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    Larry B

    Based on what you saw today

    Who is our starting and 2nd string QB?

    Huntley most likely starter and then who?

  • BattleGroundUte

    Tuttle although he is pretty raw, I am not really excited if Huntley gets injured.  I wanted to see more, he double and triple pumped.  Waited for receivers to get into their routes before throwing.  This is the first time I have seen him, also he looked smaller than I was expecting.  

  • Onlyu

    I was surprised by Shelley’s speed today.  Best he’s looked in a Ute jersey running the offense by far.  First time “under the lights” and he reacted very well so that’s exciting to see.  Lisk as a walk-on doesn’t get his due…All the kid does is complete balls.  Smart as hell and a great teammate.  A few years ago he might threaten for time but not likely with this roster. He’s a transfer threat today…somewhere like Weber St. where he’d jump in immediately.  Tough decision coming for him I think…ride it out here or go somewhere to get on the field.  Already redshirted so he’d have to go FCS.  I’ve always believed Shelley would move to the slot making Lisk the 3 which is a much better spot for him to stick.  After today I’m not sure that happens for at least a while until Tuttle is ready.

    That said, despite their performances, Tyler is the clear No. 1 and Tuttle’s pedigree and arm strength gives him the edge as the 2.  However, if Shelley can play like that consistently then we could conceivably RS Jack.  Jack has a big arm but is still adjusting to college speed, mostly because our DB’s are legit (which will benefit him in the long run).  I do expect a big jump from him this summer but not enough to catch Tyler and because of that he probably won’t redshirt and eventually take the 2 before the games start.

    • noneyadb
      2 1

      Too many people discounting Shelley. He will be starting at some point this season. That is all.

      • BattleGroundUte

        He looked good when he could.  Yet when he looked bad it looked really bad.

  • Tony

    Based on what I saw and what type of offense we run, I’d go with Shelley today. BUT, Tuttle is close behind. Once he tightens up some decision making he’d be the guy.

  • UtahFanSir

    Drew Lisk, hands down. He was spot on accurate. Smart. Tough. He did everything asked of him. No mistakes. No showboating. Reminded me of an Utah kid who made a name for himself at WSU.