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    Another bowl projection…

    For the Sun Bowl. Pac-12 vs. ACC 

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    remember when we used to win conference championships?

    We’re a good team, not great, but good. We have a LONG ways to go. 

  • bopahull

    Yeah, I remember, I like the conference much better now, even if championships are few and far between.

    • Tony

      USC, UCLA, Stanford, Oregon > New Mexico, Air Force, Wyoming….

  • Hammer

    Remember when we used to be in the f**king MWC playing Wyoming? I’d much rather lose to Stanford and USC.

    • ladyinred

      I don’t always agree with and thumbs up hammer, but when I do, it’s for posts like this. 

    • Tony

      FYI we have beaten them…

    • utahsportsguy

      No one is questioning if the PAC is better than the MWC/WAC. But let’s not pretend that all things are fantastic with the football team. 

      • Hammer

        We barely lost to two of the top tier teams in the PAC 12 with the backup QB by a combined 4 points. – After having lost 8 guys to the draft and 15-16 guys in total to the NFL. Consider the lillies of the goddamned field. This team is good…has a good foundation of coaches and players and are on the low side of it high ceiling potential, still barely losing top tiered games.  

      • Tony

        I think the main issue is depth. 

  • THEeyepatch

    I wouldn’t say, “a LONG ways to go”, just execution needs to get better. Utah has the players and coaching but it takes patience. 

  • utefansince79

    Winning the PAC is slightly more challening than winning the Mountain West.


  • UTE98

    The Pac 12, don’t take this show on the road.

    Or should I call it road rash rally?

    Road teams were 1-5 this week in the Pac, only win was by the hapless Buffs and an even sorrier OSU. A game neither team deserves to win, but the Buffs squeaked out a 3 point victory.

    My prediction, Utah wins the South the same year we play, all the games against the North at home (except for OSU), and also get USC at home. So somebody’s got to make that schedule happen.

    I’d love to see a home schedule of:

    Washington, USC, Stanford, Cal (I know we dont’ get both Cal and Stanford in the same year), Oregon and WSU. We might need ASU or Arizona at home as well.

    And a road game at OSU.

    Except for Colorado we were like a white hot knife through butter against the South last year. Sadly Washington, Oregon, and Colorado really, really hurt us.



    Looking for 2 tickets to ASU, NEZ OK, my granddaughter has all her shots.


    So a few questions about the delay of game penalty on the defensive sub.

    I haven’t gone back and looked at the play so am looking for some insight.

    1. Did we actually sub? Whit kept yelling, “WE DIDN’T SUB!!!!’

    Was that true?

    2. It looked like the defender kept running around for like three or four seconds not knowing where he should line up, which the ref kept watching as he stood over the ball.

    Why wouldn’t a subbing defender just continue to run around like a chicken with it’s head cut off if it improves the chances of a delay of game penalty?

    3. One ref was signalling to reset the play clock. Who do you look at? The guy signalling to reset the play clock, the umpire standing over the ball?

    How can one crew of officials be so freaking disorganized? They looked like the freaking keystone cops out there.

    We had a chance to win, and didn’t, we lost to a team who overcame three turnovers, and a couple plays could have been overcome, but man it just added to the frustration seeing how bad the officials were on Saturday.

  • I still rate it as the best officiated game on the season. But the standards are so low for PAC12 officiating it still sucks. The only impactful call was that knee being down. Yeah maybe it changes Utah play calling at that moment when they took the delay. Overall wasn’t a huge call. 

  • Utah

    Whitt said the refs said they had 12 men on the field, so they stopped play to allow subs. 

    Whitt said after film review, they couldn’t find 12 men…so….

    • Counting is hard.

      • Utah

        Yeah. Also, it’s not the refs job to officiate 12 men. If we had 12 men on the field, they should have let us snap the ball, then throw a flag for too many men on the field. 

        That play has no excuse from the refs. They botched it. 

  • Sweetness

    So overall, I side with @battlegroundute that I felt like I didn’t notice the officials much of the game, and when they did call penalties I felt they were pretty accurate…but their miss on the 4th and 9 where the receiver’s knee was down, likely cost us the game. If the guy in the replay booth doesn’t fall asleep and buzzes that play to be reviewed, we would have held them on downs, gotten the ball back with 6:25 left in the 3rd, relatively good field position (our own 30), up two touchdowns and still had the momentum. Instead, they blew the call, SC scores a few plays later, and we couldn’t stop them the rest of the game. Some bad calls end up having very little impact on the game, this one was absolutely huge. I hate when people try to pin a loss on the refs, but in this instance it’s hard to not look at that and not conclude that their error didn’t have a serious negative impact on the outcome of the game for us.

  • Devonte Booker had some nice catch and runs last night

    Looks like he’s fallen out of favor in Denver. Hopefully after last night they realize he’s a hell of a pass catcher (had a nice one hander) and they get him more involved in the offense

  • Red Don

    He was out six weeks or more with the wrist injury.  How long has he been back playing?

