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    Chances Utah gets ranked today?

    The following Top 25 teams lost today:

    #2 Ohio State

    #12 Oregon 

    #16 NC State

    #20 Cincinnati

    #22 Mississippi State

    #24 Michigan State

    Also, of teams who were receiving more votes than Utah last week in the AP Poll,  two of them lost (USC to us and Colorado). San Diego State also beat winless San Jose State by a field goal, while Stanford (who were dominated) won @ ASU on Thursday, Appalachian State beat Louisiana 27-17, and Miami was on a bye. NC State, Cincinnati, Mississippi State, and Michigan State will all probably drop out. All that said, I think Utah sneaks into today’s rankings.

  • noneyadb

    They’ll be in the top 25. UW, WAZZU, Oregon, Utah, then possibly Stanford. Putting up 40+ on USC will definitely get noticed.

    Great game Utes!!!

  • rbmw263

    I dont care if we are ranked tomorrow

    because we should be top 20 when the cfp debuts this week (iirc?)


    Who are you surprise players at this point in the season?

    Dixon has definitely been a surprise, he doesn’t get a ton of touches, but he may have 70% of our plays over 30 yards.

    Enis has been a surprise, I didn’t really hear much about him before the season began and has also shown to take the top off the defense.

    I’d say Kuithe, and he has been but I think Fotheringham, and Jackson make the TE group a big surprise.

    On defense I’d say Penisini.

    I’ve always thought Barton played smart at LB, so he is not a surprise to me. And if anyone says Hansen is a surprise, blitz up the middle to sack you.

    I expected Bronson Boyd to provide more this year, he’s only had a catch in two games, has he played in the others or are they redshirting him? Or has he just not cracked the two deep?


    close enough

    Utes by 14

    we should have won by 27 anyways

    Am I petty for being irritated at how much Jay Tufele was celebrating…

    …after his scoop and score and then being gleeful at how disappointed he must be after such a bad loss? 

  • Yeah. But how else should you react? 

    • UteFanatic

      No other way, I suppose.  🙂

  • Duhwayne

    USC reactions

    Add clips you find


  • All of the usc fans I know just wanna talk about the Dodgers. Haha!!

  • UteFanatic

    Who’s the old guy in video #3?  He’s pretty sharp.

    • OldAsDirtUte

      She said at the end:  Dan Weber / Dan Webber.?

    • I just watched that whole third video. I never thought I’d see a USC person admit that a team like Utah is simply better right now than they are. He’s absolutely right by the way. In fact, i think Utah is actually more talented overall than USC is presently and it showed big time in this game. Go Utes! 

  • Covey

    Is he okay?  What happened to his hand?

  • Mr Chainsaw

    Not sure what you are referring to. I saw him after the game and didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. He picked up my 35lb son for a picture without any problems.

  • Kuithe?  No clue how to spell or pronounce it was holding his left arm a little gingerly two plays prior to the block punt. But he wears 80?  And is like fifty times the size of Covey. 

  • ughh… couldn’t watch this game

    because I was traveling in southern california of all places.




    This is what we’ve been waiting and hoping for!

    We have a defense AND an offense!

  • Onlyu

    Now that was fun!  Finally showing what we thought we had.  3 of 5 from USC…Bruins are next!!  See you at the Rose Bowl next Friday!  Go Utes!!!

  • alharmon


    First time since 2004 Utah has scored 40+ points in 3 straight games. The offense has certainly come alive the last few weeks and man does it feel good!!