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  • 7 Years of UTE HUB!


    I don’t think we move in the top 25 or maybe down a spot or two.

    #7 THEM lost but to an undefeated #14 Ole Miss.

    #13 Oregon is dismantling Stanford.

    I think Ole Miss jumps us, AND I wouldn’t be surprised to see Oregon jump us as well.

    We just have to keep winning as that solves all problems. I only see one or two teams ending the season undefeated.

    Alabama/Georgia winner and Ohio State.

    I don’t think anyone makes it through the ACC, Pac12 or BigXII undefeated at 12-0.

  • UTE98

    I also think UCLA jumps into the top 25, and Washington doesn’t fall out. So five ranked Pac12 teams this week. And maybe Washington St.

    • cj13

      Washington State will be ranked. 8 of the bottom 11 top 25 teams lost and Washington State is the 4th team out right now. I’m guessing they will be 24-25th.

  • SOWhat

    Do I Have to Remind…

    Some of the posters that after losing to an SEC team, albeit mid level, on the last play of the game, that the UTES have blown out every team they have played. Certainly the most difficult games are still to come. Are there things to improve on, yes, but every team has things to work on. So far I’d give both the O and the D a B grade overall.

  • NavyUte

    No reminder needed here… but ok.

    I just moved to Oregon.  I am sure they love my Utah Utes license plate covers and Hawaii plates.  Confused is usually the look.

    I think we do, however,  have an issue with mobile QBs, although you didn’t mention that.   Should be interesting the next 2 games and if we have a spy.  Other than that I am not sure who you are reminding. 

  • ESPN Announcers: “Caleb Williams using this game for his Heisman run…”

    Very next play a bad interception into double coverage. NUMBER SIX in the country?  I think I need to go to bed but usc is not very good. 

  • ASU bring it to down ten and recovers an onside kick. SC is poorly coached AGAIN. 

  • Did not know you could review onside kicks like that. 

    • They aren’t going to let USC lose to ASU!


  • Tony

    Hell of a photo of Vele’s TD

  • tanute3

    He was a monster today

  • Vele is my new hero. I haven’t crushed a WR like this since Freddie Brown in 08. 

  • PNW Ute

    That TD and Cam’s TD run were big boy football plays. Just not going to be stopped short of the endzone.

    Would love to see some of that from the RB’s this year.

  • PNW Ute


    USC has some ridiculous individual playmakers on offense, but they sure don’t look like a top 10 team. Not impressed last week at OSU. Not impressed tonight against ASU.

    Other than a few flashy names, a couple of big wins over bad teams, what does anyone who’s watched them play see in them? What’s their best win of the season? A three point win at Oregon State? Yawn.

  • u$c up over the Sun Devis 21-17 at halftime.

  • RedUte14

    There offensive line is really bad. Williams is super elusive and can make a play at any time.

    They also have play makers on the defense.

    I think we can beat them.