• Even better, imagine how much better we would be if Larry would have brought in Alex Jensen. Then when Larry left Alex could have taken over which could have kept several players in place. Alex would be an excellent college HC. I liked Juddy, went to school with him, but Alex is a step up. I wish Juddy could have stayed with mens to have a better…[Read more]

  • Charlie replied to the topic Heads up! in the forum Football 24 minutes ago

    Yikes, I am now paying more for 1 seat than round trip air fare to Europe…

  • We needed another big man even if Carlson returns. It allows all the big men to play more aggressive allowing us more fouls to give. If Carlson does not return we need another big man. We are not limited with scholarships, we had one unfilled last year. Still room for a PG, a wing, and a PF. Transfers are fine, some of our best have been…[Read more]

  • Lute was amazing, bordering on a unicorn, and moved Az into the circle of blue bloods. As schools look to get a coach like that, success is like 4 or 5%. Of course we would like to do that or get Bennett or Few. We just need to fight past schools with more resources to get a chance.

    I watched the U play Az since the 60s in the WAC. After…[Read more]

  • Some of us watch TV and can’t understand why we are not the top team in the league. TV will not reveal the brutal facts of the current reality. Understanding the resources available from inside the athletic department, how they relate to the many teams ahead of Utah in the league and the actual possibilities is not entertaining to work thru.…[Read more]

  • With the portal being what it now is, many athletes will have limited interest in being left off the 2 Deep chart for 2 years. The better teams will see players leave the bench for more opportunity on lessor teams. Lessor teams will see starters leave for an opportunity to see what they can do in higher play. That will suggest all teams lose…[Read more]

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    I error on the side of our coaches when they have reluctance for something we don’t see. Coaches want to win much more than fans do and know incredibly more about players than we do. We are glancing at a room thru a keyhole while Smith is inside that room every day. I prefer to wonder why with his talent he was unable to give the coaches what…[Read more]

  • This is understandable. I very much wanted to see him play more. But with Bishop and Vaki along with Ritchie returning that is a lot of safety talent to compete with and they are all underclassmen. Isbell has only one year left, I can understand he wants to play somewhere where he can be on the field. We also use a slot corner rather than a safety…[Read more]

  • Charlie replied to the topic BB decline and Harlan. in the forum Basketball (Men) 2 weeks ago

    Don’t know Harlan but the football team, WBB, and other sports seems to be doing just fine. As for MBB, Larry had the time to evaluate and I agreed with the change. As to Craig, his progress from the time he walked in the door thru 2 season is as good as can be expected. At the mid point in league play we bounced between 2nd and 3rd place before…[Read more]

  • I saw that go by. Maybe a string of bad luck. God knows if Brodkin was a good candidate. Next, God knows if Endeavor should have been retained related to whoever was. Together it feels like an Xspouse that was able to slip in, burn down your house, and slip away unnoticed while you were on vacation. I do worry that when replacing Scott there…[Read more]

  • Charlie replied to the topic Coach Smith in the forum Basketball (Men) 2 weeks, 5 days ago

    Last night’s game was disappointing to say the least. But there is more to understand than just the losing streak at the end of the season. You can not compare Smith’s first two years to any other coach’s first two. Now and going forward with the portal new coaches will often start over like never before. The team can just leave which made…[Read more]

  • Charlie started the topic BB Game in the forum Basketball (Men) 2 weeks, 6 days ago

    Hoping that Carlson and Madsen return to mid season form and looking for more minutes from Saunders. The defense needs to return to mid season form vs the three.

  • We play much better against the bottom half of the league, we play much better when not facing the other home crowd, we play much better when BC is on his game, and we play much better with Madsen back in the flow. We have 1 and 2 going for us, #3 may be a function of #1, #4 can be a huge factor. I think we play good vs Stanford, Az will be a…[Read more]

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    I don’t think we have any idea and need to be patient. As for position groups, we don’t know much at all about anyone that is not a returning starter and healthy. As an example, last year the LB group had the best prospects we have had in years but not so much made it to the field. We often have a couple of new comers that really perform much…[Read more]

  • Washington and Oregon likely have no options related to the next GOR. The media deal requires it, if they don’t agree others move on which would leave them waiting while screwing their sister schools over long term. They will likely hit the fork in the road before the B1G gets serious about more expansion. The two new Cali schools are open…[Read more]

  • It is real important to win a game or two to preserve the momentum we had in the first part or the season. Need to see the return of Carlson and Madsen scoring.

  • I don’t mean to belabor this but I don’t see an issue of motivated to be educated, I see an issue of survival for our kids. In an old world of manual labor some workers were better than others, maybe twice or three times better for stronger or more skilled workers. In the new world involving tech now it is common for some workers to be 20 or 30…[Read more]

  • I think the only issue that will create problems is the commitment of Oregon and Washington. I expect that they realize that their opportunity to move to the B1G has passed for this round. The best strategy to get to the next round of alignment is clearly a healthy Pac. This is absolutely true for their sister schools that are tied to them much…[Read more]

  • EagleMountain does highlight a real issue. College sports likely evolves to a lower pro league separate from schools, as an example a farm league to the NFL. Universities need to get their act together and do better at preparing students for an actual job. Student loans are an issue because of degrees that are unrelated to jobs or in numbers…[Read more]

  • I think you need to consider where Smith started from. When he came in most the players were gone and he had to put together a team after recruiting was mostly complete. First year was simply saving a team from falling off the dock. This year he brought in as many good new pieces as anyone else in the conference that is not Az or UCLA. But the…[Read more]

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