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I count 4 players under 6’6” on the MBB roster.

If the Utes had to play tomorrow, what would the starting 5 be?. Can the Utes get back to the defensive prowess they showed the the first half of last season? I would love to see Exacte take a big step forward. He has an impressive frame. If he can shoot the 3 a little better, this would really help the Utes. Roster

Lovering 7-1
Carlson 7-0
Wahlin 6-10
Carlson 6-9
Keita 6-8
Turlac 6-7
Bejama 6-7
Exacte 6-6
Madsen 6-6
Worster 6-4
Ericcson 6-3
Smith 6-1
Haddock 6-1

  • chinngiskhaan
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    If Exacte doesn’t shoot better he’s going to have a hard time finding minutes. That isn’t a knock on him BTW, just looking at our roster we haven’t added anyone great, but the end of our bench looks infinitely better than it has for years now. We now have at least 11 guys that I would be comfortable playing if I were coach.

    Even if nobody improves from last year we should end up with another 3-4 wins because we have guys behind our guys now. If Carlson goes down again we have Lovering. If Worster gets hurt we have Smith.

    I would LOVE IT if we could keep these guys on the roster and watch this team do their thing. I get the feeling one or two may transfer out before the season starts, but I have no idea who, it just doesn’t feel right having that many guys that deserve playing time.

    • Ute Dub

      Lol, yes. It’s weird that Exacte shot better from 3 than he did from overall shooting. Maybe he can be a 3 and d guy?

      • chinngiskhaan

        For the record, I’m not claiming he’s bad at shooting… It has more to do with the other guys on the team than him. I’m just saying, we have a lot of guys that can play.

  • Rick

    I think the starters right now are:


    Carlson or Keita (I’d love it if he could step out and guard on the perimeter)




    We need strong steps forward from Exacte and Turlac to compete in the top quadrant of the Pac-12. We also need one of the new guards to provide quality backup minutes for Worster. I hope Ericson can do that at this level. He demonstrated good defense, ball-handling and decision-making at SLCC. He was an inconsistent shooter. I’ve posted about him before. If he’d tweak the placement of his shot I think he could go from average to good/great as a three-point shooter.

    • Ute Dub

      I didn’t know what to think of Bajema, but considering he rebounds, I can see that being attractive to Craig Smith. I agree on Keita – being able to step out onto the defensive perimeter would earn him a bunch of minutes and help the Utes play bigger and more athletically. Worster was the 3rd leading rebounder on the team behind Carlson and Anthony last year. Would be nice to see Carlson and Keita play together and clean the glass and block some shots.

      • chinngiskhaan

        Bajema seems like a slightly better version of Lazar. They are almost the exact same size.

        • Rick

          Not sure about that.  Lazar scored more and had more assists per game and has two more years of eligibility.  In what way is Bajema “slightly better?”  Bajema was also on a worse team than Lazar was on.  UCLA clearly wasn’t in your camp on this one but what do they know, right?

          • Ute Dub

            Your commenting on the offensive side of the ball. Bejama is a better rebounder, I assume that translates to Utah, not sure if he’s a better defender or not. 

          • chinngiskhaan

            I’m not sure Bajema is better, but it seems like that to me. Better 3 pt shooter for his career, better rebounder (last year anyway), averages less than a turnover per game for his entire career… Lazar scored like 1 ppg more than Bajema, and turned the ball over 60% more often than Bajema (despite Bajema playing more minutes minutes).

            The fact that one played for a better team than the other is not a reliable indicator of who was the better player. A player on a better team could have better efficiency numbers because of the players around them. A player on a worse team could struggle to make positive things happen when the guys around them aren’t motivated to help them look good. There are a lot of different ways to look at something like that, and none of them are reliable.

            If Bajema’s own words are any indication it seems like he didn’t fit in well at UW. He might just be blowing smoke, but if he’s right, and he is a better fit with Utah, he could see an uptick in efficiency and overall output.

            I choose to believe Bajema is the better player despite statistics showing they are practically identical.

      • Rick

        I’m with you Dub – hoping Keita can play four and obviously move to five. He’s another player that has to take a few steps forward. I thought he should have played more last year but from an offensive perspective I could see why Brandon couldn’t come off the floor much.

        Bajema and Madsen have to take some of the scoring load whether they start or not. I wonder if Exacte becomes Anthony but with a higher upside as a shooter?

