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Keegan Markgraf added to Long Snapper Watch List.

Long Snappers are people too.

  • The old saying is it is preferred to never know the name of your Long snapper. Because they only ever say their name when they mess up.


    Congrats to whats his name though. 😉 

  • HCHooligan

    The Rock buys XFL



    What’s the likelihood of a successful comeback for the XFL?

  • UteThunder

    After the impending collapse of college football . . . ? I would say pretty good.

  • belli1976

    Didn’t he go to the U?

  • So Vince McMahon bought his own company back for pennies on the dollar from the bankruptcy trustee with help from Dwayne.  I wonder how this will impact Oliver Luck’s breach of contract suit.     

  • dystopiamembrane
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    WCC creates ‘The Russell Rule’ to encourage hiring of minority candidates

    Bill Russell, the 11-time NBA champion with the Boston Celtics, has endorsed a measure that will make the West Coast Conference the first Division I league to require all schools to include a minority finalist for job openings in athletics, the league announced on Monday.

    Backed by Gloria Nevarez, the first Latinx Division I commissioner, and unanimously approved by the league’s 10 presidents, “The Russell Rule” is the hallmark of the conference’s equity, diversity and inclusion platform. Per the new rule, any opening for an athletic director, senior administrator, head coach or full-time assistant coach within the league must include a member of a “traditionally underrepresented community.”

    espn.com article

  • Let’s go, UteHub. I’d expect far more thumbs down than that.

  • UteThunder

    Although well intentioned, I just can’t believe people think a rule like this, that makes it a requirement to include a person’s race as part of the hiring process, is okay. The best qualified person should be hired, regardless of race, gender, religion, etc. 

    On a sidenote, BYU just might have a hard time meeting the requirements of this rule given their requirement for head coaches and athletic directors to be LDS. Now they have to find an LDS person who is also a minority to include as a finalist? 

    • dystopiamembrane
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      “And I believe that in 1978 God changed his mind about black people!”

      • Hammer
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        My advice is to let it go, unless you’re without sin, if you are without then by all means cast all the stones you want.

        • pedro

          That’s another thing I don’t get.  You can mandate people not be racist and you can’t force love by spreading hate as some tend to do.  

      • There’s the thumbs down. I was beginning to worry.

      • These thumbs down aren’t for the Russel Rule like you were originally hoping for. They’re for you. I guess not everyone fits into the box that you try to create for them.

        • You’re certainly correct about the thumbs down target. And, I do make boxes. It makes things simpler for me. I’m a bit dim.

    • I had the same thoughts but when it said minority, and not just Afircan American it became a lot easier for BYU. There are a lot of LDS polynesians and Hispanics.

      • UteThunder

        True, but even then, how many of those LDS minorities go into coaching of any sport? Tough spot for them to be in. I wonder if this rule will apply to their football team, the one sport which should be the easiest for them to include minority candidates given the high number of polynesians. 

        • The rule is they have to interview a minority, not hire one. I wondered about football too but I don’t know how the WCC can enforce it since they’re not part of the conference in that sport.

          • UteThunder

            Right. But you can’t interview a minority if none apply and BYU won’t even consider a candidate unless they are LDS. So, they’re going to have to accept applications from non-members and/or unqualified applicants they have no intention of hiring. This is one of the problems with rules like these. Forcing people/organizations to give token interviews does little to nothing for promoting the hiring of minorities. In practice, it becomes a hoop to jump through and undermines the minorities that get hired because it creates the appearance they were only hired because of their skin color.

            • Possibly. I can see this being a big problem for them in most sports. Football I think would be the easiest for them since so many polynesians coach, but of course, football probably isn’t bound by this rule.

              • PlainsUte

                Right, its going to be tougher for them to hire the next women’s volleyball coach.

  • Brettski


    • stonguse

      The funny thing about that one is it’s entirely forced and Latinos don’t use or want it to be used.

  • “Latinx”

    Crazy world we live in, eh?

  • UTE98

    Maybe I’m just a dolt, but football this is a non-issue for BYU. All of the other sports this becomes a problem. BYU has had several minority candidates they can claim as final candidates for football. Ken Niumatololo, and of course their current Coach Kilani Sitake.

    Where they are really going to hurt is in the non-major sports, volleyball, soccer, etc. And basketball may also be a concern, unless they just place Brandon Davies on the final list each time they need a new basketball coach. TIC

    Nick Robinson’s prospects just got better. But how would Stanford look on one of their own coaching BYU basketball?


