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    Turn Folsom Field Red

    Folks – this is the game to attend. I’ve been to the last two games at Folsom Field, and the visitors section can be easily expanded with more of us. Buy the cheap seats (Vivid Seats $17) and move on down to sections 102-106 (behind the team, next to the visitors section). My son is a student there, he says most CU students have lost interest, and are going skiing.

    We can make a difference!! See you on Saturday. Go Utes!!
    Note: Its going to be cold – snowing and in the thirties at game time.

    Coach Mike Mac gonzo at CU!


    Do players try and compete harder or turn over and let Utah run wild?

  • homer

    Buffs welcome Matt Wells, and former Aggies offensive staff. . .

    • Pace Manyung
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      Sigh…I hope not. Utes will rue the day they missed on Wells.

  • Source seems sketch, although I wouldn’t doubt it. I’ll take any and all distractions in Boulder this week!

  • Don’t know how this helps or hurts?  I can’t decide. 

    • NarfUte

      I would say it hurts if his team decides to honor their outgoing coach and get a bowl game, but he lost them a long time ago so it doesn’t make a difference IMO

  • GameForAnyFuss

    It seems more often than not this energizes a team. Kind of like how major injuries energized ours last week.

    I don’t like this news. Put it this way: CU was already on a terrible trajectory…this may help, and it certainly can’t make things worse. 

  • ProudUte

    This could play out either way.  I think you will see early – if the players come out to play or seem defeated and roll over.  I have seen it both ways.  I have no idea about their loyalty to the coach.


    • NarfUte

      They’ll probably come out firing but would fold easily if we show them some adversity – Hopefully we can start fast

  • ironman1315

    Or is he?

  • Quick Basketball team analysis

    Hendrix, Goch, Allen – These Three are going to be really good, just super young.

    Tillman and Barefield are fine, they just haven’t been able to get into a groove due to referee home cookin’

    Topalovic is good offensively, but a really crappy defender

    Johnson is a guy to put in when everyone in front of him is in foul trouble. He should never see the floor otherwise.

    Haven’t seen much from anyone else in the second half. The defense is pretty terrible right now, and the offense is at times as well, but that is youth and a lack of chemistry. This will improve over the games and years. THIS TEAM HAS TALENT!

  • Trailgoat
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    When has Utah had the same guys on the court for two years? Every year is a reset-rebuild year. That was some of the worst basketball I have seen out of a Utah team against an equally young Minnesota team. Minnesota a lower end BIG team looking light years ahead of Utah. I guess this is Coach K’s program of constant turnover and a complete redo every year. Will see how the season progresses. A very GREEN-young team. A lot of work to do. I know this is thumbs down loving post. That was tough to watch.

    • BattleGroundUte

      I can’t help but wonder IF NCAA had punished teams for obvious cheating for years maybe Larry K has better chances with Wright and Poeltl. College Basketball is just impossible for me to enjoy much anymore.

    • UteThunder
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      Could not agree more, Trailgoat. Obviously, teams are going to lose some players every year to graduation and sometimes guys leave early for the NBA. But, Larry seems to lose half or more of the roster every single year. Way too many transfers. A program cannot build any kind of consistency with the annual turnover that has taken place during his tenure. 

      Sooner than later Larry is going to have to demonstrate that all of this roster turnover is worth it by winning a conference title and making a deep tourney run . . . and I’m not talking about the NIT. 

      • Utesby1

        It appears we will bring in at least 5 new players next year so that will mean that in addition to our three seniors, two other players will need to leave the program. 

  • Utah

    I like #14. He’s fun.

    I like this team. They too are fun. 

  • ironman1315

    This team is raw, but they have the tools and they have the talent.

  • Tony

    I don’t know their names yet either LOL.

  • Hendrix is really good. He just needs time to learn to make better choices, same with about 75% of the team. This team has plenty of talent, but it’s going to take some time for them to gel.

  • Minn 33 Utah 26 at half

    Listening while doing some paperwork at work.  The Utes hung with the gophers pretty well at the start, had one dry spell but then a 9-0 run to catch-up.  Toward the end of the half Minnesota had their own run and the fans got warmed up and into the game, and the Northern Rodents were able to open up the 7 point lead.  PVD 3-pointer to cut it to 4 at the end of the half was short.  Not enough time to get a second shot there.

  • Distantute

    Utah’s run came when Pvd on pine.  I have no idea why he plays.

    • LetItRide

      Our run and 4point lead was with gach, Hendrix, Tillman, Topalovich, and jones

      • LetItRide

        7/14 threes against us. Down 11

        • LetItRide

          Barefield has been non existant

          • LetItRide

            Now the homer refs are playing a role

  • Tony

    Well we are getting boatraced now. It would help if we guarded their best player, and not throw the ball to him under his own basket like Jayce did a few minutes ago.  Sigh.

    • OgdenParaiso

      Well we are getting boatraced now. It would help if we guarded their best player, and not throw the ball to him under his own basket like Jayce did a few minutes ago.  Sigh.

      Add setting a screen without moving to the list.

    • We’re going to struggle until at least January, if not all year. This team is seriously lacking chemistry, defense, rebounding, and a go-to scorer.

