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  • Pac-12 South Champions!

    Is the BYU-P game the biggest trap game in the history of college football?

    – Conference already locked up

    – Massively inferior opponent

    – Almost zero implications from winning or losing

    – Biggest game in 10 years on the other side

    No college football game comes to mind that would be a bigger trap game. Which raises the following questions: 

    – Do you hold anyone out? Do you risk a bad targeting call or injury to a key player, especially given BYU-P’s history of dirty play? 

    – Do you even prepare for this game, or do an extra week of prep for UW/WSU? I have no doubt we can beat BYU-P without scheming.

    Pace Manyung
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    Tip of the hat to coach KWhitt

    Hangover this morning has never felt better!

    I’m writing this post as an apology to coach Kwhitt. YOU did it! YOU along with your staff orchestrated one of the greatest two game coaching feats I’ve seen in a long, long time – and won the South Division!

    I’ve doubted your ability to take this program forward and YOU proved me wrong in astonishing fashion. Losing a starting QB and your NFL RB is an acceptable excuse for most programs to fall short – YOU went above all expectations in having established a system that can replace star offensive player and not miss a beat. Amazing!

    YOU did what I constantly said you couldn’t – win the South. I humbly and joyfully eat crow. YOU have proven critics wrong and I shall never again question your ability to build a program that can win when it counts.

    GO UTES!!!!

  • GameForAnyFuss

    “Dogs and cats living together…mass hysteria!”

  • I never heard the fat lady sing!

    I know I’m obsessed with the fat lady.  I also had to change the station during the two point conversion.  I’m human.  Go Utes beat the Cougs back to back.


    Flight booked

    Just booked my reservations to San Jose for the 30yh. I didn’t buy tickets yet because I think the prices will drop gefore the game. GO PAC12 SOUTH CHAMPION UTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Can’t sleep. Everyone else is asleep. Can’t party. Too wound up. Dammit!

  • UteFanatic

    I’m fricking wired  …And drunk.

  • Utah


    Can't help but smile when I see this kid.

    • That Nacua catch. Man that was purtee as well.

  • Utesbyfive

    Wow. Kid seems like a winner. He’s just out there having fun. That’s awesome.

  • BJA 13

    I’m here to eat crow. Troy Taylor adjusted well after the Wash/Wazzu losses

    I had my doubts early in the year.  But his game plans with Shelly have been great as well as when Moss/Huntley were healthy.  

    I would love to have a “System” offense similar to Mike Leaches air raid.  I hope that’s what he  can build here. 

    Also, credit to Kyle for letting him do his thing.  

    Go Utes!  


    This feels surreal. I am speechless. Love you all! GO UTES!!!!!


  • Can’t sleep, I’m too stoked. Go Utes!!

    • SalUteopia

      I can’t sleep. I don’t want to sleep. This feels soooo good!

  • UteFanatic

    This is huge.  We’ve been waiting for this moment since 2011.  We’ve come close so many times, but this year we finally pulled it out.  

    We never have to hear “Utah is the only P12 South team that has not played in the P12 Championship game” anymore.

    This is a huge step forward for our program.

    • SalUteopia

      Wholeheartedly agree with you!

  • Hardest schedule in the pac 12

    No Huntley, no mos… NO PROBLEM!

    if kyle wins out this season he will never be fired nor should he be

  • Hellava recovery for sure. 

    • chinngiskhaan

      Eh… this season is on bs penalty away from being much much more than a “recovery”

      • I just mean up until the ASU loss. Huntley done and Moss out is a hellava recovery is all I mean this season is a huge success. 

  • Utesbyfive

    I’ll admit, I thought the Utes were cooked after the ASU game. What a wondrous season this has been.

    • And the best is yet to come. If Utah wins the Pac-12 Championship in two weeks and goes to the Rose Bowl, this will go down at one of the greatest if not the greatest season in Utah Football history. 

      • GameForAnyFuss
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        Pump the brakes, my friend. Nothing we’ve seen up to now even sniffs 2004 and 2008.

        But yeah, going to the Rose Bowl would be beyond amazing! 

        • Itacoatiara22

          This season would be better in my opinion. Look at the teams we beat in those seasons compared to this one.