  • ProudUte

    Okay, let’s talk Utah football

    I have been thinking lately about the number of receptions our receivers will get. We have an all-conference weapon in Kuithe. Some people are high on Pittman. Vele is a solid and experienced target as is Bernard coming out of the backfield. Here are my uneducated estimates of the number of catches our main receivers will get per game.
    Kuithe – 6-7 catches
    Vele – 3-5
    Pittman – 2-3
    Yassmin – 2-3
    Bernard – 2-3
    Parks – 2-3
    Other backs – 2
    Other receivers and tight ends – 2-3

    This works out to be about 25 catches per game. With our offense – I am not sure that there are that many catches to go around. So, overall the numbers are probably a bit high. I certainly do not know anything (just my observations). These are just something to discuss during the offseason.

  • tanute3

    Do we know if Pittman will even be ready to go this season coming off his injury?

    • ProudUte

      I honestly don’t know.  However, Yogi Roth said on ESPN last week that he expects Pittman to be the goto wide receiver for Utah this season.  He implied that Pittman will be ready to go.  But, who knows?

    • UtesRule

      He was interviewed by Bill Riley a couple weeks back and he said he is on track to be 100% ready to go by the begging of Fall camp.

    • Utesbyfive

      Pittman had a chronic condition with his hip, rather than an injury. The surgery to fix it isn’t super severe, and essentially just remodels the bone, and doesn’t touch any muscle or tendon, so it’s more like healing a broken bone than anything. I think Pittman will be fine, and ready.

      • UrbanLiar

        Thanks for those encouraging detail on his condition. We appreciate that optimism.

  • Ute Dub

    I think not having Jackson with 3-5 catches is a glaring mistake and you should feel foolish. 😜

  • Perkus
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    Where does Utah fit?

    If the PAC8/10/12/14 tanks, where does Utah fit? I struggle to see a perfect landing spot. Before we discuss the options, let’s eliminate the pipe dream. Utah isn’t going to go to the SEC, ever.

    Now let’s take a look. I know we want to believe Utah may seem like a fit in the BIG10. This doesn’t seem to be the case. BIG10 schools have on average 25% larger enrollments, 25% higher sports revenues, and on average 4x larger endowments than Utah (all these numbers are 2022 numbers, btw). Utah’s just not a large enough institution for the BIG10 to add, even with AAU membership. Maybe in a decade or so as the State continues to grow at the earliest.

    Next is joining the BIG12. All the reasons Utah doesn’t fit the BIG10 are opposite for Utah not fitting the Big12. Utah has on average a 16% greater revenue, larger enrollment, and similar size endowment as the original Big12 schools. Yet, only one Big12 school is an AAU member, Kansas. Does the AAU thing actually matter? I don’t know. It seems silly that research would impact sports.

    The last option would be the broken up PAC teams bring in enough MWC, Conf USA, and other teams to form a new watered down conference. Of these options it is clear Utah joining the Big12 is our best option with implosion.

    However, if the PAC doesn’t implode staying is their best bet, even if the media money is down. Because we all know the true money in an athletics department comes from ticket sales and donor funds. As long as Utah stays competitive those revenue generators will continue to grow, even if our new TV deal is lackluster. Anyone have any thoughts?

  • EagleMountainUte
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    Paragraphs my guy. Paragraphs. 

    • Perkus


  • A couple thoughts:

    1. Yes research does matter for athletic conferences. The Ivy League decided that a long time ago. Presidents like to sit at the same table as presidents from prestigious academic universities, even if it’s as a member of an athletic conference.

    2. It’s all about the the almighty dollar. What the PAC will become is already a watered down version of its former self. If they add SDSU and SMU, that’s the same as adding more MWC teams and if the money is the same or close to the BIG 12, you stay. Why travel to Florida and West Virginia when you can travel to California and Texas? Going to the big 12 is the last option.

    • Perkus

      My thought was if BIG10 brings in Washington and Oregon. Then the PAC would have to add 4 teams. Or six if Arizona and Colorado leave. 

      • Utesby1
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        If the Pac-12 loses Oregon, Washington, Arizona, and Colorado, we can add whatever schools we want and it won’t matter. We will be a slightly more dignified version of of the Mountain West Conference. Argh.

  • RedRocks

    I personally hope the PAC12 survives with its current members, plus one or two more. Hopefully USC and UCLA regret their move and come back…

    Other than that, I would hope the BIG10 decides it wants to get BIG and swallow more of the western US to create a better travel situation for UCLA and USC. May be a long shot for Utah, but it seems like they are at least somewhere on the table: A link to Reddit(CFB) with a link to Twitter for a Tweet from some guy.

    Otherwise, I guess the Big12.

  • Waybackutefan

    Well I consulted my impecable source, my Magic 8 Ball and it said, cannot predict now, so I asked again it said ask again later. 

    Like my mom was fond of saying “hard telling not knowing”.

    J/K down arrow fan boys, no one, I mean no one outside of the powers that be knows what the outcome is at this point, and even they probably have a lot of room for error. 

