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    Great Read in the Dnews

    NIT win


    Four minutes left in regulation what do you say in the huddle??

    “This has been such a fun year and if it ends let this team beat us,” Krystkowiak recalled. “Let’s have them beat us rather than us beat ourself. I saw some guys jump up off the bench with a pretty determined look and some guys stepped up and made some great plays.”


    In Tempe for the weekend…

    I’m in Tempe for the weekend with the girlfriend for a music festival. Our hotel is basically right on ASU’s campus. Decent looking campus, from what I’ve seen. But I did some poking around Sun Devil Stadium and was super unimpressed. 

    Rice Eccles truly is one of the most scenic stadiums in the conference. Even if it needs some love. 

  • NarfUte

    That’s cuz ASU is known for a different kind of scenery. 

  • Doutrive any relation to our Doutrive?

  • NarfUte

    Yep, brother

  • IglooDweller

    I was hoping to get him too, but I guess we haven’t even offered. 

    • BattleGroundUte

      Do you get those antibacterial towells after meeting with Miller?  Just to disinfect?

  • Sagarin Predictor: Utah -1.5

    Predicts about a 1.5 pt advantage for Utah over WKU on neutral court.


  • gothamute

    and yet Vegas has the Hilltoppers as 1 point favorites…


    • gothamute

      And ESPN BPI gives Western Kentucky a 62% chance of winning…


      (Btw ESPN gave Saint Mary’s something like an 84% chance of winning, so there’s that…)

      • Han

      • PlainsUte

        Everyone has their opinion which is why there are bettors on both sides.   I like to report here where Vegas has the line because it usually gives a relatively objective view of how people (with money) view a game; I didn’t know there was already a line on UU-WKU, thanks for that.   I think BPI and RPI are super lame, they are oversimplicifications of the complex dependencies that are in something like Sagarin ratings; its too bad that the committee uses them.  

        • RedLine

          Betting lines bad predictors of the better team since they are drawn up to maximize betting revenue. 

          • PlainsUte

            But to get the max net revenue you have an equal number of bettors on both sides, or an equal chance of one team+points winning vs the other.  Then, regardless of the outcome the house pays one side off with the money from the other side and takes their 10%.  You could argue their are fewer fans for a smaller school like WKU, especially in/near Vegas, but that ignores the professional gamblers who would act to make up for that (if say the sports books gave WKU more points just to draw in some bets on that side).  So the “smart money” are supposed to be the equalizers and thus when the line moves big its supposed to be this smart money doing their thing and by tip-off the line should be close to reality (on average over many games).   In short I agree the early line could be misleading – set to draw bets on one side or the other – but by tip-off the line should be pretty good.

            • RedLine

              Really good summary.  Agree with that. 

      • Longview

        ESPN BPI isn’t worth Chris Berman’s man purse.  They don’t seem to ever update it – locking in teams based on preseason predictions.  ESPN is misnamed.

    • gothamute

      thumbs-downed my own post. no respect!

  • F**k ’em all.

  • ironman1315




  • LetItRide

    WK won @SC (who went 2-0 against us) won at Ok St. 

    they are very athletic like USC.  Hence the underdog role. Surprised it wasnt more than 1. 


    • Itacoatiara22

      Without Metu who decided not to play in the NIT and prepare for the draft. 

      • NarfUte

        Also without Bennie Boatwright

  • Pac-12 Gymnastics Championship on Saturday

  • Johnny80

    Let’s see the Red Rocks get a win!! 

    • RedLine

      A win?  Let’s get 3 wins on Saturday Evening session against UCLA, Washington, and Cal. #BeatUCLA  

  • While in NYC, Maybe Coach Kodiak can dance with Elaine Benes…


    Dance, Larry, dance

    I think Tillman has a lot of potential

    But he sure showed that he’s a freshman last night. I’m still trying to figure out why he rushed over to double team Landale and then immediately retreated, giving him a wide open lane to the basket. His ball handling skills need some work too.

  • Yeah rebounding to just doesn’t know what to do. That double team was weird as well he retreated back to his area to cover his teammate. 

  • LetItRide

    He’s got solid potential. Rebounding and toughness will be his strong suits. Low post moves will improve as will hit fg percentage. Ft percentage solid for a power forward.

    He either hit a wall or hasn’t fully recovered from his previous injury. He was balling out of the gates and was our top scoring threat off bench.

    He’s just a fresh,an and will take leaps next year as a starter.

  • Utah

    A PF with athleticism and a willingness to improve? Then Larry will turn him into a pro. I’m excited to see how he develops. 

  • Hammer

    Landale ball faked above Tillman’s head and Tillman went for the corner rotation which was his responsibility if the ball gets reversed.

  • Tony

    Needs to be less casual with ball handling and passing.

  • As luck would have it…

    …I’ll be in NYC on business next week! I’ve had this trip planned for months. I guess now I’ll have something to do in the evenings besides cruise for hookers in Battery Park. 😉

    Anyone know the best way to get tickets? Do I go through the U or MSG?

  • PlainsUte

    SeatGeek?  With all the 1- and 2- seeds knocked out probably some overly optimistic fans needing to sell tickets now.

    SeatGeek NIT SemiFinals

  • Tony

    Awesome. Loved watching the Utes play Duke in Da Gaden. It was fantastic.

  • Last time I had a work related trip to New York I went to Madison Square Garden to take in a Rangers game.  But watching the Utes in the NIT would be funner.



  • Utah Sports Radio

    Listening to 1280 this morning on my way to work. PK took five minutes to ridicule the Utes and their excitement for winning last night in the NIT. This is also a theme I have seen from a lot of Y fans. 

    It’s hard for me to understand the hate for a group of kids that are in a post season tournament and performing well. Utah sports radio blows and Y fans would take our spot in the NIT in a second. 

  • Tony

    No this isn’t the big dance but it is still fun.

  • SteelUte

    I’m so sorry that you had to listen to PK today.  He is the eptiome of radio hack shock jock.  He’ll do anything for a reaction, he thinks he’s so funny and insightful but is so lame.  I have always felt bad for David James who I think tries hard to do a decent job but sits across a childish moron who does absolutely zero prep work and brings nothing to the table but idiotic sophmoric babble.  I remember a few years ago when Jim Rome asked DJ (college aquaintences) to guest host his show, listening to DJ and PK try to do a national show opened my eyes to how awful they are, and that awful is 99.8% PK’s fault.  I would rather listen to a pig being slaughtered with a dull knife than that joke.  End of rant!

    • utefansince79

      If BYU had won the NIT when they made a visit to New York a few years ago, PK would have considered it more important than Utah’s 98 Final Four run and BCS victories combined.


  • Staples

    Yeah, that was tough to listen to. The intro when he brought on Kragthorpe was awkward as hell, 5 minutes about how he was hired at the Tribune 25 years ago. I thought Kragthorpe had an excellent point that the NIT is there to be fun for teams if they want it to be. I only saw the last 3 minutes of regulation and the OT because the game didn’t freaking record like it was supposed to, but that was a FUN ending as a fan. Should be all that matters.

  • They are awful even when I seek out Jazz news they talked about the most asinine things. 

  • I’ve always said barefield could be a pro if he wanted to…

    He’s got plenty of game. That did not surprise me. How far this team has come has surprised me though. Proud of the guys. Grown 5 miles this season.