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    Just looking for the media guide, but I will bite. “What politician didn’t minimize this in the weeks after the China travel ban” for $500 Alex.

    My question is when the toll from covid drops to the rate for the common flu 2 years ago (61K) which was noticed by pretty much no one, will we consider things back to normal, maybe somewhere before…[Read more]

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    It is July and no Media Guide.  Alot is going on but I would hope that activity would push along.  Can that be done working from home?

  • Always possible it was staged for entertainment. The rope seems very firmly attached…

  • Even a good defense with no holes can have things go wrong. The bad punt and injury put us in a hole we did not make it out of. It slipped away because it just happened. I think if we played 10 times without Blackmon getting injured, Utah would win a good share of 10. Oregon was a very good team and things did not work out for us that day.…[Read more]

  • Must take care as this is determined. There are 11 other schools in the Pac also doing everything they can to get to the top, most of them trying to overtake our position. Almost all have more resources, history and offer some great things. Many have swung for the fence and come up short of where we are at currently. Think of what UCLA has…[Read more]

  • BYU has issues themselves going beyond replacing players from last year. The overall talent gap is great enough to overcome position by position matches where BYU as the advantage of experience. Could any BYU player start at Utah? I think the Utah team can come together faster then BYU even with the freshmen matched up with experienced BYU players.

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    The mask is an easy thing, very reasonable. Closing businesses, I think is the wrong thing at this point.

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    My brother (79) saw a doctor last week about something unrelated but talked about covid. The doctor summed it up clinically, if you are at or above your life expectancy given health issues and age, covid is a big problem. If you are below, not so much of a problem. He is healthy so has little concern. Many people do not understand that…[Read more]

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    If we are going to quarantine a football team if someone test positive on the team, the season will not be workable. If you allow other players to continue if they test negative, the season is much more possible. If you allow players that test positive but are asymptomatic to continue, disruptions may decrease but create other risks. Oddly,…[Read more]

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    College needs to be open to those that chose to continue their education. Colleges should be staffed with those that feel they can safely work. Athletics should be available to those that chose to participate. No one should be forced to give up their education or job and no one should be forced into college or their job. It does make sense to…[Read more]

  • There are no news programs on TV currently. There are a variety of opinion programs and some political groups prioritize exporting opinion more than others. Opinion vs news gets easier to recognize when the title of the report emphasizes an opinion, the talking head repeats the opinion several times, a banner running at the bottom repeats the…[Read more]

  • Thank goodness this will be figured out by someone that will understand the problem.

  • Thank goodness this will be figured out by someone that will understand the problem much better than someone that only hears a sound bite. It is possible to miss the signal for needed change, but it is also possible to overreact to a problem that does not exist. I think the only thing that makes sense is to wait for the whole story and/or wait…[Read more]

  • One of the problems with the word that is the focus, is that in some context it is a horrible racist word while in other context some use it in everyday friendly conversation. Most often when used in friendly conversation it is between and among African Americans. When someone is responding to an African American that has used that word by…[Read more]

  • Completely disagree. So many options that keep him at Utah doing so much for those that you are so comfortable talking for…

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    We can take time to understand the situation.

  • What is driving down the covid19 deaths from estimate to actual? Early mortality rates of 5%+ are not holding up. The shutdown was meant to slow the spread but other than keeping hospitals from being swamped was not intended to reduce infections. Historically, flu seasons tail off and end in May. Talking heads are free to pick a reason and…[Read more]

  • At one time, I seem to remember, you were allowed make a transfer once. Don’t know the current practice for sure. I expect if there was an issue they would allow a one time transfer to other family members. I have just not seen any effort to take tickets away from families, that would surprise me. I expect much less symphony if you wanted to…[Read more]

  • Goodness. Keep the original account owner’s name on the account. Provide mailing address and email of the person that will do the admin. Continue for decades. As long as the tickets are paid it continues. No one at the U is running down deceased or moved away account owners. Let us know if this ever does not work.

  • First, the transfer portal likely will approach the activity of regular recruiting but for sure will touch every school regularly. The new normal will likely will involve those with very few minutes reviewing their options. A successful strategy may involve bringing in above team average players in numbers that increase due to below team average…[Read more]

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