    My guess is the PAC patches together enough revenue/exposure to keep the remaining 10 schools in the conference for the foreseeable future. 

  • UtesRule

    Not worried at all. Will happen when it does. There’s no rush.

  • 12PAC
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    So I guess we have no insiders in this area? ONLYU is just awesome, but has been noticeably quiet on these matters. And the amount of misinformation on the topic (see Cougarboard and post above ^) is a perfect example of how difficult it is to parse through the information BS these days. 

    And the conference has done an amazing job staying quiet- arguably to its detrimet, considering the B12 destabilization campaign. 

    So- we know nothing? Anyone? Please get this deal done. I agree with Jon Wilner- the longer this goes, the worse it feels. 

    • Perkus

      What misinformation does my post present? 

      • 12PAC

        Definitely not talking about your post, just the interwebs generally, and the difficulty in finding accuracy in a sea of bs. 

      • 12PAC

        I see why my post was confusing. Was specifically referencing ProudUtes post above about cougarboard antics. 

    • Onlyu

      Kind of quiet so don’t jump on as much right now.

      All I will say is don’t believe everything you read or hear on the local radio show.

      I’m fairly bullish on Utah’s position when it’s all said and done (5-6 years). I expect the program to be in the top 25 for the foreseeable future and that helps but more importantly our research $, academic rank/standing, enrollment and geo/media market will all improve during that time and unless the number is 40ish between 2 conferences (I don’t see that as a realistic possibility based on what I’ve been told) I think we find a way in.

      I personally put the number around 48 and we are a virtual lock to be included in 5 years time.

      I’m also fairly confident that the media deal surpasses the Big12’s deal but not by an amount that makes a huge difference. At the end of the day all you’re trying to do is stay productive for the next 5 years. That’s really the only time table that matters to me.

      • 12PAC

        Thanks for the input. Guess we have to view this as the long game. 

  • PhiladelphiaUte

    AAU membership doesn’t matter in the Big 12.  They’re not exactly a “research” oriented confederation of institutions.

    What does matter to the Big 12 however, is our brand, numerous national rankings, and — despite cougar claims to the contrary — the SLC/Utah market.

    Utah’s best case scenarios are — in order…

    1.  Join the BigTen

    2.  Remain in a Pac-12 conference that includes all remaining members.  I couldn’t care less if we do-or-do-not add SDSU and SMU, just so long as all remaining 10 schools remain.

    3.  If the BigTen and/or SEC manage to break up the existing ACC GoR, align with the leftover ACC programs.  Not in an “alliance” fashion, but rather in a “merger” of our two conferences, establishing an “East” and “West” division, and a CCG in the Home arena of the higher seeded team (Las Vegas for the West, and either Charlotte or Atlanta for the East).

    4.  Bite the bullet and join the Big 12.

    There’s no need for a 5th option as our options won’t fall past #4.

    • DataUte

      I generally agree but I’d switch #1 and #2. I think being in the B1G adds a ton more travel, esp. for non-revenue sports. I think the academic fit is still with either PAC or B1G, but staying more regionally west coast is more advantageous.

      I would probably put #1, stay in PAC (also don’t care if 10 or add SDSU, SMU, Tulane, or Rice), USC/UCLA come back after 5 years.

      I agree with #3 and #4 but #3 would create the same travel challenges as B1G, so fine for football with 6 road games, but tought for other sports.

  • RedRocks

    College Football ‘Social’ Media

    Outside of UteHub (of course), are there any good Reddit/Twitter alternatives for pointlessly up to date college football news (not just Utah)?

    Since both of those platforms seem intent on self-destruction, I have been open to finding something new.

  • Waybackutefan

    CB maybe I thinks it stands for Clownboard. 

  • ALUF

    I like going on YouTube and hearing to what people like Late Kick, uncle Lou, and voice of college football have to say. In the live chat there is a lot of interaction, trash talk etc.

    I don’t have any other social media besides this and YouTube though

    • ALUF

      I don’t like the Monty show on YouTube though anymore because they’ve turned into pac-12 hate club and big xii suck fest

      • Xanthis

        Monty has always been a suck fest. 

      • Monty is trash. He has zero inside sources on the hill, but claims to have some. Even some TSPP fans don’t like him.

  • enigami344

    I know you said reddit alternatives, but I love the CFB reddit. Lots of level headed discussions. Have you also checked out Utezone? I think you need a subscription to join their discussion board though

    • RedRocks

      Yeah, I like CFB Reddit.  I am just irritated with the direction Reddit (the business) has been taking.

  • PlainsUte

    Alex Smith and Eric Weddle on CFB HoF ballot

    2024 Ballot announced by College Football Foundation…

    Congrats Alex and Eric!!!