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    Projecting teams who could make CFB Playoff debut in 2019

    Why the Utes could reach the Playoff: Is there a more underrated program in college football? Utah nearly reached the New Year’s Six last fall, but a loss in the Pac-12 title game nullified a chance at a spectacular season. Luckily for the Utes, the senior backfield battery of quarterback Tyler Huntley and electric tailback Zack Moss returns to finish what they started as a team on the fringe of the elites. Six other starters are back offensively for first-year OC Andy Ludwig, who has a wealth of speed to work with as the Utes move to a slightly modified version of their tempo-based spread.


    Not sure I see us going this far… but it is amazing to even be in the discussion.



  • Tony

    I fixed it for you. To post a tweet post the entire tweet url on its own line in the text area. This must include the https:

    • Anfernee

      Yes, sir.

  • PlainsUte

    For slower people such as myself who had to figure it out, it is new Utah running back recruit, Jordan Wilmore, and Zack Moss.  Oh, and Twitter thinks the tweet has sensitive media??

    • Utesbyfive
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      Twitter is cancer.

  • Here we go!

  • And, we lose.

  • sweetgrass

    nice recognition #7


  • Thank you for this pick-me-up today!

  • Tony

    I like having a wealth of speed to work with.

  • john777

    composite * rankings

    One reason star rankings is a poor evaluation of an athlete skills.


    Utah v ASU

    Also, would trade kingdom if ASU regressed to their 3 mean

  • chinngiskhaan
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    4 minutes into the 2nd and we are in the bonus… I hate college basketball these days.

  • AlohaUte

    College basketball is so hard to watch. Call a foul on every possession practically. I used to hate the NBA but its growing on me because the players are actually able to play.

  • Tony

    That was tough to watch.

    • HoosierUte

      47 fouls called last night. I am no math major but that seems like more than 1 per minute of “play”… 

  • Barefield

    Sedrick Barefield is so hard to watch. Just so bad.

    Wazzu Basketball Has Been on a Tear Lately…

    up by 12 over Washington.   If Huskies loose, we can be within 2….and a game against them next week.

  • Dante Guardi

    I am scared to play them. Especially with how weve played today

  • john777
    4 4


    A little premature to call, but future UTE 5* QB,OLB,CB Jayden Herrera.



  • Larry B

    Your trolling is still too obvious but your spelling appears to have gotten better.

    • Tednab

      Lol …and thanks for the info

    • john777
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      I know right! I’m so proud of myself. I toak a wrriting/granmer crush corse over the wekend, and it has helpped me aalot. My spealling its mach, mach better now. I feel very confidant that the English majors in this board will be very happy and non judgemental of my writting limitations. Go Utas!!

  • EastCoastUte

    chill, hes just having some fun. but yes, his grammer has improved and for that, i’m starting to respect his posts more.

  • john777

    On an unrelated note I want to give EMTs’ and Rapid Responders a thumbs up, and I’ve learned to appreciate what they do even more. Las Friday I was eating steak at Golden Corral, and started to choke on a piece of meat. Luckily for me there was an EMT and a Rapid Responder in the building. It took what seemed an eternity, but they were able to make me cough it up, so thank you and God bless.

    • Yeah, the food at Golden Corral makes me choke too.

      Glad you’re OK.

    • Pace Manyung

      Next time splurge a little and treat yourself to SizzlerImage result for sizzler white trash

  • Salt Lake Stallions versus the Birmingham whatever

    The salt lake offense is looking a little better, running better now.. I’m excited to have a pro football team here but they’re not super impressive just yet..

  • cjd1

    Halftime: Salt Lake 9 Birmingham 0. Gianni Paul tackled a back with his dreadlocks. Not intentional but legal.

    • Tony

      That was awesome.

    • Tomasina

      Do you know roughly when that was? I’d love to go back and watch that.

      • cjd1

        It was right before halftime.

  • Tony

    Unfortunately the stallions are not that good.

    • Basketball Junkie

      The SLC Stallion’s better be on the phone with Andy Phillips as soon as they get back in Utah. Andy Phillips

  • KiYi-Ute

    I watched the game today. Austin Allen is laughably bad. He could barely get plays off in time. At one point he was mic’d up on the field and was asking officials where the play clock was after he got a delay of game because he couldn’t figure it out. He would hesitate to throw to open receivers, he looked clueless outside of handing the ball off.

    The other position groups are watchable. It was cool to see Paul, Reilly, Palepoi, Uhatafe and co out there again.

    This league might have potential, but it needs to somehow attract some non-garbage QBs. I’m not sure that’s going to happen though. When there are only 32 people in the world good enough for the job, what can you expect from a D League?

    • Xanthis

      Travis Wilson tweeted at the Stallions. He couldn’t be any worst than that guy under center yesterday.