• I can’t agree more. We need to get our leadership in place. Everyone down the line have reasonable deadlines and are asked to move quicker in times of great need. The folks up the line need to do the same but even better.

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    This is always the case when you can’t hit the QB in scrimmage. We will have sacks no doubt but the offense will pick up in true life action. We will only know where we are as games unfold in the fall. An offense and a QB that can make quick decisions can frustrate a defense as well as an unbeatable OL. Not only does an offense need to be good…[Read more]

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    I think WR was the position group to improve which was done. OL is at a crossroad. The improvement I expect this year may remove those questions leaving us without a weakness. I also expect the edge pass rush to improve this year. To get into the USC, Oregon tier of recruiting I don’t know what needs to be done or if it is possible. Our…[Read more]

  • Rising won the job last year, however, that bar was only high enough to beat out Bentley. Either way, the best of this years options will be much better than the best of last years options. Costelli will put more pressure on Rising than Bentley did as well.

  • If the P5s for their own subdivision the symmetry of 4 super conferences of 16 make so much sense for playoffs and for scheduling in general that can be the same across the subdivision. At some point I would think they would look to create fairness in scheduling and at the same time improve the quality of the inventory of 12 annual games.…[Read more]

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    The only highlight in 2003 from Provo was a Utah field goal thru the north goal post. It was hard to see in the snow.

  • Utah has a history of finding overlooked players, maybe noting good talent that has been under developed by their HS coaches. That seems to be the niche that is better developed than whatever it is that ASU does to draw in someone with lots of P5 offers. I do know that our coaches want athletes hungry to take the next step that do not feel like…[Read more]

  • I don’t disagree. In the 50s and 60s there were no adults in the parks and school grounds, kids developed coping skills quickly or sank. Today, I am not sure when my grandkids will develop those same skills. In the early 70s my boot camp was exactly like that in the movie Full Metal Jacket. It was extremely hard on a few but pushed the vast…[Read more]

  • I would say gain. With the exception of WR we lost guys from crowded positions. We gained guys in positions of need. The incoming transfers will have more minutes on the field than the transfers that left would have. Also, since the enthusiasm for players chasing second chances is greater than the enthusiasm of players thinking about changing,…[Read more]

  • We are much more sensitive today than before. Growing up in the 50s, common behavior taunting kids in little league baseball would shock people today. Seems to be a change for the better. Now when we need to understand the fine line where taunting is unacceptable I would say just let it alone and move on. Only after coaching middle school…[Read more]

  • Correct, Edwards will be falling back in the pack, Smith will be moving up. Kelly and Helton have tremendous resources but are middle of the pack and their fans will not accept middle of the pack much longer. Cristobal is most likely to move to the NFL. Fisch, who would know? Lake and Wilcox have generated high expectations so they have…[Read more]

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    Coaches want a competition to make the best QB better. We know Rising won the job last August, however, now as we look back he simply had to beat out Bentley and Lisk. Rising could be very good but there is a very big gap between the two he beat out and what we need. Possibly, he is much, much better than Bentley. I do not consider his short…[Read more]

  • We just need production from the WRs. Defending 1 WR much better than the rest is much easier than defending many receivers that can be counted on to get a first down. I would be happy to see a different receiver lead each game if the passing yards increase. I am also happy to see TEs and WRs running and RBs catching passes, in any combination,…[Read more]

  • Even with NIL, I expect there is a point where being the headliner at a good, next tier P5 may be better than being number 8 or 9 at Alabama. The nature of the teams best player is special and even Alabama will have just 1 best player. Even Jimmer showed the value of being the headliner at a very average team starved for a star gets great…[Read more]

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    Also keep in mind the LB spot was a point of need this for this cycle. We have several very good athletes coming in but they have yet to take their spots. In the future I do see two Calvert LBs playing together. Hopefully next year we can rotate LBs in sooner that we do typical 2s which keeps the group a bit more healthy. Also Scalley can look…[Read more]

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    Exactly, as a WO he is an awesome get. With so many developing LBs we should have very good special teams and the scout team should be able to challenge the offense much better each week. Lot’s of competition for playing time down the line. Very good news.

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    I was thinking the scholarships were year to year. Possible he may be using one that went unused in the spring. My guess is after 4 years coaches know if he has a chance to play in a league game. The business side of football.

  • If it was up to me… take the P5 teams and form 4 16 team conferences in a separate subdivision. Sadly, one of the 65 including ND is out. Make the focus wining your division, 7 games. Play 4 other subdivision games, two in the other division scheduled by the conference and 2 OOC scheduled by the schools. With the conference championship…[Read more]

  • Trouble is as long as a win against Weber State is better than a close loss to a P5 for getting into the playoffs the vast options for games will look more like Weber State than Florida. I love the OOC games that are other P5. Vast options need to eliminate FCS and ration G5 games to very few.

  • Very sad for college football. If reducing the quality of games to increase the odds of fewest possible losses becomes a trend, where will it end? A more practical solution would be a separate subdivision for the P5 with a limit of 1 G5 preseason game. No FCS games. Any other entertainment option would be driven to improve the quality of their…[Read more]

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