• Grand Old Opry even if Country music is not your thing. Broadway for bars and music but get ready for crowds.

  • Charlie replied to the topic Stuff to do in Irving/Dallas in the forum Misc 1 week, 2 days ago

    Drive to Fort Worth and go to the Stockyards. Restaurants and bars.

  • Charlie replied to the topic 80 Days to Kickoff in the forum Football 1 week, 3 days ago

    I expect to see Kuithe line up on the outside as well. He is a very good blocking TE so when he is outside the downfield blocking will be noted.

  • I expect the current group will be very competitive. Can’t blame a guy for going where playing time will come quicker.

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    Jon Wilner summed up the need for change this way:
    Over the course of 11 years, the Pac-12 championship game has paired top-10 teams only three times and included an unranked team twice.
    Had the new model been in place, top-10 teams would have squared off five times; no unranked team would have ever set foot on the field.
    It would seem the…[Read more]

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    Last year USC had a couple of very good QBs, several very good WRs, and a WR that was as good as any in the country in London. But football is complex and Utah found a way to beat USC even with those advantages. I like our balance of good offense and good defense and great culture.

  • The hype is fine. The conference needs a successful old blue blood school. If we did not want to play up hill against conference teams we could have stayed in the MWC. I would rather play against some of the best ranked teams, the more the better. I feel like our current relationship with the USC fanbase is as good as you could expect from any…[Read more]

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    USC already has a path to more money, win the conference championship and go to the playoffs. A new conference will not help them win games, it may make it harder. What USC needs and the fans want is to win the conference much more often. IF they did that they would see the playoffs more often than other Pac champs and all the problems are…[Read more]

  • The Pac will not get to the playoffs unless the highest ranked team wins the chanpionship with the best possible wins. That team needs to meet the best possible team in the CCG. I think the SEC can get away with a wins over 4 poor opponents, I just don’t think the Pac can. But I am also bias, I don’t like low quality opponents. I wish wins…[Read more]

  • I do like the divisions however, the first two years the highest ranked team did not go to the CCG which seems strange. This will improve the rank of the champion particuarly when there is an upset in the CCG. As it is two teams in the same division can have very different schedules. Divisions would be awesome if everyone played everyone. This…[Read more]

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    Awesome article about U athletes graduating.  Cara Woolnough is quite a story to be proud of as a fan base.  A 4.0 is extreamly difficult at the university level but in a stem program while being an athlete is hard to believe.  The number of difficult majors in all sports is impressive.  As I look at the ski team clearly none are ski bums looking…[Read more]

  • Goodness. I understand USC and Oregon simply have momentum that places them near the top year in year out but do first year coaches often run away with the conference lead? They both had most all the pieces last year but found it difficult. USC gets a better coach and that should improve them. Oregon may have had more pieces last year so…[Read more]

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    Will the OL be hurt by Luke Felix-Fualalo going into the portal? Is he on the current 2 deep roster?

  • Charlie replied to the topic One thing to say in the forum Football 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    This is very simple. The team votes on when and where to were whatever uniform option they have asked for. Myself, I am very good with whatever the team chooses. It would be more than silly for me to make their choice.

  • China and Russia do account for that percent of the skullduggery on the internet. I don’t know enough about the technology but I wish we could limit persistent connections or whatever it takes to run code on another computer to only countries that actively reduce bad actors to some low threshold. Those that do not should be reduced to email and…[Read more]

  • The couple of times I have been reminded of the loss to the Y by their fans, I agree that I know well about the loss. I tell them it was awful to lose two straight to two mid majors but it was sweet to bounce back from that very low point to go to the Rose Bowl. End with asking them to try to imagine how awesome it is to play on New Years Day.…[Read more]

  • Actually, for the most part, I am ok with all Pac teams. All schools have the random asshats, Utah included. Other than the rivalries like UA/ASU or UCLA/USC, most all schools experience much the same thing as they travel. I have been lucky in that the majority of other team fans have not upset me when I visit. But you do need to get use to…[Read more]

  • All of the spots we will always need good talent throughout the 2 deep roster. We can have a stud make a difference at most any position. But I feel the real difference makers are really effective when they come from a few spots. On offense, QB and RB. On defense, DE and CB. Our offense is set in that we have very likely all league players at…[Read more]

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    Actually I feel that room is very well positioned to be compared to the best. We start with one of the few returning P5 all conference QBs. As a number 2 Barnes was capable of a late drive to tie the game against a top opponent. As a change of pace wildcat QB, I think Jackson holds as much promise as a similar backup in other top programs. As a…[Read more]

  • I don’t believe I share your panic. I actually look forward to when Smith has pieces that are as good as the other Pac teams. I wish we could have held on to a few more players from ’21 but Smith started with very little. The Jazz owner bought our first great recruit, now Smith needs to find more pieces. What I did like this year was the…[Read more]

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