Have we ever used this helmet design?

Saw this online and thought it was cool. I like incorporating the Utah stripe. Thoughts?
Utah helmet – white

  • CincyUte

    Probably.  It’s impossible to remember all of the different helmets we’ve used in the last five years.

  • GibUtes

    This is a fan mockup. Look in the bottom right corner. The feathers are not the same as the official logo.

  • dwainegf

    Regardless if we have or not, I like it.

  • ProudUte

    I like it.

  • Ute Bc

    4 Quadrant PAC 24

    My completely illogical dream scenario.

    UW, WSU, Oregon, OSU, Stanford, CAL

    USC, UCLA, ASU, UofA, Utah, UNLV

    Texas Texh, Ok ST, TCU, Baylor, SMU, Kansas


    Ohio St, Michigan, MSU, Iowa, Nebraska, Wisconsin

  • What happens to Colorado?

    • Ute Bc
      1 1

      I traded them for UNLV.

      I could go either way but I prefer Vegas trips

      • Gugstanley

        Colorado, you either move to Vegas or you are out!

  • MDUte

    Cole Bishop

    Listened to an interview Whitt just did with 1280 Zone and although Safety is the one area where we aren’t as deep, he’s super high on Bishop. Sounds like Davis and Bishop will be the starting safeties. But whenever Whitt goes on record as saying a guy you should watch out for is…..that always gets my attention. And Cole Bishop was the guy he hyped up. Can’t wait to watch our next NFL safety ball out this year…Go Utes!

  • Sounds like Davis and Bishop will be the starting safeties

    That doesn’t say much for McKinney’s transfer if a true freshman is going to start over him.

    • Has Mckinney practiced with the Utes yet?

      • MDUte

        I don’t think so. But I’ve heard Whitt say in interviews that McKinney gives us much needed depth and experience at Safety. So I don’t think our coaches have been looking at him as a starter.

    • UtahUtesRock

      Or it’s saying a lot about Bishop. 

  • Charlie

    I don’t think any of this get sorted out until McKinney gets on the practice field. For now, we have a couple of safeties that create options and fall camp will determine the starters. Bishop has exceeded expectations for a freshman. McKinney never broke thru to start in maybe the strongest safety room in the Pac. Either could become a starter or we could have more than two get significant minutes. Don’t forget about Latu and Vaughn, either of them can figure in. I think Whitt’s comments relate more to the safety depth chart is unsettled than a reference to a weakness. I think we have some options but the options are new.

  • Onlyu

    Cole will remind you a lot of Nate Ritchie. Latu will also be in the mix. Fall camp starts this week so we’ll soon find who steps forward.

  • gandalf

    Skinner to take Biles place on the vault.

    Let’s go!

  • UteFanatic

    Huge opportunity for her.

  • Tony


  • Vault competition starts at 2:52am MT Sunday. Oregon State’s Jade Carey also in this event. Carey was only 17 thousandths of a point off Biles’ vault qualifying score.

    • SkinyUte

      So excited that Skinner gets another chance.  Looking forward to seeing what she can do.

      Side note:  Now that we know what actually happened with Biles and that she could have been completely ineffectual for the team (at best) or severely injured (at worst), I’m sure all the talking heads who raked her over the coals for being a “quitter” and “weak” and “betraying America” will now step forward and admit how wrong they were.  Right?

  • Thlete

    Hard copy season tickets?

    I think everyone is well aware of how not great Ticketmaster is but as I logged in it says “your phone is your ticket” which is nice and easy to transfer to family when we are out for whatever reason but has me wondering if they will stop mailing out hard tickets like every other year. I would kind of miss the fun day when I usually get the tickets in the mail.

    Also, when I open the app for my “phone is ticket” option, it says I have no upcoming events. Good times.


    Top QBs at Media Days

    Love this question Jayden Daniels ask DTR and Slovis. I think most of us have already seen JD’s response on social media but I loved seeing DTR and Slovis’s reaction when JD said Utah was the toughest team he’s had to play. They both were like, oh yea…definitely hate having to play Utah, especially at RES!

    Can’t wait to see a whole lot of that nasty Utah defense this season…Go Utes!!

  • Tony

    What does Slovis care?  All he has to do is huck it as far as he can down the sideline. 🙁