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    Huntley Redshirt

    Scrolled past a tweet last night that got me thinking. Can you imagine if we hadn’t burned Huntley’s redshirt for a few meaningless plays in 2016? Or if the 4 game redshirt rule had existed then?

    We could’ve had Huntley for this year, and next year because of this year not counting towards eligibility. Really give Rising (and Costelli) time in the program. Then again, who knows if we land either one of those kids if Huntley has that much time left.

    Hindsight is 20/20, obviously. Just something interesting to think about.

  • True. But if Huntley had another year of eligibility, there’s no guarantee that Rising comes here.

  • Oregon Health Authority taking applications for Psilocybin Advisory Board

    This is an extremely tough set of criteria. I wonder if they’ll find anyone.
    The last criterion seems superfluous, no?

    OHA invites applications from people who meet the following criteria:
    Local health officer.
    Representative of a federally recognized Indian tribe.
    Member of the OHA Addictions and Mental Health Planning and Advisory Council.
    Member of the OHA Health Equity Policy Committee.
    Member of the OHA Palliative Care and Quality of Life Interdisciplinary Advisory Council.
    Individual who represents individuals who provide public health services.
    Psychologist licensed under ORS chapter 675 who has professional experience engaging in the diagnosis or treatment of a mental, emotional, or behavioral condition.
    Physician licensed under ORS chapter 677 who holds a degree of Doctor of Medicine.
    Naturopathic physician licensed under ORS chapter 685.
    Expert in the field of public health who has a background in academia.
    Person who has professional experience conducting scientific research regarding the use of psychedelic compounds in clinical therapy.
    Person who has experience in the field of mycology.
    Person who has experience in the field of ethnobotany.
    Person who has experience in the field of psychopharmacology.
    Person who has experience in the field of psilocybin harm reduction.
    Person representing the Oregon Liquor Control Commission who has experience working with the system developed and maintained by the commission under ORS 475B.177 for tracking the transfer of marijuana items.
    Person representing the Oregon Department of Justice.
    Member of the public.

    oregon.gov announcement

  • “Person who has experience in the field of psilocybin harm reduction.”
    They appear to be concerned about this little guy’s well being.

  • GAMEDAY!! Let’s go, Utes.

    SALT LAKE CITY – The long awaited 2020-21 Utah men’s basketball season will officially tip-off this Thursday, Dec. 3, at 4 p.m. on the Pac-12 Networks as part of the inaugural 20-game league schedule for the Pac-12.
    Todd Harris will have the call Thursday on the Pac-12 Networks while former Cal head coach Wyking Jones serves as the analyst in the 17th meeting between the Utes and the Huskies since joining the Pac-12.

    utahutes.com article


    Football Game Torrents Available

    I have been working on updating my site for the current season.  I now have the USC and Washington games available to download should anyone wish to watch them again.  I’ll try to be a bit more punctual when it comes to getting these online, but I’ve been pretty swamped with work and having my kids at home, etc. Not to mention my wife is finishing up her BA in english and is starting in on her MA in January.  Fun times, but it gets a bit stressful as well.


    pass: utevids

  • Genius. Thank you. I love a good torrent!

  • Was just curious how you are backing up all of these games. I noticed that the PAC-12 Network replayed the 1996 Utah vs Stanford game the other day and your site doesn’t have that game. Am I able to just record somehow from my DVR. Would be curious to know if I can get all of my recordings backed up. Thanks for what you do man, I’ve been using your torrent site for years. The old site has a TDS fan with a garbage bag over their head

    • I changed hosts over the summer and that image is for any 404 errors 🙂

      It is a little bit of a process to get the game from the TV to my PC.  I’m sure there may be other ways to do it, but this is what I’ve come up with:

      To record the games I have a video capture device I connect between my cable box and PC.  The capture device comes with software to record the videos.  I then use a program called VideoReDo to cut out commercials (it can scan for them, but I don’t trust it 100%) and save the video again.  Once I have a commercial free game I use an app called RipBot264 to re-encode the video to a smaller size.

      I know it’s quite the process, but I’m kind of a stickler when it comes to quality.  I had to switch capture devices this year due to some Windows updates that caused issues with my recordings, but I think the quality is pretty good still.

      If you do end up recording any games I don’t have, let me know and I can get the site updated with them as well!  If you have other questions about my processes (like how I bypass HDCP protections to get recordings from my HDMI output) send me a private message!

  • chinngiskhaan
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    so who is actually supposed to be starting on the offensive line?

    And does anyone know if we’ll actually see them or no?

  • Why are you extremely negative here, but pleasant on UF.N? 

    • chinngiskhaan

      How is this negative? It’s a legit question. Not my fault if people interpret a comment in a negative way.

      I’m assuming the freshman are starting in place of others because of COVID issues… that’s what we’ve been told anyway, so who are the guys who should be starting. Simple question.

    • What is UF.N? And, I am the extremely negative one on UH.C. Got that?

  • Trailgoat

    Good question, Utah is evidently now “young” on the Oline with three Frosh starting or some version. No disrespect to your post, at this point does it really matter? There’s ten days left in the season for Utah. Maybe some sort of consolation game during the week of the P12 Conference Championship game. I doubt that game ends up happening anyway with the Covid surge coming on especially involving the California schools. This season just needs to end for the P12 Conference and let the kids move on with their lives, school work and being home safe with family before the holiday break.

    My neighbor’s kid plays football at Stanford and he said it’s brutal how locked down the team is especially after ramping up their course load when the season was initially canceled then back on taking away study time. I hope the P12 leadership calls it good after next week (if it gets that far). Let the UW/UO vs. USC isolate for two weeks and play out the P12 Championship for one of the NY6 bowls. 2cents. Go Utes!

  • Hammer

    Orlando Umana started all last season at center, started the USC game, didn’t start or play in the UW game. Instead, Nick Ford who plays left tackle went to center and Simi Moala moved from right tackle to left tackle and Jaren Kump played right tackle as a freshman. Braeden Daniels play all of last year at left or right guard but has yet to play this year. Johnny Maea was a starter at guard last year and had yet to play this year. So we have two freshman at guard this year. Bills and Laumea. Bam Olaseni the mammoth of a man at 6’8” 340 lbs was supposed to be a JC transfer that could play big minutes but he hasn’t panned out.

    • Charlie

      At this point, unless you are an insider, it is difficult to tell if folks have been passed by younger players or if they are unavailable, forcing younger players onto the field.  I know the OL has had great difficulity practicing as a unit due to testing and tracing.  It could be that these issues have taken a lot out of some individuals.  Whitt does not like to tip his hand by talking about who is unavailable or potential weaknesses.  It is difficult for me to assume which players are not capable or what coaching is not getting done.  I wonder if we will understand the OL’s status before the off season.

    • UteBacker

      Thanks, Hammer.  Your little analysis sheds new light on our o-line.  I know we’ve had players out and some that are sort-of playing, but it sounds like it has been a complete patch-work unit in the first couple of games.  I’m in the “no expectations” camp this year, but at least this helps me understand our struggles at this position a little better.  

    • Braedan Daniels played in the USC game.

  • Yergensen

    Coach Whit not happy with pass rush

    From Coach Whit,

    “It’s not due to a lack of effort. Our guys are playing hard and doing everything they can. But that was a concern last week. It’s not what we usually are in the pass rush. We’re usually much more effective. That’s something that hopefully we get back this week.”

    Will be interesting to see if/what adjustments they make rest of season and next season.