilson’s health and put points up against PAC-12 schools.

    Oregon 36, Utah 20

    Then, after the by week, we get balls-to-the-wall Bulldog back.

  • User Suspended

    Ducks 41
    Utes 27

    Duck pour it on in the 4th qtr.

  • UteStuckInSeattle

    I think the Ute defense will show some new wrinkles this game and Sake Lake City will make a resurgence, and keep Oregon under 30.

    Utah’s offense doesn’t anything amazing most of the game except for one breakaway touchdown on a slant route from Wilson to Covey. The defense gives the offense some short fields that allow them score often enough to keep the game close.

    Like happened so many times last year, our kicking game ends up being a key part of Utah scoring drives and Phillips gives us the points we need to end the game on top!

    Utah 30 Oregon 28

    GO UTES!

  • JDub1942

    Utah 31 Oregon 17

    • Hockeybeard

      You…I like you.

  • DANgerous

    Utah 27
    Ducks 31

  • javadave

    31-28 Ducks

  • The Lone Wolf

    The Utah O is currently sitting at 107th nationally in passing yardage, 69th in rushing yardage, and 106th in points scored. And this is against two relatively lousy and one average team.

    Utah only managed 3 offensive TD’s against a putrid Fresno D, with one on a play action pass in garbage time. Utah only out-gained Fresno by 15 yards. Special teams play was the difference and I don’t expect Utah to score 3 non-offensive TD’s against Oregon. Utah only out-gained USU by 46 yards . Even lousy Washington with a Freshman QB out-gained USU by 188 yards.

    Somehow this Utah D is worse than last year despite all the returning talent. And the O is downright dreadful. It really is the Devonte Booker show. Utah loses big unless there are a pair of talented WR’s, a QB that can pass, and a creative play caller hidden on the bench somewhere.

    45-24 Ducks

    • UteStuckInSeattle

      Calling USU “lousy” is a stretch. I’m willing to bet USU and Michigan put a LOT of time in prepping for Utah.

      The offensive woes at Fresno were due to Wilson being out and relying on Kendall for our passing game, which is not his thing at all.

      Could you provide specific examples of how the defense is “worse” this year? I believe that people are putting to much emphasis on our lack of sacks and one quarter of the Fresno game where the defense was already packing for the bus.

      • Hockeybeard

        This^^ – You


        that Wells and USU took prep time away from SUU to use to evaluate the Utah v. Mich tape. USU’s offensive looks were completely different against us, and we STILL shut them down once we had time to adjust. Wilson goes out in the 2nd quarter and we still comfortably win. USU is far from ‘terrible’.

        • Wilson's Mustache

          There is no doubt in my mind that USU was prepping for Utah when they should have been game planning for SUU.

        • The Lone Wolf

          I think USU is a bad team. The Anderson magic is gone and the Mark Weber effect is taking place with that O-line. 9-6 at home against SUU is inexcusable. They got lit up by a bad Washington team.

          That game was still within reach late in the fourth. Utah’s defense made a few great plays that ended the game, but Chuckie was moving the ball at will for much of the game. Oregon is going to move the ball against Utah this weekend.

          • Wilson's Mustache

            I disagree that Washington “lit up” USU. That game was a lot closer than the final score indicates and no one has any idea how good or bad Washington may be.

      • The Lone Wolf

        Utah isn’t applying pressure like they were last year. Losing Orchard was big.

        • Wilson's Mustache

          I think it has less to do with personnel than it does with scheme. Utah just isn’t blitzing, even Whittingham has admitted to as much.

        • UteStuckInSeattle

          Actually, the pressure is there but it’s a different scheme. We’re not sending as many blitzes so that we can have more coverage in the secondary which you can see in the big uptake in interceptions this year.

          Teams are also well aware of our defensive prowess and tenacity for getting after the quarterback. You’re seeing a lot more 3 step drops so that opposing QBs can get the ball out quicker. This alone drops the chance for sacks a lot.

