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    Starting OLine guards are Freshman, kinda

    Johnny Maea is a return missionary, and probably older than Braden Daniels. Daniels played in two games last year and was able to Redshirt. Ford is a sophomore, Umana a Junior and Paulo the lone senior, so it is a very young line.
    Current starters per K-Whitt:
    LT Darrin Paulo 6’5 315 lbs Sr https://utahutes.com/roster.aspx?rp_id=9064
    LG Johnny Maea 6‘4 302 lbs Fr https://utahutes.com/roster.aspx?rp_id=9114
    C Orlando Umana 6’4” 340 lbs JR https://utahutes.com/roster.aspx?rp_id=9091
    RG Braden Daniels 6’4 300 lbs Fr https://utahutes.com/roster.aspx?rp_id=9000
    RG Nick Ford 6’5 324 lbs So https://utahutes.com/roster.aspx?rp_id=9011

    Got a kick out of Nick Ford bio, a pretty well rounded kid. “PERSONAL: Enjoys piano, guitar, science, surfing and horseback riding … heritage includes black Portuguese and native American … son of Michael and Maria Ford … father played wide receiver for California from 1986-89 … two brothers and one sister … older brother’s heart condition inspired him to take up football … psychology major … full name is Nicolas Ford.”


    Matt Gayyyyme Winner


    Moss’ hand in scholarship video

    Utah twitter posted another scholarship video and you can see moss in the first row…he’s got a pretty big hard cast on his hand. Looked big for just a finger or two.

    Hopefully they’re just beIng extra cautIous!

    As an aside, I love coach whit in this video: “Malik, you think that you’re a badass now that you’re on full scholarship?” 😂

  • WingUTE

    Hand cast and an iced up leg.  Heal up Moss, we need ya man!

  • Anfernee

    OnlyU use your wizard powers and heal him please. 13 days.

    • J-Cut

      Someone needs to send the missionaries over to give him a blessing ASAP

  • rbmw263

    My guess is that Moss has a broken hand, and that hes going to play anyway and be fine. Im worried about teams going after it, esp that desperate team in week 1.

    • zoob players will go after his hand like maggots to an open wound

  • Utah5410

    ONLYU- Based on what we all saw with Moss. Where is he at ? Is he going to be ok for the BYU game ?

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    Is there any way to get rid of the you’ve got mail icon that has been there for awhile now?


    Offensive line

    Per Whittingham Johnny Maea will be the starter at LG. So the Offensive line is set LT-Paulo LG-Maea C-Umana RG-Daniels RT-Ford. Along with Washington transfer Alex Locklear, Marshall transfer Noah Osur-Myers and of course Bam Bam (who I assume will start after game 1). Whitt says they have more scholarship O-Lineman now than he’s ever had in his time at Utah. Most are all freshman and sophomores. 

  • BattleGroundUte

    I am not even worried about the Oline anymore. This is a solid group. Moss is going to run wild behind this line. 

  • Chidojuan

    Just don’t count on the NCAA to complete Bam’s eligibility review anytime soon.

  • RiseasUtes

    I know he went on a mission, but that’s impressive for a true freshman to take that spot.  Add in a sophomore in Ford and another freshman in Daniels and we will have a pretty young Oline.

  • Grimmetal

    Wilmore is going to grow up fast behind and with those guys. Can’t wait to see it unfold over the next few years.

  • J-Cut

    Apparently we’re starting the year off with Bama & Clemson

    Mobile Ute Hub user submitted image

  • J-Cut

    Saw BYU fans are predicting that not only will Utah lose their first game, but also their second.

  • CincyUte

    Seriously, though–

    Is there honestly a BYU fan that is confident about the Utah State game in 11 weeks?

    • TDS fans are all things to all people.