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    Some good Kuzma and Bogut highlights.

    Of course Mitchell had a nice game. Seems like the depth perception from the large stadium bothered the fg%


    2019 Real Recruiting #’s less Fotu, Moss, Anae, Penisini

    Next year will be double
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  • UtMtBiker


  • Utahute72

    I have a feeling alcohol is involved

    • Chidojuan

      Wrong kind of draft.

  • LongDuckDong
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    2020 Recruiting numbers as reported by 247…

    Clearly Washington and Stanford have a different approach than most in the conference.

    Arizona: 11 commits / 223 offers / 4.93% success rate / 82.73 avg 247 rating

    ASU: 16 commits / 227 offers / 7.04% success rate / 84.13 avg 247 rating

    Cal: 19 commits / 127 offers / 14.96% success rate / 84.95 avg 247 rating

    Colorado: 16 commits / 301 offers / 5.32% success rate / 84.56 avg 247 rating

    Oregon: 19 commits / 299 offers / 6.36% success rate / 88.58 avg 247 rating

    OSU: 12 commits / 148 offers / 8.11% success rate / 84.83 avg 247 rating

    Stanford: 13 commits / 63 offers / 20.63% success rate / 88.46 avg 247 rating

    UCLA: 11 commits / 95 offers / 11.58% success rate / 85.45 avg 247 rating

    USC: 10 commits / 155 offers / 6.45% success rate / 86.90 avg 247 rating

    Utah: 5 commits / 214 offers / 2.34% success rate / 84.40 avg 247 rating

    Washington: 19 commits / 70 offers / 27.14% success rate / 88.47 avg 247 rating

    WSU: 10 commits / 161 offers / 6.21% success rate / 84.60 avg 247 rating

  • My bad…as reported by 247

    • whitlessham

      kwhitt in the gutter with a 2.37% success rate… sad but not surprised

      • UtMtBiker

        2020 recurring isn’t over. All these numbers will change.

  • AgouraUte

    Yeah, we get it……everyone wants to go to Washington and Stanford.

    • Tednab

      Meh.. it’s what’s produced on the field that matters ; how do those number look ? Look at number of players they have put in the NFL . They’ve also improved every year since being in the pac12 plus took the PAC south last year .. they must be doing something right

      • whitlessham

        I hate this “fan boy” response.  There is ZERO excuse for being dead last.  Imagine if kwhitt was evern below average what type of program this would be.


        • ironman1315

          You are an idiot, bro. He has been average. He has been in the 30s for years. That is top quartile for recruiting. This cycle isn’t done. You made the same tired arguments last year. And now I am wondering if you aren’t using this new profile as a sock puppet for your tired narrative.

        • Utahute72

          Utah has to recruit differently than the top of the conference. Utah offers more players so they will be in the running if a player decomits if they are recruited over. They have a much better percentage with players that are more realistic, but want to be there if some of the higher hanging fruit falls off the tree.

        • Hammer

          Yeah there is, bitch. Utah success is based on projecting where players will be and they are some of the best I. The country AND OTHER TEAMS HAVE PICKED UP ON IT!!!!!!!!! So it does no good to identify these 2 and 3 star guys early on that you think that can be NFL guys down the road and tip your hand by offering them so that AZ state can start recruiting them 1 week later. Get a f**king clue!!!!

          • BattleGroundUte

            Feeding trolls is wrong. It’s very wrong. 

  • ironman1315
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    You don’t listen so good. This is by choice.

  • noneyadb

    Mehhh, when Whitt fails to field a competitive team then the fan base will worry. Otherwise recruiting numbers are for premadonnas to worried about superficial BS. With Polys holding down the lines, Utah just needs to moderately improve QB, WR, and LB recruiting.

  • LongDuckDong

    I’m not saying one method works and the other doesn’t. Oregon offered 300 kids and they are ranked #1 in the conference right now for recruiting. Washington only offered 70 kids and Washington is ranked #2 in the conference in recruiting.

    I just can’t help but think if Utah is so good at preparing guys for the NFL, what would happen to the program, the Wins and Losses, etc. if instead of taking 2 and 3 star guys, they were getting 3 and 4 star guys?

    It’s the same argument I made when Peterson went from Boise State to Washington. What can he do if he gets better talent and develops it as well as he did at Boise State. He’s clearly improved Washington but I think the jury is still out on if he’s taking 3 and 4 star guys and turning them in to top notch NFL talent.

  • Saw Donny Daniels at Costco on 1750 S and 300 W

    We have some good karma coming our way. Daniels sat with Van Horn on draft night, not Majerus. Players love him and he will be good to have around to offset some of the negativity.

    SLCo Library getting nasty up in here.

  • Chidojuan

    Even more savage than Wendy’s Twitter.

  • Chidojuan

    The whole thread is hilarious!

  • J-Cut

    7 days away, 7 defensive touchdowns in 8 game streak

  • Tacoma Ute

    Is that all? I thought we had more than that in the first 10 minutes of the Vegas Bowl.