          Coach Pease has specifically addressed this multiple times and stated that there has been a slightly different defensive focus this year.

          Additionally, I don’t doubt we’ve seen some “vanilla” schemes give the level of competition.

          I bet we’ll see Sack Lake City start to show again when conference play starts.

          • mokus

            With zero INTs in the Fresno game, Utah is still tied for 13th for most INTs this season. (5, 1st is Cal with 8). But if we are going to keep up that trend, I ‘m ok with being Pick Lake City.

        • oc_ute

          is anyone old enuf to remember the dallas cowboys “flex” defense? it’s about containment. fewer sacks. the goal is nobody gets thru. totally a stop the run first scheme. that’s what i’ve seen for the most part. watch the DL play off of blocks. this theory flies in the face of the infamous bull rush video though

          • Hockeybeard

            The bullrush our DTs are getting is inherently going to stop the run. 5 yards into the backfield when the QB/RB mesh happens? I’ll take that ANY DAY.

            And I’ll echo what another poster said – DT penetration is going to be HUGE for us in upsetting the zone read. The zone read relies upon uniform OLine blocks flowing playside and the RB reading the holes and watching for a cutback. Our Defense is tailor-made for stopping that with quick upfield penetration by the DTs combined with fast flowing LBs and contain oriented DEs. I think we will be surprised at how effective we are at stopping Oregon’s run offense.

            The question becomes – can Vernon Adams beat us by passing the ball?

    • Evolved Ute

      Unfortunately I’m with Lone Wolf. I looked up our numbers yesterday and I just can’t follow the rest of the lemmings off of the cliff. I think we lose by at least 20. Our offense is horrible and with Arod in the Drive resembling a cowering rat or side character in Breaking Bad and the defense is just pedestrian.

      Having said that, we have some really talented players on both sides of the ball so maybe my gloom and doom is just my curse.

      Here’s hoping for the best but logic and my pessimism is pointing to a huge loss.

    • Cpaasa

      Our starting quarterback has only played 6 of the 12 quarters this season. I have a feeling we will be much improved in this game. One of the team goals this year is to beat Oregon. This is going to happen.

  • THEeyepatch

    3-0 Utah…

    • Wilson's Mustache

      Obviously this will never happen, but I wonder when the last time Oregon was shut out.

      • THEeyepatch

        But it’s funny right? Get a grip, Utah wins this game 30-27

  • Umanami

    35-31 Utah. Go Utes!

  • Washington

    38-17 Utes win the D shows their dominance (like a bondage relationship).

  • Utenut

    Having worked in Portland for 5 years and hainge been to a game at Autzen the atmosphere is crazy. I want the Utes to win naturally but it will have to be a monumental effort. Hate to say it, I’I’m almost gagging but Ducks 47, Utes 31.

  • Tacoma Ute

    Utah 38 Organ 28

  • utahpunk

    Utah wins 27 – 21

  • Carl Barton

    Utes 34-31

  • GadValleyUte

    Oregon – 42
    Utah – 30

    Utah – 37
    Oregon – 35

    • Born-A-Ute-PDX

      Yeah… I think I’m with GadValley on this.

      Normally I would have driven down to Eugene for the game, but, unfortunately, its my 21 wedding anniversary, so I wont be doing that this year. I may not even get to watch the game live… Damn priorities and stuff.

  • Pangloss

    31 – 21, Hopefully Utah

  • BuckeyeUte

    35 Utah – 31 Oregon

  • UteFanatic

    35-31, Utah.

  • Uterider

    Ducks 48
    Utes 17

    Don’t hate me because I’m realistic. They are the one team in the Pac 12 which we can’t make play ugly. They’ll score 24 in the last 14 minutes.

  • You know I really like how this thread keeps getting bumped up with the prediction rather than too many posts about the same thing.

  • 35-28 Utah

  • Tony

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