Welcome to Ute Hub


I think we may be witnessing the start of something special here. I think this site is already more active than utahbyfive.

  • Tony (admin)

    I hope you are right, and hope it isn’t special ed. Really though I appreciate it.

    Spread the word.

  • The thing about utahby5.com is that it is an offshoot of a board that was named cougarutefan.com. It was a board specifically targeting LDS fans of both schools. Of course the cougs on the board changed the name of the board to cougarstadium.com without even a warning to the ute fans who frequented the board and invested quite a lot in it. So the ute fans of that cesspool cougaruteforum.com got together and formed utahby5.com.

    • UteStuckInSeattle

      Great, so now we already have TWO MORE things going for this site.

  • 3UteDad

    It’s encouraging that so many familiar names have already registered. The same thing happened with Utahby5, but I think the fact that you don’t have a core group here with already established relationships will be helpful in that posters won’t feel like outsiders to the community. After looking at some posts there after they learned about this new site, it’s apparent they weren’t really interested in attracting participation from UFN miscreants 🙂

    Good luck and thanks for your efforts. The only way I know to help at this point is to be an active poster and participant as you ramp things up.

    • Tacoma Ute

      That’s probably why they didn’t bother to help 89Ute or I recover our passwords. That’s OK though. This site already feels more lively than that one in it’s first day.

      I always felt like an outsider on UB5.

      • I think you’ve made enough anti-Mormon posts on uf.n that they don’t want you on utahby5.com. It’s all Mormons over there, you can’t talk s**t on the LDS church and expect to be welcome on their site.

        • Tacoma Ute

          Yeah, except for I didn’t, unless you count anti-BYU posts.

  • Format issues on Galaxy S5.

    Not sure if others are seeing this but on my android, replies are cascading with an indent repeatedly until there is only a word or two per line and you have to scroll like crazy to read a post.

    Sometimes the words are even off the page and can’t be read.

    Also, I’m getting an avatar over the headline so the firstfew letters are covered up.

    Anyone else with a Samsung S5 having issues? Thanks for building the site, I understand there’s still work to be done. Hopefully it gets worked out.

  • Tony (admin)

    I’m on an S6. Just checked it out. There are definitely some forum formatting issues I can make better.

    This is the default template for the forum area. I haven’t touched ANY of the code for it yet. Mobile WILL get better.

    • LiquidUte

      Thanks Tony.

  • NorthEZUte

    Just wanted to say this site works great on my iPhone and iPad!

  • Subscription, RSS, and The site wide activity feed

    I’ve noticed the subscribe button – anyone know how that works? does it send email notifications, does it go somewhere on the board like a personalized feed?

    I know what RSS is, but never used it for discussion board before (this is really my only one) anyone have ideas/insights on ways to put it to use in this context?

    re: site wide activity – it would be awesome if that was somehow customizable instead of a universal site wide feed. It’s probably just because this is day 1, but its short and new members and profile changes are not of real interest to me

  • Tony (admin)

    In forums typically a subscription is a forum you specially mark that you want to revisit. It will show up in your profile under subscriptions. Maybe you’re particularly interested in a couple of threads or something. Now, I have yet to even LOOK at it here so that’s just an assumption on that!

    On the RSS side, you can have an app on your machine/phone which sucks the RSS feed in and can display it without you having to go to the site to read the posts. You could also place that feed in another site.

    On the member site wide things, like “joe changed his profile picture” those can be turned off.

  • Looking forward to a new forum.

    I joined UF.N somewhere in 2011-2012. I’d read posts about former members that no longer post there and how the golden years of that board were behind it. I’m hopeful this place will become a major message board for all things U of U and that we see an influx of fans from all over.

    I like this place. UF.N was my first fan forum experience so this type of board format will take some getting used to for me but a change was much needed.

    So let’s play a little game to get to know each other’s names. I’ll start.

    Hi, I’m jamarcus24 (UF.N jamarcus22). I’m a Scorpio. My favorite team is obviously the Utes. And if there was one person I could just line up in front of me and punch right in the face it would be Pete Carroll.

  • UtahUteGuy

    Hi, I’m UtahUteGuy, or just Guy for short. I’m a guy. I’m one of the original members of this chat board, having registered a half day ago. I like long walks on the beach, the sunrise and smash mouth football. If I could have one wish in life it would be for more varieties of cheese. I studied history and political science, perfect training for my job asking customers if “they want fries with that”. I do own four M*A*S*H t-shirts. So I have that going for me, which is nice.

    In all seriousness, though, I’m happy to see the birthing of this new discussion forum for Ute fans. Let’s hope it grows into something exceptional. I’m willing to do my part.

  • Tony (admin)

    I’m Tony, the admin here. Been going to men’s bball and football games since I was 5. I’m deeply humbled by the massive response this 12 hour old site has gotten!

  • leftyjace

    Coaches Poll: Which coach would you want to have your back in a brawl?

    Ya, guess who ended up in 4th place?

    Our boy Kyle.


  • Tacoma Ute

    Kyle could pick up most of those guys and throw them through the goalposts.

  • AZswayze

    Mike Leach? That’s an odd one.

  • Tony (admin)

    KW is/was a tough guy. I would not mess with him.