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2020 Utah Football Schedule, Results, Roster Updated

I’ve entered the 2020 Utah Football roster into the website and Ute Hub app for easy reference. The website schedule/roster is here and to find it on the mobile app just tap the “sports” icon from the home page.


Utes just reload?

  • I don’t normally read Monson but this is worth a read for Ute fans.

  • Dallas

    Sean Connery

    Dead at age 90.
    sean connery

  • Tony

    Pussy.  Pussy galore. 

  • “I want you and the doctor to witness this. I’m taking the political officer’s missile key…and I’m keeping it myself.”

  • Jay

    Running back room

    Anyone one else extremely excited about the future at running back? Ty Jordan getting all sorts of praise through camp already as a freshman, Micah Bernard is a stud, and Ricky Parks looks like an absolute beast in high school. Plenty of talent coming through.

  • Utesbyfive

    It’s as if success breeds success. Zack Moss has kids thinking Utah.

  • chinngiskhaan

    I was underwhelmed by both Wilmore and Brumfield last year, hopefully they can step up. I don’t see why Wilmore wouldn’t,Moss wasn’t awesome as a freshman either.

  • Utah5410

    ONLYU Or Whoever

    Does anyone know what happened or is up with Semisi Lauaki ? Last year, all the talk was about what a stud thE FR was. This year we’ve heard nothing. Is he underperforming? Hurt ? What is the story ? 

  • Jay

    I’m confused as well, he didn’t even make the two deep on the depth chart, thought he was a stud also.

  • Duhwayne


    • Black Hawk

      He already served a mission.

  • RiseasUtes

    I believe he opted out for this year, really hope he is back for next year.  

  • Utah5410

    Weird. Because, if true Whit would have said something.

  • Ben

    Has been reported elsewhere that he opted out. Though wasn’t 100% confirmed.

  • AlohaUte
    13 1

    Ute Players who lurk here, for the love of all that is holy, bubble yourself!

    Seeing what’s happened at Wisconsin and the news with Trevor Lawrence, we need all y’all to sacrifice for a couple months for our entertainment!  Lock yourselves away, avoid the parties, become a hermit, whatever.  Thanks in advance and Go Utes!

  • UteBacker
    6 2

    Good post, Aloha.  I think some states and the conference are looking for reasons to shut it all down…

  • Tony

    We just got an emergency alert locally.  Mask mandate.

    • SkinyUte
      5 2

      Yeah, 2,300 new cases in a single day will do that.

      • Johnny
        9 9

        I’ve had 2 people lost this year. One from a heart attack, one suicide. Both positive Covid tests after death. F*ck these tests. I’m tired of the bullsh*t. 

        I’ve tested false positive twice. I have 2 top pulmonary doctors who have been monitoring my lungs for 2 years due to my chronic cough. I don’t smoke. 

        This is definitely the media making things worse for people like me. Creating panic with people going to the hospital because they have a sore throat. 


        • SkinyUte

          2,300 new cases was the number reported by the State of Utah.  Not sure what that has to do with the media.

          Sorry you’re tired of bullsh*t.  I’ve lost one family member from COVID with another two who have spent extended time in the ICU, racked up massive medical bills, and have ongoing symptoms months later.


          I’m pretty tired of it too.


        • Tony

          Perhaps things are looking up in terms of treatment. My aunt got the covid and she’s in probably 3+ different high risk categories: age, weight, heart condition etc.  She was treated with some new experimental techniques and came out fine. 

        • UrbanLiar
          7 7

          @ Johnny, They’ve just ordered extra refrigerated morgues in Weber County. The media didn’t cause almost 2,300 people today to get positive tests. The media didn’t put 313 people in the hospital. Sorry you’ve apparently been inconvenienced by two positive tests. I’ll try to relay that to the 12 friends of my mother in law who died. Quit your complaining because you’re adding frustrating contempt to this situation.

          • Johnny
            1 4

            Wrong. Sorry your mom had 12 people lost to a positive test of the Covid. 

            Weber county is a ghost town. Don’t alarm people with Bulls**t

            • cicampbe
              2 4

              Johnny, isn’t there a Qanon board somewhere you can be posting on ?