    • Red Dawn

      I hadn’t seen him at all this year until yesterday. He had a few good catch and runs (including a one handed catch), had around 70 yrs receiving. Hopefully they get him more touches

      • Utah

        They obviously like him. He’s been hurt so much, that if they didn’t really like him they would have cut him already. 

  • Utah

    The problem with the spread is that once you hit the

    Red zone you run out of space to spread out. That’s where Utah needs to switch things up. You don’t have to get crazy creative, but use the horses you have. 

    Why don’t we go on WR (Carrington), two TE’s (Handley and Fakailoatonga) and put Ippolito in as a FB. That’s a jumbo package. Ippolito is always a blocker, Moss a runner and let the TE’s go out in pass coverage after an initial block. 

    Allow the QB to read the defense and either give it to Moss or pull it and naked bootleg out to the TE side with Carrington trailing back across the middle. 

    You have HB run, QB run, TE dump, TE cross and WR cross all in one formation. That’s five plays from one. 

    Simplify. We have hogs, go out and just beat people up. 

    Can still run out of shotgun too if you want. 

  • Hammer

    Bring back the jump pass to the TE out of the jumbo package wildcat!

  • Tony

    With Huntley the read would work. Troy almost never keeps on the read, he always gives it.

    • Well Troy is so slow as well. Like slower than the Giraffe who was actually pretty good at it and had a long stride to make up for no speed.  

      • ladyinred

        Maybe giraffe would’ve gotten in on the 2 pt conversion, but by then it wouldn’t matter anyway because we’d be down by 3 TD’s after the 3 pick 6’s. Sorry, but TW2>TW1.

        • BattleGroundUte

          I am not really comparing the two. More like playcalling. I hate the read option with Tw2. Yeah I know they scored off of it but I hate it still. 

  • Ute Bc

    Bring back “THE DUCK”

    • Tony

      I witnessed the duck in person, first hand. It didnt’ work.

  • Thlete

    Not sure if already posted: in case you wanted to be sick about loss again

    USC 4th down conversion in 4th quarter just before tying the game. Receiver’s knee clearly down a full yard short. Replay official doesn’t even buzz down to take a closer look? Whitt doesn’t have someone in booth to help out?

  • Tony

    Yup. I saw that immediately. There were 3 major blown calls yesterday and all against the Utes. Terrible. Amazing we still had a chance to win despite that.

  • Utah

    Don’t forget the Moss first down that wasn’t. 

  • Hypothetical.

    We had all three timeouts when we lined up for the two. 

    If you’re the OC, do you use this opportunity to mess with the D?

    First, come out and line up in a Wild Duck formation. Force them to use their last TO. If they don’t then you call time out. Then come out with another off beat formation, such as a Power-I with Leki Fotu as the lead back. Then try another whacked out formation. Get the D good and befuddled. Be ready to quick count and go from one or all of these formations. 

    Is that crazy?

  • Tony

    I originally thought that Whitt trotting out the offense was a brillaint ruse to get USC to call a time out, which they did.  That way after we kicked the extra point, they would have no timeouts left. Brilliant plan, except that wasn’t the plan.

    • Sweetness

      Had this same thought to. I didn’t hate the idea of going for two, but when it initially happened, I thought that was going to be Whitt’s plan all along. 

  • IglooDweller

    Yeah. But more than that, intentionally mess with them so that they have no idea what you’re up to.

    The only downside I see is that you potentially throw a bucket of cold water on your offense just as they are heating up again. That the chicanery backfires.

    Just doodling in my mind…

  • Larry B

    I wish we would use Chase Hansen occasionally in the offense. He used to be a QB so he should be able to throw, he’s quick, and he’s got that bulldog attitude. He reminds me a lot of Weddle. Obviously you don’t want him getting injured but why not throw him in for a play or two? Especially on the goal line.

    • Ute Bc

      I love his heart.  But man does he get injured a lot…

      • Tony

        Dude uses his body as a projectile and lays serious wood on people. I guess that’s bound to produce some injuries.

  • THEeyepatch

    ESPN Bowl Projections

    Hyundai Sun Bowl

    Bonagura: Florida State vs. Utah 
    Not sure if they have ever played each other? Would be a great opponent with the big National following. 
    Virginia vs. Utah
    Whittingham would get an opportunity to beat his old fishing buddy Roscoe. Hilarious. 
  • KiYi-Ute

    Oof. Girlfriend went to FSU. That would make for an interesting game. 

    Beating Roscoe again would also be acceptable. 
  • PlainsUte

    Never liked Free Shoes University, but hope Utes can do better than the Sun Bowl this year.

  • Grimmetal

    FWIW, Jerry Palm at CBS Sports has us in the Holiday Bowl vs Michigan. Of course, the dude clearly has money on Clemson getting into the Playoff. Plus, there is no way Ohio St and Penn St play each in the playoff. Not if one of them won’t be B10 champ.