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    New poll: Are you going to attend the Rose Bowl?

    New poll just posted! Vote on the website home page, right column or on the app by tapping “polls” on the home screen. So are you going? 


    Jocelyn malaska Commits!!!!

    Let’s go!!! .87

  • There’s my answer. CB out of Oklahoma. Flipped commitment from Texas Tech to Utah. Great pick up.

  • UrbanLiar

    Interesting back story on this kid. He was an orphan in Haiti prior to being adopted by a family in Oklahoma.

  • Who’d we pick up?

    I’m guessing the Syracuse TE. Or that LB who just decommitted from Miami.

  • Could be Barnes. Do you have names with the TE or LB?

    • Landon Morris is the TE transfer from Syracuse. Fred Whittingham Jr was at his house the other night.

      Justin Medlock is the LB out of Texas who was a Miami commit. Saw some smoke about him and Utah yesterday.

  • Question answered. Malaska is a high 3* CB who just flipped from Texas Tech.

  • PlainsUte

    Voice from Columbus, mostly disappointed about not making CFP

    So, Columbus news is focusing on temporing the Buckeye fans’ disappointment of being outside-looking-in on the CFP, which is apparently their mindset instead of embracing going to the traditional Big-Ten Champion’s bowl game.   Even the writer can’t resist closing the article by proffering opinions on the CFP they are missing-out on.  May explain why Ute fans are able to scoop up so many tix from OSU…

    Columbus Dispatch Rose Bowl preview

  • Trailgoat

    Next couple weeks are going to be interesting to see how many of the OSU WR players bug out of the Rose Bowl. Losing Olave, Wison, Smith would be similar to Utah losing Kuithe, Kincaid, and Covey. Maybe worse.

    • Jake

      Smith-Njigba is a Freshman (due to covid year) but has only been there 2 years so he will likely play because he can’t be drafted next year.

      • And he’s their leading receiver this year. Gonna be a tough one.

        • Trailgoat

          Good catch. Smith would be a great match up for CP when Utes go to man coverage. I suspect Utah will give OSU a lot of chaotic coverage looks and the underneath zone. Giving KW and his staff a month to prepare is huge.

  • Ghost of the HEB

    They’re a spoiled fanbase/team that’s in natty or bust mode every year. Their rival just beat them for first time in a decade and is now in the spot they wanted to be. Utah fans shouldn’t get too worked up over them being apathetic about backing their way into the Rose Bowl. Just enjoy the ride.

  • UteFanatic

    Utah and Ohio State have drastically different goals and expectations. And that’s OK.

    Personally, I hope the Ohio State team is as disappointed as their fans and beat writers. Shades of the 2008 Sugar Bowl are starting to emerge.

    I’ll be over-the-moon happy with a Rose Bowl win over Ohio State regardless of how disappointed/apathetic they are and/or how many of their players opt-out.

  • Yergensen

    I hope their fans and team both show. I’d like to see how we measure up. It’s exciting to get to play a top 3 program. Their fans over on 11 warriors have been respectful, cool even. Harshest jab I’ve seen taken is about our “crappy uniforms.”

  • SkinyUte

    Came across this “Who’s Going to the Rose Bowl” thread this morning on a tOSU message board.


    General consensus from the fanbase seems to be ‘meh’, and I hope that carries over to the team.  

    • Tony

      three loss team with no name brand”

  • Tony

    He’s always been a low life. 

  • MauchDawgUte

    Was he snapping asses in the locker room with his wristbands again?