• Lander could be the best of the Barton clan.

  • The good news is that although both Rick and Larry may be hard driving coaches that can push too much, Daniels coming back may benefit Larry much like he benefited Rick.

    Also, Larry and many others coaches tend to give folks a chance to grow into a spot with the understanding that if their progress is not good enough they may need to move on to…[Read more]

  • Maybe but not that big a deal. Not a hill to die on. The game holds more interest than almost any non-conference game recently other than Michigan. In an era where almost a quarter of college football are cupcakes, why complain? For all its hair, the game is much better than the other 2 of choice this year. To be honest, the problem with the…[Read more]

  • My concern is what should happen does not always happen. Against the same DL last year they opened way too many holes against us which was probably why we so often gave up contain to plug the middle. Much speculation about why but it was there. I expect different but we need to handle their OL from the beginning to be better. Our OL did not…[Read more]

  • As a group, the OL at the Y may be a group that is more ready to go week 1 than our group. We have unknowns that may come together to change that but they need to be answered to get there. We all know the possible reasons Utah may not have been focused last year, however given that their OL pushed us around and opened holes for average RBs for 3…[Read more]

  • First, would anyone be interested in the 60 best players in order from USC, San Diego State and Fresno State? Or maybe Oregon, Portland State and Boise State? Or 60 players mixing all levels of High Schools in Utah. This is a list of furniture, ceiling fans and dog food in order for loading into a truck.

    A couple of starters on a very good…[Read more]

  • Charlie replied to the topic Predicting the Locals in the forum byu/tds 6 days, 21 hours ago

    I know they caught Az. and Wisconsin last year but I don’t see them getting Tennessee and USC. They will have 2 wins when they host Liberty.

  • Charlie replied to the topic Predicting the Locals in the forum Football 6 days, 21 hours ago

    I don’t disagree but 11 wins are optimistic. The first key game is @USC, if we win we win the South. I feel we are slightly favored. Second is WSU, in SLC, probably the edge we need to beat Leach. @Washington is the last key game. Likely we are evenly matched, the location is an edge but getting them after Oregon visits and games with USC and…[Read more]

  • Charlie replied to the topic Recruiting Concerns in the forum Football 1 week ago

    As Pac play starts for Utah you can watch who comes in for visits. Often there will be high profile guys that were not known before and some will like what they see. We would be more comfortable with early commits and sometimes that will be the case.

  • Charlie replied to the topic Tuttle 3rd String at Indiana in the forum Football 1 week ago

    The good news, soon we will quit talking about ’18 and have the current year to focus on. To jump ahead, I think the Utah QBs are well set up to start the current season well. I also feel the Y QBs walk into the season with significant uphill climb. I am encouraged our injured QB has not been on a pitch count, is quite experience and will be a…[Read more]

  • Charlie replied to the topic 60 in 60 in the forum Football 1 week, 1 day ago

    Two will be left off the list that are better than 40 – 50 that are on the list.

  • charlie started the topic 60 in 60 in the Football forum. 1 week, 1 day ago

    No doubt, this is a goofy list.  But there are 10 spots left.  There are 9 Utah starters, Wilson and Love not on the list.  Who gets left out?  DHC is also not on the list which is odd given the many random others on the list.  I think PK and DJ likely don’t even know all the starters on Utah’s defense.  Since they probably looked up past Pac…[Read more]

  • Covey will run some low contact routes. It is that important to him. He will not return punts, likely not even fair catch some. Someone else needs to get some reps there.

    Bam will play if the 2s come into the game with a comfortable lead. I expect they will

    Moss is staying safe, only there if he is ready to go. The other RBs will not be a…[Read more]

  • I think this is a good thing. Should be unrelated to the progress of others. I wonder if he didn’t sign with anyone before his mission. He seems to have the back story of a good prospect. For now I feel we got a lucky pickup.

  • I am ok with getting the ball to Covey with run pass options, hopefully in good situations for success.

  • They often show the ability to upset someone. Will that be someone out of the MWC? Or do they catch lightning and get a P5 that overlooks them? I do think they can get a big upset win but still not have 6 wins.

  • If the DL can get pressure with a 4 man rush consistently and force a RB to help, the defense everywhere will look amazing. The rotation will make everyone shine at moments.

    The TEs can be used in the run game or make a D stacked to stop the run look silly. I hope Ludwig uses them to block or chip then release. Play action could be a killer.…[Read more]

  • Charlie replied to the topic 2018 Utah vs TDS Game in the forum byu/tds 3 weeks, 6 days ago

    Tough to play a non-conference game in-between winning the south and playing in the CCG six days later. The Y is good enough and motivated in their biggest game of the year to make a game of the week we had between those two events. And as mentioned, odd special team events like the fumble, blocked FG, and shanked punt, likely due to lack of…[Read more]

  • Charlie replied to the topic 9AM Games in the forum Football 4 weeks ago

    I worry that it messes with the team prep when you bounce from afternoon to morning to evening. I say play the game when it makes sense for the fans in the stadium then put it on TV whenever they need to have a game. I don’t care much for the guys in the bar that get the suspense killed by a loudmouth that walks in and tells you the outcome. No…[Read more]

  • Goodness, Mitch was a 2 star on the way to an all-American. Samson, Devontae and Fotu were other 2 stars. Along with a bunch of 3 stars that will play in the NFL. Garett was easy to see but so many others have developed beyond what others thought. A very good class.

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