      • Tony

        Our post defense is non-existent. 

  • Tony


    I really want to like PVD, but he’s an extremely inaccurate “sharp shooter.”

  • Distantute

    My least favorite Ute in the near 40 years of following Ute hoops.  The only thing worse than his shooting is his defense.  Comical at times watching him try and play man defense.

    • CapitalUte

      As a local kid I want to root for him, but can’t force myself to do it. Never looks like he belongs on the floor at this level. 

  • Some good some ugly so far Utes down @half

    topolovich is solid low post offense

    tallen looks like a midget out there. Can’t create his own shot. Struggled mightely

    jayce just is so hard to watch

    hendrix hustles looks good

    sorry but van dyke shouldnt be starting

    our offense is struggling. Passing up 10 footers to pass outside and then a hard shot from three doesn’t make sense

    had flashes of solid D 

    defensive rebounding is lacking

    freshman hit 4 3s to give them a 7pt lead

  • alharmon

    Impressed with Topolovich so far, he’s been playing well tonight. Much much better than Jayce Johnson.  

  • Big10 Network is included in my Verizon Package but I avoid it like the plague.

    It p**ses me off to no end that Verizon will carry the BTN as part of a basic package, but I don’t even have the option to pay extra for the PAC12 Network. Same goes for the SEC Network, I’ll never watch it. If I could I would remove them from my lineup even though they are “free”. The idea that even if don’t watch them my subscriber fees are still funding the competing conferences outsized media deals and putting the U at a disavantage is just salt in the wound.   

  • Tony

    Perhaps the Pac-12 Network wouldn’t have such low viewer ratings if it was available, you know on providers like DirecTV and stuff.

    • CapitalUte

      It would help, but it’s all about those base package subscriber fees. If the PAC12 was just part of some $5 Sports+ package I doubt it would get many subscrbers in my area (DC). 

      Not sure if it’s a regional thing. Are Utah Verizon subscribers forced to chip in to the BIG10 Athletic fund too? 

      • oc_ute

        verizon isn’t available in slc area unless there’s some special streaming thing.  comcast and dish have the pac 12 channel, dtv doesn’t.  i used to live in socal and had ATT uverse which had the absolute best channel line up.  it had everything.  ATT now owns directv so i’m surprised a deal didn’t get done.  dtv is too big for their britches.  they have the sunday ticket which is a big deal for most people.  probably switching to comcast next sumer.  

  • jamarcus24

    Interesting stat.

    Jaylen Dixon only has 11 receptions on the year but he’s averaging 26 yards per catch.  Most of these receptions he’s well behind the defense but the balls tend to be thrown behind him and none have hit him in stride.  He’s always reaching back for the ball and is normally dragged down after having to slow up to catch it.  One of these days our QB will hit Jaylen in stride.  Here’s to him taking the top off the Colorado D this week.

    Operation: Get Jaylen in the End Zone!

  • His tipped Int against ASU would have been huge. But alas 

  • Recruiting

    There’s a lot of drama and paranoia on the other message boards about Jayden Daniels and his visit to ASU. Anyone close to the program that can shed some light here?

  • Utahute72

    Sounds like the mother isn’t real happy with Utah as a landing spot, so ASU may be a family compromise for a choice. The issue is that ASU already has committments from two other QBs.

  • IglooDweller

    Wilkins is a senior. Daniels would be stepping into a potential starting position.  Here, he would be in a bit of a logjam.  If he does go to ASU he’ll probably take his big receiver teammate with him.  

    • Utahute72

      Jones is committed to us and is pretty solid. I don’t think he even has an ASU offer.

      • IglooDweller

        N’Keal Harry is going to go pro. He’s probably the #1 WR in this draft. Never say never.

    • Nope. Wilkins is a junior.

      • IglooDweller

        Really? I could have sworn he was a senior.

        • He’s a Senior (the ASU site shows him as a redshirt Junior but ESPN has him listed as a Senior). They had Senior day last week at ASU. They interviewed him after the game and he talked about it being his last game in Sun Devil stadium. He shed a few tears too.

          • Utahute72

            So ASU doesn’t even know what class he is?   I didn’t know pot was legal down there.

            • St George Ute

              The site admin must have a prescription. 🙂

              Just looking up his stats: This is Manny’s 5th year with the team. He redshirted in ’14, played 4 games in ’15, 10 in ’16, 13 in ’17, and 10 so far this year. In his 4 games in ’15 he didn’t attempt a pass but ran for 55 yards on 7 attempts.

              • Tony

                Oh I thought you were talking about me.  Carry on. hehe

  • ironman1315

    Daniels looks like a solid recruit, there has been no movement towards ASU, and look at the wristband.

    • IglooDweller

      I want to believe, but. I have “Tuttle fatigue.”

    • leftyjace

      And suddenly I go from the “No way” camp to the “It’s possible” camp.

  • ironman1315

    Also, I wonder if OnlyU can shed some light on the situation.

    • IglooDweller

      You know he can’t. It would cost him his job, at the very least. 

  • ironman1315

    What are these other boards saying? He’s a solid commit to asu now? His mom wants him to sign with ASU?