  • Stone

    “incude a minority finalist.” 

    Minority in what context? Is it skin color only? How does one prove that their skin is of the right shade to warrant qualifying as minority status? Is there a color wheel?


  • cjd1

    Washington State releasing players supporting #WeAreUnited movement.

  • cjd1

    This is their proclamation.

    • Central Coast Ute
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      I guess this settles the starting QB question.
      Bentley playing this season

      • mfaulk80

        Bentley posted the same thing on his Twitter account.  Some are showing support without actually holding out…

        I’d link the Tweet, but I don’t know how…

        • Yes, he posted the sign, but also said he’s playing. I guess all that tells us is that not everyone that retweets it, plans to boycott.

  • RiseasUtes
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    Bye bye WSU recruiting.  I don’t agree with all the players are asking for, but to kick them off the team is a terrible look.

    • “That’s going to be an issue if you align with them as far as future stuff,” Rolovich said…

      espn.com article

    • utefansince79

      Remember when (I believe it was 11) players for Wyoming wanted to wear protest arm bands against BYU?  They were kicked off the team and their program never recovered.


      • Stone

        I imagine there are bigger reasons why Wyoming football is not a powerhouse.

        • Wyoming was a pretty good WAC team back in the 70s. I can’t say that that was the reason they fell off, but as far as mid majors went, they were pretty good.

  • ladyinred
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    Woah! Mike Leach is not at WSU anymore? Totally missed that.

    Maybe an unpopular opinion around here, but I agree with the article that the list of demands is mostly reasonable and really symbolic – apart from the 50% revenue thing which is not happening. And ffs, if we can’t give players assurances around their heath during a pandemic, we should be ashamed. I think the smart administrations will make a gesture to negotiate. WSU looks terrible here and this will cause turmoil for the team. Great! No love for kewgers!

    • I don’t think it’s an unpopular opinion. It seems like a lot of people believe that most of the demands are reasonable. The 50% being the main one that isn’t. Also, forcing Stanford to bring back the sports they cut isn’t really reasonable either.

      • CB_Ute

        The other unreasonable one is demanding that the Pac12 football conference go back in time to when these players faced racial injustice in southern California on 6th street when that one racist white male called them the n-word. How the hell is it the Pac12’s responsibilty to fix racial injustice??

    • Thlete

      Some misinformation going on around this (though I don’t mind WSU getting trashed in recruiting for it). Here’s the actual audio that was illegally recorded and posted by the player. He called the coach to inform him that he’s opting out of the season because he has sickle cell anemia and is worried about COVID so coach told him to clean out his locker and don’t join workouts to keep him and team safe. But he did speak a bit harshly about the movement and could have used more tact there.

      Call recording

  • This should help put it into context

  • noneyadb

    “Eliminating lavish spending and facility expendatures.” Now athletes are uniting against that which helped to recruit your ass to said school???  This is brilliant…

    • I think the goals of the current uprising in the States may be lost in translation.

  • Heike

    Back in the ’60s, Wyoming was a powerhouse. One year they beat Florida St. in the Sun Bowl. The following year they went to the Sugar Bowl. Yeah, they were good.

  • cjd1

    Power 5 Conferences and NCAA breaking up?


  • PhiladelphiaUte
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    On cougarboard, the zoobs are already claiming to be allied with the P5s & Notre Dame.

    Dumb zoobs.

  • LetItRide

    So what will happened first the Power 5 extracting itself from NCAA or PAC 12 players sitting out season unless their demands are met????

    2020 season looks bleak at best…


    • I don’t think enough players will sit if their demands are not met. Some of their demands are not possible. Especially not right now.

  • W16Ute

    Previous seasons broadcasts

    I really want to buy the broadcasts of previous football seasons. I’m guessing this could be difficult due to the different channels that they were on, but does anyone have any ideas if this is available?

    I’m unfortunately pessimistic about seeing football this year and thought watching old seasons would be fun. A side benefit for the channels, NCAA and athletic departments to gain some revenue in a down revenue year as well. 

    Year’s ago I bought a copy of the Sugar Bowl so I know that some of them have been distributed in some forms. Any leads welcome. Thanks

  • Maybe reach out to the athletics department?

  • Duhwayne

    My Utes youtube playlist has several dozen games on it. There’s a lot online. Just search for Utah football and filter for length. Some folks even clip out commercials and in between times so a full game runs about an hour. Sling also lets you DVR games rebroadcast on the P12 network.