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    Utes just get 5* 2020 kicker from Texas

  • Utesbyfive

    That means he comes in ready to compete at a high level right away, if the scouts are to be believed.

  • SalUteopia


  • chinngiskhaan

    Mission kid? 

  • Sambo1987

    I guess he is a PWO . At least that’s what’s being said over on Ute zone. He does look like a good one though! Who rates kicker a a five star? Ever? I’ve seen a couple 4 star s . BYU kid was a four star a while back. Can’t remember his name. Kid from Bingham… … Southam?

    • Hammer


  • homer
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    The tough part of the schedule starts now

    Utes have a nice record, but their loss is to a B- U$C team, and victories against C- or worse teams.

    They have yet to be tested by a good team, but that starts Saturday at 4. If their QB wasn’t injured, Cal would be tough both sides instead of only defense. Udub away after they have a bye.

    We’ll know a while lot more in four weeks.

  • What gives me confidence for the rest of the season is that Utah hasn’t just beaten these C- teams, they have dismantled them.

    This team has a renewed fire and focus after the USC loss. I think we’ll see the same fire and focus the rest of the way.

    Barring injury, I think we’re in for a strong finish to the season.

    • pedro

      That and WSU WAS  a great team until we beat them badly.  Funny how that works.

      • rbmw263

        good but not great. We have shut down 2 very good offenses the last 2 weeks. Next step is the offense running over good defenses. Offense is next man up

  • Warrior Ute

    Good article on Huntley with some surprising stats

    PAC 12’s Overlooked QB


    One iinteresting quote from the article of the many things that surprised me:


    If Huntley maintains his current passer rating of 187.6 it would set a Pac-12 single-season record, surpassing the 181.7 passer rating established by Oregon’s Marcus Mariota in 2014.


  • I wanna say that it is surprising but it isn’t really surprising. I feel like Ludwig accomplishing it is the most surprising thing. Oline is starting to really gel as well. Projections are going up on a typically bullish Utah offense. 

  • Trailgoat

    Bigger tests coming with ASU and UW. Amazing what a solid OC like Ludwig can do especially only half way through a
    season with a new system install. Support of a bad ass defense getting him the ball is nice. Got to believe it’s only going to get better as the offense continues to get comfortable with the Ludwig system. Refreshing to watch an offense that is more unpredictable. ZM getting the 2nd half off was huge. ASU is going to bring the heat trying to make TH uncomfortable. Ludwig will out smart Herm this year. WRs are getting loose now too. This will be a much different game than last year.

  • So hypothetical we all seem to be playing with in our mind

    Utah and SC win out. Obviously SC plays Oregon for the title game as it is looking now. 

    Where does Utah land?  NY6? Potentially get a good post season matchup?  

  • ProudUte

    If we win out, we will be in a NY6 game IMO. I don’t see USC winning out. They will likely lose to Oregon and probably one other game. 

    Do we win out?  I’m not sure. Next week will tell me much more. 

    • Oregon and ASU are obviously the most likely to give them an L. Maybe if Garbers gets back for Cal there is a potential third. I feel like Oregon may get upset. 

      • Yeah I’m not sold on whoregon. USC also had been playing well at home.

        • Oregon is typically a terrible matchup for SC. Coliseum being the X factor.  

  • Warrior Ute

    I think the only available NY6 bowl this year is the Cotton Bowl.  After the semi-final games being used by the Peach and Fiesta Bowl.  Conference tie-ins for the Rose, Sugar and Orange would take all those places. 

    The Cotton Bowl would likely have the highest rated G-5 team against a P-5 oponent.  Not sure that is what I would like to see.

    I guess to avoid that we will have to win out and hope for U$C to drop another game.

  • UteBacker

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but if we win out we will most certainly finish in the Top 12 which AUTOMATICALLY qualifies us for a New Year’s Six Bowl.

    From Wikipedia:

    The selection committee seeds and pairs the top four teams, and along with their final CFP rankings determine the participants for the other four non-playoff New Year’s Six bowls that are not hosting the semifinals that year. These four non-playoff bowls are also referred to as the Selection Committee bowl games. These six games focus on the top 12 teams in the rankings; to date during the College Football Playoff era (2014 through 2018 seasons), of the 60 teams to play in a New Year’s Six game, only six have been ranked lower than 12th.

    • I think this is a year that we could see the non top 12 teams in the New Years Six:

      From Wikipedia:

      The following bowls have tie-ins with the following conference champions in the years they are not hosting playoff semifinals.

      Rose Bowl: Big Ten vs. Pac-12

      Sugar Bowl: SEC vs. Big 12

      Orange Bowl: ACC vs. Big Ten or SEC

      When the conference champion is unavailable, the bowls invite the next-best team from that conference. The Cotton, Fiesta and Peach Bowls have no conference tie-ins; as such, the best conference champion from the Group of Five ends up in one of those bowls if it doesn’t end up in a playoff semifinal.

      Because two of the three NY six bowls without a conference tie in are in the playoffs it changes the math.  If Clemson makes the playoffs the next highest rated ACC team goes to the Orange Bowl.  Right now would a 30th ranked Virginia would get the nod. The G5 are guaranteed one spot so that will have to go to the Cotton Bowl.  


      If Oregon wins out and get invited to the playoffs and we are higher ranked than USC, then we might get invited to the Rose Bowl.  If USC wins the Championship there is no way that they will be invited to the playoffs and they would go to the Rose Bowl.   If the AP rankings today were the same at the end of the year 


      This would be the bowl picture:

      Fiesta, Peach: Alabama-Ohio State, LSU-Clemson

      Rose Bowl:Wisconsin-Oregon


      Orange: Penn State or Georgia – Virginia

      Cotton Bowl: At Large vs G5

      So for the one at large available game we have the following top 12 teams not in:


      Penn State or Georgia (depending on who Orange bowl takes)

      Notre Dame



      So potentially 2 of the top 12 teams could be left out.


  • Hal Evans

    If we win out and win the championship game we will be in the National Championship mix let alone NY6

    • SC wins out in my hypothetical. 

      • UtahFanSir

        Unfortunately, Utah must rely on others it cannot control to advance to the Pac-12 championship game. At this point having lost to USC, all Utah can do is control their own wins. Whether USC loses another conference game is completely out of Utah’s control. In my opinion, that fact has Utah playing like a team possessed.

  • 1MNUte

    Utah vs ASU flash seats question.

    A question for those of you experienced with flash seats. A few weeks ago Ipurchased ticket for the ASU game through the ticket office and chose to have them delivered via flash seats. I have never used flash seats before so I downloaded the app and as of today I still have no tickets in my account. Should I be worried there is a problem with my tickets or are they on their way?  Any insight is appreciated. Go Utes. 

  • COUte
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    I think in most cases they don’t have to deliver them until something like 24 hours before the event.

  • Warrior Ute

    I have used flash seats for one event.  It seems like they don’t release the seats until one or two days before to ry to avoid people trying to resell them.  I recieved my tickets about 48 hours before the event with no problem.

  • rbmw263

    i had an issue with delivery via flashseats for the wazzu game and after a back and forth with stubhub our tickets on the 50th row 50 yard line were upgraded to the 20th row 50 yard line. 

  • utahman3431

    Torrent of the OSU Game

    Here’s my copy of the game for the week!  Here’s to us putting a fork in the sun devils!