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  • Back to Back Pac-12 Champs!


    Looks like Michigan getting it done in the BigTen championship…

    Bring on Penn State!

    USC pushed out of CFP to allow 2 BigTen teams?

    1. Georgia

    2. Michigan

    3. Ohio State

    4. TCU


    Pac12 with 6 10 win teams?

    If Oregon, OSU, and UCLA all win their bowl games that would be 6 10 win teams in the Pac12 for 2022. CRAZY!

  • UTE98

    Best any other league could do is 4 in the SEC. And that’s with their week 11 pansies.

  • GibUtes

    Rose Bowl tickets

    We couldn’t make last year work, but are thinking about going to the RB for this year. Any tips for a decent ticket price? We are Crimson Club members, but the CCG was sold out before they got to our group. Anyone know what is the best strategy for getting a good price? I know the RB is big enough that you can usually find something, but how do you get a better deal…

    Get through the U? Ticketmaster? Wait until last minute and check for resales?

  • BoiseUTE

    I purchased tickets from the OSU allotment but they were not very good seats. I ended up buying more from SeatGeek and they were much better. So I think it is just what you are willing to pay plus fees. I sold my OSU tickets on Ticketmaster for pretty much what I paid for them on game day. Seems like a lot of options what is best I have no clue. I will be looking again this year, but what option to use I think it is a guessing game to me but whom am I.

  • NarfUte

    Last year the University had tickets available after the Crimson Club pre-sale, so all CC members should get a shot at tix (I checked my emails from last year to confirm) 

    The CC tickets are face value and a good price for a month out – last year deals were there if you waited until closer to gametime. Remember it’s a 90k seat stadium.

    • SteelUte

      I bought some on stub hub today for around $250 a pop. Cheaper than Ticketmaster.  I bought last year the second we beat Oregon for cheaper than this year. Seems like the sooner the better and we’re not crimson club. 

  • UTE98

    Brock Bowers has Utah ties, well USU.

    My co-worker played softball at USU with Brock’s mom. Here is his bio.

    Full name is BROCK ALLEN BOWERS…Major: Finance…recipient of the Jack and Joy Davis Football Scholarship…parents Warren and DeAnna Bowers were student-athletes at Utah State…DeAnna was an All-America softball player who is in the Aggies’ Hall of Fame; Warren was a two-time All-Big West center for the USU football program…sister Brianna plays on Sacramento State softball team.

    Nothing against Brock, he’s been good. Kincaid has been THE BEST TE this year. And that Iowa TE, puhleease!

    And I’ve given my co-worker crap about being a bandwagon Bulldog fan.

    B1G CCG? Whose watching?

    I think the refs just need a video board to make any call.

  • UTE98

    Just tuned in. Been a good day other than Georgia all day. Well and BSU didn’t look good.

    TCU-KSU – great game

    Tulane – UCF – good game

    Hoping for a Purdue win tonight. Burn it all down, don’t even have a CFP, just give Georgia the trophy. Oh, and Kincaid the Mackey.

    • ANOTHER review! Good hell.
      Michigan came out hype but it feels like they have come back down to earth.

      • Extra Medium

        If UM loses they’ll still be in the CFP. Nothing will change. Their spot at 2 is cemented in right now.

    • I’d rather have Michigan won.  I want utes to play Penn State (or Ohio st) playing a highly ranked opponent vs an unranked Purdue. Sure they will be ranked if they win but not like a 1 or 2 loss team ranked

      • noneyadb

        Purdue 🙏🙏🙏