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    If he was to come to Utah he would likely be a favorite to be a starter next year. With 2 years to play he would make a positive impact on our offense. We do need good pass catching TE additions for next year.

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    So the TE at TDS is leaving the team and hoping to go to Utah?  Is this guy Holker any good?  I suppose he figures to fit in next year after a pair of TEs go to the NFL.  I was thinking the Utah O design would attract TEs but maybe that is more for next year.

  • Lack of full strength due to injury is a bit different than players opting out at the end of the year. One of the drawbacks of the 5 star players or players with high draft status is they are much more likely to not play in a bowl game. So it is simply a given that Ohio State will be missing players if they are not in the playoffs. Part of the…[Read more]

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    I missed it, what was the reason Diabate did not play on Saturday?  I thought Mata’afa was the first subsutition.  I think Medlock was next in.  I did not see either Calvert brother.  I was wondering if Ethan and Josh are both healthy.  Barton ran with the 1s and 2s, I suppose to get more reps.  I was wondering where the LB depth chart will settle…

  • Our ranking may be about right. Behind us is a lot of one loss teams that do not show a need to be placed above us. Our only loss is to Florida who has only lost to a top 10 team. It is understood this is a difficult road trip. We do need Florida and by extension Kentucky to continue to win often. SDS has a defense that takes some time to…[Read more]

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    Utah is the product of great players. Our great players are a product of Utah. Each makes the other better.

  • Keep in mind Moss is not an established RB in the NFL. Early in fall camp he was fighting for a roster spot and has climbed up into his current spot. I was at the Bill’s game yesterday, I felt like he had a good game and he looked like he was enjoying himself. Along with Huntley I am so anxious for success for Moss. But in the interest of full…[Read more]

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    There was enough clips that I saw to see this issue. When I saw them it reminded me of the game with TDS last year where I came into the game thinking this is priority one. Edge control is so difficult when you also mix it with rush the passer. Maybe we will do better against running QBs now this year.

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    My guess is Richardson will make several good teams look bad on defense. Florida’s best offensive weapon is #15 on broken plays. I don’t think any other aspect of their offense is likely to pass this item up. Sadly, a running QB on broken plays has been a problem for Utah for sometime.

    Possibly, our man to man defense gives opponents the…[Read more]

  • I think Moss is in the best possible spot. He is RB1B on the best team in the NFL. He is not getting beat up with too many carries on a average team. When he runs play action is becomes a primary target in the passing game. It has been hard to gain the highest level of acceptance in Buffalo but look at the team he is working to stick on.

  • Very loud crowd. The fans that are alumni or employed were great to talk to. Every school has an underbelly of strange fans but at Florida it is very visible. The local I was with said even worse is reserved for SEC rivals. Definitely some you do not want to respond to. Makes the PAC look classy.

  • Goodness, the launch was scrubbed again, was hoping to catch it before heading out. Last night there was lightning in New Smyrna off and on with no rain. The uncertainty is not welcomed.

  • Currently it is very muggy here on the gulf coast, rain or shine. Headed to the east side to hopefully catch the launch Friday. With or without rain, hurricane or overcast, it should not be cold. The prediction for the locals is disappointment.

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    Is there a Utah tailgate event?

  • We have come a long way. In the 70s as a student you could take several guests maybe the first one free, show up at game time and sit around the 35 yard line a couple of rows back. We would go in with full size camp coolers and 20 people would sit behind a row of coolers of beer. If you came late you could just walk in. 20 years ago my kids as…[Read more]

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    Believe it if you have been in Florida at dusk. It can be a think unless the facility folks have a sketer plan.

  • I also enjoy him as well, it is just something that he could do better.

  • I like Riley, however, he sometimes takes too long to ask a question and provides too much detail that is expected in the answer. He could get quicker into letting his interview talk. I think it is because he wants his content to be well packed so pushes a bit. Still, he is good for us.

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    These two guys (who together make 22) could be X factors for the team. Either Cope or Parks will be the exciting new WR this year and will figure in on some big plays. Hubert, before his injuries was expected to be the next great safety. If he returns to the form that was so promising at FS it would be an important part of the defense.

  • I don’t expect issues. Whitt is good at improving weak points in the off season, especially STs. We do need one of the two punters to work out. I don’t recall, was Peasley the punter that struggled but is now gone? Most often the kick and kick cover teams benefit when the LB, S, CB, and WR groups have depth because other then the return guy…[Read more]

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