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    I think the comments about leadership relates mostly to what everyone sees as command of the huddle and interactions on the field. Rising has been much more engaged with conversation on the field. Brewer was much more quiet going about his job. I have always thought Covey was insightful. When talking about QBs he talked about Brewer’s skills…[Read more]

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    I agree, the pass to Howard may just be the play of the game because of its impact. Rising gave us the story in the flea-flicker. He misunderstood the call that came in and thought it was the flea-flicker. The Utah coaches noticed they were not running the called play and called timeout. When they asked Rising what he was running oddly they…[Read more]

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    When the QB runs as much as JD I like the use of a spy. I think our LBs are good enough to move the assignment around so it is Lloyd most the time and 80 to 90% of the plays works. The assignment becomes meet JD at the LOS sideline to sideline and let the rest of the team play 10 on 10. The expectation is that without JD’s numbers they begin to…[Read more]

  • Go with the last 2 games with Rising’s arrow pointing up.

  • I think it was a combo of things that benefited everything else and created rhythm. Some improvement in one aspect takes pressure off others. I saw the most improvement in play calls, no WTF situations at all. The effort and smarts improved together.

    With multiple backs the last one will see a more tired D and the most dispondent D. Thomas…[Read more]

  • I prefer the 4 highest ranked conference champs.

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    The portal is good. As bad as Bentley was imagine last year with out him. Imagine this year without Rising, Pledger, McKinney. It is not perfect but no recruiting source is. Still I prefer to home grow talent but we still get caught short at times.

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    I am an optimist and hope we can settle in after all the CBs and safeties we went thru and hope that Rising and Ludwig get a game plan down for who we have. But I saw many mistakes by the coaches at the Y game that need to be fixed. Myself, I don’t care what the media has to say, I view it like a coach where I can’t get down but instead spend…[Read more]

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    We were all at rock bottom after loosing to UNLV in 2007 but the same players and coaches responded with an amazing run. It can happen.

  • Some bad behavior is due to mental issues however some are due to bad personality traits which on turn may not be fixable with social science. Society has a roll to help but should not be at fault without an understanding of specific shortcomings. T the end of the day we are all responsible for our actions.

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    At one the I read the Trib and avoided the D news. Now I find the D news more objective and ant take the Trib. I think I am still the same guy so that is how things have changed.

  • Several factors. State of mind on the USC team at the time Who that is nicked up comes back for us? Does the Rising offense improve from game 1 to 2? Practice of remedies for blitz. State of mind for Utah. Scalley’s has something in mind for #15. Is the Utah DL more like last week or like previous weeks? Does time help the OL? The net change of…[Read more]

  • Many like to compare the team to other teams, ours in the past or others in the league. That is part of the story. Also part it comparing the team to last week because that tells you where the arrow is pointing.

    The offense is breaking in a QB with his first complete game against defenses now finding rhythm. Also trying to solve blitz packages…[Read more]

  • Flip side, OSU will not be easy.

  • I agree, Rising’s first full game ever. A few missed throws but rescued more plays with his legs. I look for him to be better against USC. The offense was not that bad if they just hold on to the ball. We turned our arrow to pointing up which was the grand objective today.

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    Also note, before all the redshirt stuff, there was a player only meeting Sunday. Brewer, as QB1 chose not to speak at all. It may be the first time ever anywhere that QB1 has nothing to say in a player only meeting. That had more to say to the team than any words could say.

    It was clear that he wanted a redshirt year to transfer in January,…[Read more]

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    Correct, I am bias. Without ever working with either I would say I would take every Covey I could find and I would try to avoid a Brewer. My bias can overlook someone transferring schools but it kicks in when I see a second transfer in less that 10 months. But I have seen many kids stick it out and more that I want to see transfer in and out so…[Read more]

  • I am more optimistic, but then I am an optimist.
    WSU is a win that will help us feel better.
    USC is a better team, however, I don’t feel they play every game clean due to their issues. Now both QBs on tape. They absolutely have a WTF loss coming, hope it can be us.
    ASU, nothing about their game with the Y makes me feel they are going to finish…[Read more]

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    I believe O’Toole is a WR, I don’t recall if he lined up as a TE. But it remains an interesting question. Most often goal line pass plays favor the taller receivers and he is 6’4″. I expect that with the time to think about the play the personnel would be right on. It could be that the best personnel group for a 2pt conversion may be different…[Read more]

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    Covey did not quit on the team in 2019. When injured and could not play and did not want to risk greater injury, he stayed with the team and continued to help in any way possible. He is another example of team first. He actually spent his time helping other receivers that could have developed to take his place.

    I admit I have a bias. I have…[Read more]

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