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    Jack tuttle

    Just threw a pick six early in the game

  • PAC12Teams

    We sure screwed the pooch on that one!


  • Doug

    2 tickets in NEZ

    My brother is hunting in Wyoming this weekend so he can’t make it. They are great seats, section 25 row 25. Asking $70 each



    Stop by my tailgate and say hello this afternoon. I should be there around 4. Row H #69, right by the north entrance to the main lot. Sadly, the dumpster is gone.


    Here is the game day segment on Aaron and Ty

  • chinngiskhaan

    When something like this happens you can’t help but think there is a greater purpose in it. Good things will continue to come of this. I think every player, every coach, every fan, every friend, every family member is a better person now for going through this collectively. I also believe that as other teams honor them their own people become better as a result. We are all better because of this, we have to be.

  • IMO – the key to tonight’s game is

    containing Daniels.  There are a lot of things that will affect the outcome of this game. However, I think they will all balance out.  If we can stop Daniels from scrambling out of the pocket and making chunk gains – I think we win.  If not – I believe we will lose.

    On a side note – I find it interesting that Utah is now a one-point favorite in the latest lines.



  • Tony

    I’ve said this before, but contain is key IMO. We’ve had some defensive issues staying home on the edges, allowing teams to make big gains outside. We must stay in our defensive lanes and not give up the edge to Daniels. 

    • FtheY

      Wonder if we’ll see more Lloyd at the DE spot and Van moved inside, or more of Carlton at the DE spot for that very reason.