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Utes softball

Utes against Washington 11 AM on ESPN2

While a bit late in reporting, this hadn’t been mentioned yet…

The Utah Lacrosse team earned its first ever final ranking in program history!

Oklahoma scores 2 on Stanford’s ace

OU Softball defeats NiJaree Canady and the Cardinal 2-zip to advance in the winners’ bracket of WCWS.
Utah slated to appear at 7:30 MDT (may get pushed back due to thunderstorms currently approaching from the south).

  • PlainsUte

    Start of Session 2 pushed back 1:20 due to rain/lightning delay.  That would make Utah start time 8:50 MDT, 9:50 local.   Not sure how late they are willing to push back games as they want to avoid games going to like 2 am and have made contigencies in sched to deal with that.

    • PlainsUte

      Utah softball confirming first pitch planned for 8:50 pm MDT.

      Not sure if an extra long Okla State vs FSU game could jeopardize the game getting played tonight.

  • D T

    We obviously have an interest in the next game, hopefully playing the winner on Saturday.

  • PlainsUte

    Another thunderstorm is moving over the stadium as Ok State vs FSU was being played.   Another rain/lightning delay.   I don’t think Utah – UDub is happening this evening.    Prollly finish current game and postpone Utah-UW until Friday morning.

  • Ray J Dennis

    He just committed to Baylor, bummer.

  • Trevor
    1 1

    Now I am curious what other players they will go after. Does anyone know?

  • NarfUte

    Man, we must not compete with HGTV NIL money. Stupid chip and joanna


    • Are they Baylor fans? Don’t tell my wife or she might convert!

      • NarfUte

        Oh I have no idea. What else is in Waco though? 

        • AlohaUte

          There’s a pretty cool mammoth site there

      • Charlie Foxtrot

        Not only are Chip and Joanna Baylor fans, they are both Baylor Alumni.  Apparently I have seen too many eppisodes of Fixer Upper.  I’m not sure why I am admiting this publicly?

        • PlainsUte

          Yep, one episode had Chip throwing out the first pitch at a Baylor baseball game.  My wife makes HGTV or Food Network the default channel while we’re doing chores around the house unless I can find relevant sports.

  • chinngiskhaan

    Not surprising. Never understood what the draw was to come here for a guy like him in the first place. Playing time maybe, but we’ve got at least one guy at his position that has been here for a while now.

  • Well shoot. What’s next?

  • ProudUte

    Yogi Roth interview

    Yesterday afternoon I was out running errands and picked up the last half of an interview with Yogi Roth on ESPN 700. There were a couple of interesting tidbits.
    1. Isaac Wilson making it as an Elite-11 finalist is a big deal. (Yogi is part of the Elite-11 program, so he has some bias.) He pointed out the other schools that had a commitment in the Elite-11 which included teams like Alabama, Georgia, Ohio State, etc. He pointed out that USC, Oregon, UW, and UCLA did not have a commitment in that group.
    2. He said in this day and age, commitments will change and even if they end up at the school the player may not finish there. He predicts that at least 50% of the QB commitments for 2024 will not end up finishing their college career at that school.
    3. He said that only five 5-star QB recruits have ever been an NFL starter. This is crazy but goes to show you the flaws in the star ratings.
    4. When asked about Utah’s weakness going into this season – he concluded it was probably at WR. This is not a surprise to anyone on this board. He did say that he likes Mycah Pittman and that he thinks he could be a difference-maker for Utah.
    5. Yogi believes that the PAC12 will survive. He claims to have had discussions with most of the conference ADs in the last few weeks. (Obviously – no one knows for sure. I will wait to see what happens. I believe that the Utah football brand is very good right now and we will end up fine. We have been to four NY6 bowls in the last 20 years. I suspect that puts us around 15th among P5 schools.)

  • Waybackutefan
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    Only 5-star QB recruits have ever been an NFL starter? Thats patently untrue. Alex Smith would like a word. 

    • ryynoo

      I read the same meaning but I think he meant only 5, 5-star recruits…

    • chinngiskhaan
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      reading fail

      • Ok sure btw how’s that prove me wrong and I’ll let you rename me contest going you posted like 200 times? Got a winner yet?

    • ProudUte

      Sorry if I did not make that clear.  I was trying to say of the 135 5-star QB recruits, only five have become NFL starters.  That shocked me.  He has said before that only one 5-star QB was a starter on a Super Bowl winning team.  In fact, Yogi wrote a book about 5-star QB recruits called, “5 Star QB.”