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    Kuzma on list of players who received money from ASM sports in 2015…

    Yahoo Sports Article

    Nothing mentioned in the article but if you look at the doc pictured he is on there with $9,500.00 next to his name.  I don’t like it one bit. 

    Pac-12 RPI Ratings 2.23.18. Moving up!

    18 Arizona
    30 Arizona State
    37 USC
    40 Utah
    50 UCLA
    52 Washington
    79 Oregon
    85 Colorado
    86 Stanford
    166 Washington State
    172 Oregon State
    208 California




    Bubble team updates….

    according to Lunardis predictions 2/4 “last four teams IN” lost recently. St Bonnie’s and SC won. 

    All four of the “First four Out” teams just lost some of them twice. 

    Utahs win just should catapult us into the range of first four out to last four in! 

    This Saturday is huge. Hopefully the turnout will be good. 12:30 is an odd time. 

    Rally the troops people!!!!!

  • Utah’s RPI also jumped to #43 after their win tonight. If they beat USC on Saturday, their RPI will probably jump into the 30’s because USC’s RPI is #35 right now. That’s NCAA Tournament at-large range. Assuming they beat Colorado next week, Utah likely would get the #2 seed in the Pac-12 Tournament. They’re making the NCAA Tournament this year.

  • Wow

    When Van Dyke made that impossible 3 the Huntsman was insanely loud.  What a game.  I have so many comments but maybe tomorrow.  Gotta crash.

  • Tony

    • Man did he ever find his shot lately.  Really cool to see the Hunty that loud Larry K is on the right track.

      I had this as a loss so BEAT USC DAMMIT!!

  • I assume we need

    a Ducks win tonight?

  • PlainsUte

    We need two more wins.  Then at least one win in Vegas.  That’s it.

    • Screw that noise. Let’s just win out and then win the Pac-12 tournament. No need to worry about being on the “bubble” then.

  • I think Van Dyke is Walton’s love child.

  • Chidojuan

    Chat should have a drinking game when he commentates.  Drink for every time he says conference of champions.

  • bopahull

    The problem with that is there’s an excellent chance you miss the second half with a game like that.

  • Clutch Utes!!

    Kudos to Bibbins and PVD for making the clutch shots!!   Great play by Collette tonight as well.

    Lets finish out the season with 2 more wins!!

  • Tony

    Sing to me.

  • Go, Beavs!


  • RedLine

    Going to OT against Zona. 

  • Woohoo!!!!

    All right!

    Come on guys, let’s pull it out!

    Utes by 2… After 3 heart attacks.

  • NavyUte
    7 1

    And Bill Walton is The Man! I don’t care what you say!