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    Down 3 safeties

    Whitt said we were down McKinney, Davis, and Bishop in today’s game due to injury. Didn’t say any were season ending. But we were down to our final 2…that’s concerning. Hopefully the bye week can allow a few guys to heal up.

  • Utah’s defense played well enough to. Wazzu bent that defense quite a bit until it couldn’t anymore. Utah dline finally showed up strong in the game. 

    If the Beavers can do it Utah can get that monkey off their backs. #beat$C

  • SC losing to Oregon State..

    Oregon only up two scores on Zona. This conference is weird. 

  • If OSU would quit shooting themselves in the foot with penalties they’d be up two or more scores by now.

    • tanute3

      Refs are doing all they can to help USC out

    • Well Zona turns it over in the redzone but their defense gets a safety. Oregon oline folded like laundry on that down. 

    • Oregon fans are the dumbest fan base. 

      • MDUte

        3 score lead now

        • Hell even Oregon st has some good short yardage plays. 

          • MDUte

            Oregon St looks solid upfront. They’re great on both run block and pass pro. Jonathan Smith has to be one of the most underrated coaches in the conference. What he’s done there in a few short years is pretty amazing IMO.

            • Justice from that interception call on the refs. Arm not going forward at all. 

  • Watching Arizona on these short yardage situations makes me really envious. Ludwig better draw some of this up for Utah.

  • Looks like an OSU interception to me. Terrible review and call. 

    • MDUte

      Wow, this game is over. OSU is destroying SC. 2nd loss for SC in conference play.

      • Great win by OSU. Bringing in a linebacker for short yardage situations. Really interesting!!
        Slovis looks awful. I assume he gets benched soon.

      • Well not so fast I guess. Beavers playing stupid throwing on that down. 

  • Trailgoat

    Jonathan Smith is no joke. Oregon State is a very good football team. 

  • I feel like there is more negativity surrounding today’s game than there should

    Yes there are concerns (fumbles, more fumbles, Rising being inaccurate, CBs lining up 15 yards downfield, more fumbles, drops…our monkey nutsack sucking kicker)…

    but this team IMPROVED this game. The defense looked like they actually cared today. We got consistent pressure on the QB, we forced turnovers, we have a TON of young talent on the defensive side of the ball to be excited about.

    The offensive line actually got some push in the run game. We had running backs with names that aren’t pronounced wrong by choice that gained positive yards, the gameplans on offense and defense were both solid.

    I really felt like our offense did better than they are getting credit for. YES YES YES I know we had a ton of fumbles, but we were moving the ball pretty consistently for the last 3 quarters of the game, and I think maybe some of the drops and inaccurate passes were a result of a lack of comfort due to the fumbling issues. 

    I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m feeling optimistic going forward. We likely lose against USC. WSU was not a good team, but neither are most other teams in the pac12, and all we need is a few less fumbles in scoring position to win most of our remaining games. Also, if I were a coach and I had to pick a crippling issue for a team to have, I’d probably pick fumble problems. It’s gotta be the easiest problem in football to fix. We don’t have a talent problem (except at a few positions that are all not coincidentally related to the passing game), we don’t have behavioral/cultural issues with coaches or players, we don’t have schematic issues… We have guys who for some reason had a hard time holding onto the football today. Thomas is the only one of those guys who has shown an inability to hold onto the football in the first three games of the season (Covey has a history of it, but had kept it under control until today), for the rest of the guys this game was an anomoly.

    One side note related to the fumbling: Did Bernard get hurt on that last fumble he had? He got absolutely rocked.


  • fumble! you’re benched until the SC game

    You saw improvement, I saw a team doing their best to give the game away against one of the worst defenses Utah will get the pleasure of playing this season. I saw 4 targets past the LOS to receivers. I saw 7 counted fumbles, most self-inflicted. I saw an O-Line ole block and a defense that was getting beat soundly in the first half.

    This was a game that Utah should have won soundly instead of being down in the 4th quarter. It was only WSU’s ineptitude that kept Utah in the game.

  • SkinyUte

    Riley said that Bernard did get injured.  I think Whit mentioned it in his post-game comments as well.

  • Utah5410

    Im good. Defense looked up the D of Old. This team is talented. We won today because we were more talented than WSU. Now, we won’t be against SC. But, if we play smart football, with two weeks to prepare, two more weeks for the 0-line to gell, to figure out our kicker and ways to continue to utilize Jackson, Curry, Kuithe etc. Plus Reid balled out today. Put him, Sewell, and Lloyd out there damn. I think we have a good chance with sc. They are talented as always, But, are mentally weak. If we come in prepared and don’t beat ourselves (like we did today) we have a chance. We beat SC, we are back in business. Can we avoid beating ourselves ? We will see.

  • SkinyUte

    I think it’s also worth noting that this was Rising’s first full collegiate game. He played for about 5 minutes against USC before getting injured, and for a quarter against SDSU. I think he’ll get better with some experience.

  • Trailgoat

    TJ Pledger was a nice addition this week and I suspect will be a big part of this offense moving forward. Utes are going to need the durable RB that makes 1-2 guys miss for the running game to be effective. TJ is taking on that role.

  • Utah5410

    Simi Moala

    Does Anyone know what happened to Simi moala  ? He played the first two games and then crickets. Jaxon Garcia (walk -on) was wearing his number today.

  • UteBacker

    Biggest mystery on the team right now. I keep hearing non-season-ending injury but that’s it. No details.

  • JQJ first TD

  • UteFAN

    I like this option in short yardage plays going forward.  Maybe we see a jump pass option out of it in the future too 😀

    2 8

    He fumbled you’re never going to see this option again this year.

    Whit hates TOs so much he won’t risk another one. Jackson only sees the field again this year if Rising gets hurt.

    I’ve grown tired of Whit’s ultra conservative mentality on that side of the ball.

    Utah QBs play scared. They are afraid to make mistakes and face his wrath

    • RedRocks

      Maybe, maybe not. He gave some of the running backs multiple chances; in the same game even.
      However, they just…. keep…. fumbling! 

    • Danilo

      Not sure why so many dislikes. I feel exactly the same. I think it’s hard to make the argument that we have a creative offensive that takes chances. I’m sick of it too.

      And agree, telling your players “don’t fumble” all the damn time gets one thing in their head…and he wonders why today happens

    • If Whitt benched all of the players that fumbled today we would have no offense. The fact that everyone fumbled today might have saved Jackson’s hide…

  • Great angle love it!   Best fans in the stadium!