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  • Does anyone know if Woods is playing this fall? I kept hearing he got injured earlier this year but never got a definitive answer.

  • Utah replied to the topic Funny meeting with a BYU fan in the forum Football 22 minutes ago

    That’s what is so great about BYU fans. They can create these scenarios where no matter what, they are right.

    If we talk about winning the Big 12, we are delusional because we don’t know southern football and BYU went undefeated vs the worst P12 teams a few years ago and we have not real shot at winning it because we lost to Penn St and Ohio St…[Read more]

  • Utah replied to the topic New B12 Clint Foster video in the forum Football 27 minutes ago

    I like this. Big 12 teams all riled up over Utah. That’s cool. You do you. We will see you on the field in the fall.

    Remember, Whitt had posts from cougarboard taped to the locker of Travis Wilson. If Big 12 fans think Whitt isn’t hearing what they are saying…heh heh. Should be fun. I hope Utah can handle the big, bad Big 12.

  • Utah replied to the topic Phil Steele Top 40 in the forum Football 37 minutes ago

    The Big 12 leftovers are so…strange. They have such a massive inflated view of themselves.

    The thing I love most about them is the idea that we haven’t played any real football the last 10 years. That we haven’t played in stadium like theirs and against Big 12 talent.

    I love it. That noise coming from a group of teams who has BYU as their…[Read more]

  • We lost one starting C, a starting RB and a DE who had limited snaps and a WR who had limited snaps. How could we be losers in the transfer portal, even if we had no transfers in? And the C, left because he was passed in the depth chart.

    We had a similarly rated RB transfer in with Anthony Woods. We did not replace the C who left. The other two…[Read more]

  • Anthony Woods is a .89 rated RB that transferred in. Jackson was rated a .92. We replaced Jackson.

  • Literally the only place I’ve seen Utah listed as a loser in the transfer portal and it’s an idiotic take. We brought in way more talent than we lost via the portal.

  • krindor replied to the topic Phil Steele Top 40 in the forum Football 10 hours, 38 minutes ago

    Ok, looking at it, here’s the conference breakdown, so not as bad as I thought (though the Big 12 teams are generally – with exception of Utah – towards the back

    • SEC: 10 teams (including 8 in the top 25)
    • B1G: 7 teams (including 6 in the top 25)
    • ACC: 8.5 teams (half credit for Notre Dame) (including 5.5 in the top 25)
    • Big 12: 7 teams

    [Read more]

  • krindor replied to the topic Phil Steele Top 40 in the forum Football 10 hours, 48 minutes ago

    Is 7 of the top 40 somehow impressive? Honestly asking. There’s 4 major conferences and a bunch of smaller/weaker conferences. So I’d expect a good number to be 10 or maybe 8 as an average number (accounting for the weaker conferences taking some)

  • Nice video. Thanks for sharing.

  • Yea I don’t believe the past is a predictor of things to come in the future. Kevin Young wasn’t part of the BYU program in the past and neither were all of these new recruits he’s brought in. This will be a whole new era of BYU basketball that I’ll judge based on how they actually perform. Maybe they’ll fizzle in the Tourney again and everyone…[Read more]

  • One of the first questions I think that has to be answered is whether there will be football only conferences or even football only members or divisions if there are just 2 conferences.

    Utah is a much more well rounded/respected institution right now then in the past. But right now we have a great football program. Conversely a place like…[Read more]

  • I fully anticipate Utah to be part of the big realignment. You have earned it through your play on the field. Us BYU fans like to poke fun at your losses in the Rose Bowl, but of course we would swap the last 15 years of football success with you in a heartbeat.

    I routinely hear national pundits (like Cowherd) talk about how much they respect…[Read more]

  • I’ve said this on here before but part of all our hype for basketball is partially to cover up for how mediocre our football team is going to be this year. It ain’t gonna be pretty. There is very little excitement on CB for football. I mean, of course we’re excited for the season, but mainly because we miss football. We’ll be lucky to win six…[Read more]

  • Zigziggler replied to the topic 2025 Recruiting Class in the forum Football 1 day, 7 hours ago

    Would love if we could lock down Adonyss Currie. It seems like we always get a high ranked CB flip. But I agree with the RB. I would love if one of our RB’s turned out. However our track record is that the will be letdowns. Don’t get me wrong we will have a good RB, but probably not great! We are becoming TE heavy. Which is not bad, but it…[Read more]

  • Rick replied to the topic 2025 Recruiting Class in the forum Football 1 day, 8 hours ago

    Hilarious post! Made my day!

  • ukiyoronin replied to the topic 2025 Recruiting Class in the forum Football 1 day, 10 hours ago

    My hunch comes from the amount of players of the caliber that are not afraid to say they have Utah as a top choice. Seems like there are more than usual. I think we’ve got a good shot for Myles and for Lose. Maybe we’ll land at least one of them?

  • Honestly, THIS is the honeymoon for BYU and their basketball success.

    Think about it.

    When have they EVER paid off on the hype they build up. They NEVER do. BYU can’t have nice things and that’s why they build up hype and live off ’84 because that’s kinda all they’ve got. Their restrictions as a church school really put a cap on how far they can…[Read more]

  • FountainofUte replied to the topic zoobies in the forum Basketball (Men) 1 day, 10 hours ago

    You do you, man. But this is a ridiculous take, IMO.

    Ryan is a billionaire…with a “B.” Your boycott, or any collective boycott, would not put a dent in his fortune. Do I wish the Utes had a billionaire bankrolling athletics like a Smith or Uncle Phil? Of course! We had Jon Huntsman and he’s gone.

    So, if turning your back on Jazz and the hockey…[Read more]

  • 22Ute22 replied to the topic 2025 Recruiting Class in the forum Football 1 day, 10 hours ago

    Then this season is time to put up or shut up. This is supposedly the best WR corp we’ve ever had, even though that’s a hard claim to back up since our WR corp has almost never been used to their potential, even with Cam Rising. Tyler Huntley was the only one who targeted WR’s a lot. However, Cam apparently has a lot of chemistry with Pittm…[Read more]

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