• There is an interesting article about the U vs Y rivalry noting decade by decade wins by each. Of the 11 decades, Utah had more wins in 8, tied in the 90s, and the Y had more wins in the 70s and 80s. The U has had 4 nine win decades, the Y one. Other than the 80s and 90s Utah has had an upper hand. LaVell Edwards did have our number until McBride…[Read more]

  • Utes in the top 10 requires 8 or 9 picks.

  • I think this is exactly right. The eventual super league formed by the B1G and SEC will clearly need more teams from the west than the current 4 even while being heavy from the east. There are simply too many advantages and more money to be had by including more than the 4 as opposed to additional eastern markets. Leaving the 4 schools that will…[Read more]

  • I expect that Stanford admissions are still very very high. However, when the curtains were pulled back at Harvard we saw three groups of students: Legacy, DEI, and Regular admissions. Each had their own requirements. I feel that in some cases I have to revalidate by expectations related to admissions at some Universities.

  • Alabama might not schedule up but they sure can schedule down. They also don’t often travel more than 2 hours away.

  • I would say not risky. Miller was like Jensen, one of the few that Rick would discuss what to do during a game with in a sticky situation. If Rick had that level of trust, well he would be an excellent judge of BB IQ that is not well measured from the fan’s seats. Next, Miller has NBA recognition unlike all these other guys. What guard would not…[Read more]

  • Currently this has little to do with what the Y fans want. Right now they have a wealthy benefactor and Ryan Smith’s interest is BB and we should just expect to see him buy the way into being national. Money is one of the key ingredients but it is not the whole package. Time will tell. Goodness knows if his interest will spill over into football.…[Read more]

  • But then… Injuries are a concern for all the top 10 teams. Rising will see QB2 finish 2 of the first 3 if not all three games to begin the season. OL will look very good even without improvement just because of the QB fix. The national spotlight has been easier for Whitt each time it occurs. The B12 championship will be on par with the #2 or #3…[Read more]

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    First, Andre is on par with Drexler and Ewing. Next, Ewing or Drexler were head coaches, I think the rumor was Andre as an assistant which it a mountain less risk. Goodness knows how good he could be but I think he has earned the chance to try to help someone coach. Burgess seemed to earn the chance and he can’t carry Andre’s jock in any twist…[Read more]

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    I suspect that that most successful QB transfers are the result of coaching changes. Maybe a new coach brings in a new system that is less of a fit or they bring in their own QB. Possibly they follow their coach. Most QBs not getting playing time will simply find the competition just as difficult but adding a restart with everything new. The…[Read more]

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    Keep in mind, the star system is a rank at the present point in time. If you have been around young athletes much you see, from year to year, some take great leaps and other maybe fade a bit, all while trying to improve. I am not surprised that continues into college. I have no doubt that at that point in time 4s are better than 3s, but there are…[Read more]

  • It depends, half say either in the stadium. I was on the Fan Committee, I think the first year. At one point some students came in to argue the point for changing the fight song. One of the students was, may I say not sized well, groomed well, and otherwise had an appearance that would not be considered attractive (trying hard to find political…[Read more]

  • We have sometimes had an assistant coach that is in the sunset phase of career, like Pease, that is less than full time. Dennis Erickson, I think, ended his career at Utah as an assistant coach with the RBs. I would love to see Meyer come to Utah to be a QB coach with whatever limits he would like on off season work. If we could get him to just be…[Read more]

  • I don’t know Smith’s plans but for the good of the program he should let Manny Hendrix make this decision as the best one in the program to assess options. Not the time to wonder about foot steps. Hard to imagine this would not be a desire from the U’s side.

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    Thanks, I missed that. At one point I thought it was 85 and 105.

  • Hard to say. I don’t know Bamisile and Teat status. Johnson, I think is a mission kid. I don’t know about Katoa. I expect Huang and Haddock are WOs. The four that played often and the portal guys are 8 so there may be more on scholarship?

  • Andre has the fire, he and the U would just need adequate mutual interest.

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    For walk-ons there is a limit, I believe it is still 20 additional non-scholarship players. At one time the difference was the walk-ons did not get the training table – unlimited food with the team. Conference travel team restrictions also drew a line. There always has been, likely always will be big schools that can carry more numbers but making…[Read more]

  • Could possibly be an upgrade to the PF spot after all? Do we have as many as 2 open spots following this?

  • My guess is he made his decision before the point that Worster and Smith made their decisions. Likely he did not see playing time coming his way in 24 and wanted a chance to play more. With the redshirt decision, I expect he had his plan in motion already and chose not to change it as new developments took place. It would appear now that staying…[Read more]

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