Funny comments about Thursday’s game from the Denver Post

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      The Denver Post did a PAC 12 Football Rewind.  I got a kick out of the couple of paragraphs on the Utes:

      Meanwhile, another title contender was sharp in a rivalry game the Hotline will, from now on, refer to as the Holy Skirmish.

      Utah slugged BYU again and showed few Week One jitters or glitches: The Utes had zero turnovers and only seven penalties.

      I don’t think I recognized that really we actually played that cleanly in the game.  I know the special teams were not up to par, but we actually played fairly cleanly for a rivalry game.  I like the term the Holy Skirmish to describe the rivalry.


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      Wilner also said he was very impressed with us, and we looked sharp.

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      I was never concerned Utah would lose that game. In the moment it felt like it was a closer game than it should have been. Hindsight now 20/20 it was a dominant performance. More so than in 2011.


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