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Lady Utes win at Cal by 9.

Good game ladies.


Pretty good Mike Leach impression…

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  • Tony

    Does the impressionist do the part where Leach throws his players under the bus?


    • PlainsUte

      Players or their fat little girl friends?

    • Utesbyfive

      I mentioned that I wasn’t sad to see him go from the Pac on reddit and oh my did I get downvoted. Oh well. I’m soured on Leach.

      • PlainsUte

        He was entertaining and if you’re a WSU fan he kept WSU Football entertaining with the throw game, much like the Zoob fans who like to see a lot of points regardless of who wins in the game.  However, Leach seemed to have plateaued with his coaching as far as actually winning anything significant.   WSU lost 7 Apple Cups in a row — despite having some really potent ohfenses (granted at least one of those was in a hellacious snow storm, but still no joy in the final score).  No Pac-12 North Championships.  To some extent defense really does win championships.  On top of that Leach was 2-4 in bowl games at WSU.  Meh.

  • Hammer

    Nate Richie bumped to 4 star on Rivals…word on the street is that he will play

    1 year and then likely go on a mission…Sounds like this kid can compete right away for a spot in the 2 deep and at 6’3 200 lbs that’s a good sized safety!




  • tarheelute

    A little uptick. Every bit helps?

    Rivals 40th, 25th – average ranking
    PAC-12 8th, 5th – average ranking
    247 34th, 28th – average ranking
    PAC-12 7th, 6th – average ranking
    ESPN 33th
    PAC-12 6th

  • Utah guards 0-16 from 3. Utes win.

    Team shot 12.5% from 3.  

    Wash shot 45% from 3.

    and Utes win.

  • belli1976

    The team went 12 for 13 on free throws the last 3 minutes of the game for the win. No field goals.

  • EastCoastUte

    a W is a W?

  • Tony

    Strange game. Not sure how we won but it was fun to be there.

    • They won because they scored 1 more point than Washington did. Everything other than that is irrelevant.

  • “Best QB in the state” still out there ballin’

    This even dude threw three ints (at home) vs BYU, on his way to a nation leading 17 ints for the season.

    Good luck to whichever GM thinks they need that.

  • EagleMountainUte

    He is like Brett Favre bro. You miss every TD reception by 100% that you don’t take. 

    • FtheY

      Wayne Gretzky,

      Michael Scott

  • Marijuana citations against 3 Utah State football players, including QB Jordan Love, dismissed.


  • ProudUte

    I don’t get it.  He did not have a great season, but I saw a draft projection yesterday that has him listed as the 7th overall pick.  These NFL guys see something that I am missing.

  • PlainsUte

    “You mean the best QB in the state not named Zach Wilson.” -Lisa Wilson

    • Pace Manyung

      Zach Wilson is a national treasure

  • Brynna Maxwell Story

    Article on Brynna Maxwell, again posting here so that it doesn’t get lost in all of the game previews, recaps, etc.:


  • Hammer

    Great little story, I read the whole thing. Thanks for sharing!